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Kesari Coolwater WIP

Postby Kesari on November 8th, 2016, 1:11 am

Kesari Coolwater



"I guess it is elegant looking... but really I think it just gets in the way..."

Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 22, Winter, 497 AV
Birthplace: Avanthal

Neutral | Brown . Annoyed | Red . Angry | Black . Sad | Violet Happy | Blue . Curious | Green . Mixed | Mixed

Kesari has medium cool toned skin and thick messy dark brown almost black hair littered with subtle cool toned highlights as is a trait of her people. She prefers the way it looks let down, as she takes care to keep it cut neatly and has allowed it to grown down to her collarbones but understands the need to have it up when it could mean the difference of a task. While Kesari is as proficient as any Vantha woman should be in the art of braiding one's hair she prefers to wear her hair pinned up with some intricately wooden carved pins made by some very talented individuals from the Snowsong hold. She feels that using these pins supports her clan in all the ways she wants to, and gets constant compliments about the craftsmanship put into them.

Her figure is lean and fit as a result of her love for adventuring and personal drive to help her community in any possible way. Kesari weighs roughly 105lbs and stands at an average 5'4". Kesari prefers functional clothing over fashionable clothing, and if she had it her way she would dress like men are free to in pants and coats. However, being as she is indeed still a lady she dresses in loose knit or lace dresses, pairing them with leggings and fur scarves to keep warm while out of the hold. To add some functionality she usually has a subtle slit in either side of longer dresses to allow her to still run, climb, and swim effectively. Her fashion sense is something she really picked up as a survival trait, being the daughter of a deceased Far Scout gets enough stray eyes and she quickly learned that dressing abnormally doesn't help the chatter around her. The more she can fit in the less questions people ask and the less overall negative focus she receives. As a result Kesari almost alwawyslooks very put together, her hair well kept, her outfits matching and well maintained and occasionally even she'll try her hand at putting on some make-up. While she is well versed with putting an outfit together something she's never really gotten a hang of is actually being ladylike. When duty calls Kesari always answers, and she won't even think twice before diving into the water in one of her nicest dresses to help whoever may be in need, nor will she bat an eye if she needs to climb atop a roof in a skirt to help scout for someone who may be looking for something.

Like most Vantha her eyes are easily her most distinctive trait. Kesari is an incredibly expressive person, she has very vibrant facial expressions and because of how her moods fluctuate her eyes are almost always a sea of ever changing hues. This can lead to a lot of people that only vaguely know her only being able to distinguish between basic moods, as when Kesari is upset her eyes usually tend to have more red in them. Whether it be an actual vibrant ruby for a slight irritation, a red toned violet shade when she's sad, or even a red that fades into a jet black when she's genuinely angry.. On the other side of the spectrum when Kesari is in a good mood her eyes can be seen in cooler tones such as a vibrant blue shade when she's happy or a soft green when she's curious or in deep thought. Her eyes are also a soft orange brown shade when she's just quite neutral about things, a shade that is often misconstrued for her being annoyed with people.

Character Concept
"The world wouldn't be anything like this if we didn't work together to keep it that way."

Kesari is a very passionate girl, she puts a piece of herself into everything that she does. She cares whole-heartedly about the people in her life, and she always put her community before herself. She would do just about anything for anyone, because she was raised to believe that's what's most important in life. She trains hard to complete her goals and become more useful to her community and the people that she cares about. Everything she does in her life is with a purpose, and she works hard at all hours of the day. Kesari is definitely one to blow things out of proportion and has a very vigilante aura around the way she likes to do things. Because of how passionate she is she often gets very caught up in her emotions and as such she isn't afraid of telling someone when they're being a jerk or when she loves them. Kesari lives by her own code moreso than the code of her people, and while she makes an effort not to break any laws she isn't afraid of cutting some corners to find justice or help someone out of a bad situation. Anyone that knew her father would say she's exactly as he always were.

Character History
"My dad was a hero, he's the reason I'm everything that I am today."

