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Seraphine Victoria

Postby Seraphine Victoria on October 10th, 2016, 12:56 am

Seraphine Victoria


Race: Symenestra
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: 3, Winter, 495
Birthplace: Kalinor

Appearance: Seraphine is 5’2 and 120lbs. Her hair is long and inky black, curling softly to her waist. She is graced with modest curves, neither large nor small, and her waist is tiny. Though she is very slender, she has lean muscle that she worked hard to gain. Her lower lip is slightly more full than the upper, giving the impression of a perpetual pout. Wide, innocent-seeming golden eyes framed by long, thick lashes peer out of a snow white face that has aristocratic features. Her eyebrows are shaped carefully. Her neck is long and slender, giving way to narrow shoulders. Her clavicles and hip bones are unusually prominent.

Character Concept

Seraphine is pragmatic, determined, stubborn. Once she has an idea in her head, it’s difficult to make her let go of it. She has difficulty bonding with others, but when she does, she’s dedicated to them completely and can become quite possessive. Despite her aversion to most people, she adores children. She sees everything but says little, and is unafraid to run circles around you with her vast intelligence in order to get her way. She isn’t obvious about it though, preferring manipulation and subtly to an outright attack. Envy and vindictiveness are not unfamiliar emotions to her.

Character History

Seraphine was born on the third day of winter in the year 495. She was the only child her father sired before his death two years later. Her mother, Sophia, looked after the infant with the help of the Web. Sophia remarried when Seraphine was eight, much to the latter’s disapproval. She felt as if her mother was replacing her father, and while she couldn’t remember the man, she still was unhappy with the decision. Seraphine did not have many friends as a child, often secluding herself from others. Her first true friend was a boy by the name of Vladimir. Seraphine befriended Vladimir over the span of six months, slowly coming to enjoy his presence. His quick wit kept Seraphine on her toes, and her dry humor never failed to amuse him.

They stayed the best of friends throughout their teenage years and were always together. They shared their secrets, and Vladimir was the only person Seraphine felt she could truly talk to. Seraphine became more understanding of her mother's choice to remarry but was still distant with both her mother and stepfather. At 16, Seraphine became friends with Naomi, a girl she’d known for years but had never really become attached to. Vladimir, who never had much trouble making friends, welcomed the girl happily, pleased to see Seraphine opening herself to another person. Soon, Seraphine began volunteering with the doctors. She acted mostly as a midwife/nanny, but also as a nurse when needed.

Seraphine, 19 at the time, began seeing a man that Vladimir introduced her to. The relationship lasted three months before the fellow called it off, claiming that Seraphine was too apathetic and not as invested as he was. After the break up, Seraphine returned to not dating, spending time with her two friends instead.

A year later, the three moved to Syliras in order to learn new medical ideas and practices to bring back to Kalinor.


Fluent Language: Symenos, Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Philtering 10 SP 10 Novice
Medicine 10 SP 10 Novice
Child Care 30 SP 30 Competent


Lore of Child Care
Lore of Medicine


1 Set of Clothing
-Silken Shirt
-Silken Pants
-Silken Undergarments
-Silken Cloak or Coat
-Simple Sandals
1 Waterskin
1 Silken Knapsack which contains:
-Comb (Bone or Wood)
-Brush (Bone or Wood)
-Fruit Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Seraphine owns a ring that belonged to her father. It was gold in color and had small diamonds set in it. Because it’s much too large for her hands, she where’s it on a chain around her neck.


Location: Syliras

House: A 20x20 apartment with the furniture listed in the Housing section. As it is the cheapest housing available, the apartment is situated deep within the interior of Stormhold Citadel and does not include any windows, only ventilation shaft to bring in fresh air. Each hallway is lined with torches which are kept lit at all hours of the day, allowing for light and giving residents free access to something to light their hearth from. A diagram is included below:



Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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