With her father being on the Icewatch, her mother having died giving birth to her, and neither of her parents having siblings resulting in her having no cousins to play with most people probably expected Kesari to grow up cold and alone. However, her father being the kind practical man he was quite the opposite happened. Kesari was always by her father's side, even when it was probably quite inappropriate for her to be. She listened to everything he said, and grew up really idolizing him. In her eyes he could do everything, and he was the kindest person. She'd watched him give up his meal to a woman not as fortunate as he was, give their daily earnings to a fisherman who had had an unlucky week, and risk his life time and time again to help whoever needed him whenever they needed him. He loved his daughter more than the world, and everyone that knew him knew this. He would always joke about how a boy would have to bring him his entire livelihood and prove to be half the man Kesari were before he would ever even consider giving her away to him. She was all he had left, and he all she had but neither of them ever seemed lonely. They were a pair of survivors, but neither of them would admit to that. They never put themselves first, and if it weren't for the two of them looking out for one another they probably would have lived much shorter lives. He taught her everything she ever needed to know in life; how to hold a bow properly, how to sail a small boat, how to survive in the wastes, and countless other necessary life lessons. The only thing he didn't teach her was the one thing he probably didn't know how to do himself; when to let things go.

Kesari was only about 10 when her father was promoted to a Far Scout, he had always been proud of his position in the Coolwater branch but explained it to his confused daughter that one must always do as much as they can to help their community. He swore this was his job, and he would be doing so much for their goddess as well as their people. Kesari recalls being heartbroken hearing of how her father would be leaving for months at a time on long, dangerous missions. The morning before he left for his first one he woke her up at dawn's first light. He took her out on his own boat for a few hours, talking and joking about all the things they'd done. When they landed he bought her a nice lunch and they took a trip outside of the city walls with all of their gear. Everything felt normal again for the first time in nearly a month, but by the end of the day he sat her down and talked about all the possibilities and the hurt came rushing back to her. They spent the rest of the evening talking about how it was going to be okay, and making morbid jokes to pass the time. They went to bed and by the next morning by the time Kesari woke up he was gone. There was a short letter about how he was never good at saying good bye, and how he didn't think it was necessary because he'd see her again in a few short months anyways.

After he was gone Kesari decided she would keep on keeping on because that's what he would want. She didn't want him to come home to her having done nothing the months he was gone. She made it her personal goal to be able to survive better outside of the walls, it would often start off as simple as her just sitting outside of them next to a fire and letting herself adapt to the temperatures within a safe environment. She would also spend time doing little things to help the people within her town. Often it were just little things like helping someone carry their bags from the market back to their hold, or finding someone's lost pet. But regardless of how little a task it were she always wanted to be able to help everyone she could.

Months past and she had definitely developed many new skills, and when she heard townsfolk discussing the return of the Far Scouts squadron that her father had been part of she came running. But as she approached the men she felt all of the eyes of the crowd fall upon her, some tried to hold her from approaching the front but she shoved her way through. When she reached the front she saw all of the men her father had introduced her to, but she didn't see her father. She did see his horse, Ghost, with his reigns being held by a man she could put a name to. The man took her aside and explained that her father had gone missing during the mission. They looked for him, but only found his horse. She was told that the horse was rightfully hers now if she wanted him, she accepted this but asked if he could still be kept in the stables.

Without her father she really felt lost for years to come. She continued doing what she always had, helping her community in any way she could but she grew to hate the wandering eyes and constant gossip surround her. How she'd never find a groom now, how she dressed like a boy, how a man like her father would never have condoned her to act 'like that'. Eventually she grew sick of the attention and asked the closest friend she had to help her fit in better. Eira, a younger girl from Skyglow whom Kesari and her father had helped obtain new paints a few years back, helped her wear more fashionable clothes and Kesari was able to get them hemmed so that they were still functional. This encounter brought the two girls together, and they became close friends. Eira was the only person Kesari really closely associated with after the death of her father, and she would often sit up with her trying to learn how to fletch arrows while the other girl would paint and draw. Kesari eventually decided that she wanted to join the Icewatch too, both to help people and one day get some kind of closure about what actually happened to her father. She trains often and fiercely for this goal, taking priority in her survival and combat skills.

When Kesari came of age she went straight to the Icewatch and begged them to let her take the test even knowing she wasn't nearly well enough prepared. The members she spoke with politely told her she needed to train for longer, that she was still young and had a whole life to make that decision before a gorgeous woman stepped out in front of them. This was one of the first times she ever spoke directly with Morwen herself. She approached a young Kesari and smiled at her. "You seem to be a persistent one, one day you'll make a fine addition." the beautiful goddess said before turning and walking away. Kesari felt a cold burn on the back of her right shoulder and there she found the gnosis mark of her goddess Morwen.

"Communication is key, you have to understand intent before you can really know anything."


"I like having a wide array of things I'm good at, rather than being an expert in just one thing."

Mental Skills
Icon Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Image Storytelling (10 from racial) 10 Novice
Survival Skills
Icon Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Image Wilderness Survival (Hills, Sea) 26 26 Competent
Physical Skills
Icon Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Image Weapon: Shortbow 5 5 Novice
Image Fletching/Bowing 5 5 Novice
Icon Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Image Sailing 14 14 Novice

"As they say, knowledge is power. Now if only I knew who 'they' were..."

Starting a Fire Using Sticks
Avanthal Geography

"Material goods to make my life easier and longer."

Icon Item Description Cost
Image Ring A small silver ring bought from a traveling merchant 3gm
Image Necklace A short length bead necklace made in Aventhal out of bone 2.5sm
Image Necklace A carved bone pendent made in Aventhal 2.5sm
Image Dress A long high neck dress with discreet slits in the sides to allow for easier movement 8sm
Image Shirt A long sleeve shirt worn under her dress to stay warm SK
Image Pants A warm pair of pants worn under her dress SK
Image Cloak A long white cloak to keep warm SK
Image Boots A pair of tall white lace-up boots SK
Image Undergarments A simple pair of undergarments SK
Icon Item Description Cost
Image Regional Map A map that shows the easiest travel paths out of Aventhal as well a general idea of the surrounding area 10gm
Image Waterskin An average waterskin SK
Image Flint and Steel A small kit used for starting a fire SK
Image Short bow A standard short bow 30gm
Image Quiver A quiver that can be attached to the belt to store arrows for easy access Heirloom
Image Arrows (20) Twenty arrows designed for use with a short bow 1gm
Icon Item Description Cost
Image Fletcher/Bower's Toolkit A collection of tools and materials used to craft arrows and bows 20gm
Image Rope (50ft, hemp) Fifty feet worth of standard hemp rope 1gm
Image Fishing Kit A line, hook, and bait which can be used to fish 10gm
Image Comb A small comb carved out of bone SK
Image Brush A small brush with a handle made from bone SK
Image Soap A small block of soap that smells of lavender SK
Image Razor A small sharp razor intended for shaving SK
Image Balanced Rations (1 Week's Worth) Enough food to comfortably survive on for a week SK
Image Eating Knife A sharp knife with a bone handle used for eating SK

Just before leaving Areli took his daughter shopping for a weapon that she could become proficient with while he was away. He was ecstatic when she choose his own weapon of choice, the short bow. While he did have her buy the bow and some arrows to build responsibility when they returned home he proudly presented her with his old quiver. He explained that his own father purchased this for him when he was accepted into the Icewatch and that he thought it was only right for her to have it now. Kesari happily accepted and almost always has the quiver latched to her belt as a constant reminder that her father was always proud and supportive of her decisions in life.

"Where I live isn't so important as the people I live near. Community is everything."

Location: Avanthal, Coolwater Hold


1 basic 20x20 Arvinta in a Hold with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.

Kesari's own Arvinta in the Coolwater hold isn't really much to be seen. Never really being a feminine type most of Kesari's things can be seen simply laying strewn out around her own room, while most who know her will playfully claim there's a method to her madness Kesari herself has a terrible time finding anything in her own room. While she does have a chest at set comfortably at the end of her bed where she could comfortably store her clothes and other goods she usually just drops them on the floor or drapes them over her own hammock bed. Her personal hygiene items are usually thrown out on her table next to whatever it is she fixed for breakfast that morning while the chair that goes with the table can often be found across the room on it's side for no apparent reason. And her blankets always find their way to the ground directly under her bed. The hearth in her room is only ever lit in the dead of winter and even then Kesari usually only makes a small half circle of clean floor in front of it to prevent herself from lighting up in her sleep.

"I've never been great with money, but it's a necessary evil right?"

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
Rope 50ft Hemp -1 Gold Miza 99 Gold Mizas
Map (Region) -10 Gold Mizas 89 Gold Mizas
Short Bow -30 Gold Mizas 59 Gold Mizas
Short Bow Arrows (20) -1 Gold Miza 58 Gold Mizas
Toolkit, Bower/Fletcher -20 Gold Mizas 38 Gold Mizas
Fishing Kit -10 Gold Mizas 28 Gold Mizas
SIlver Ring -3 Gold Mizas 25 Gold Mizas
Dress -8 Silver Mizas 24 Gold Mizas & 2 Silver Mizas
Beaded Necklace (Bone) -3 Silver Mizas 23 Gold Mizas & 9 Silver Mizas
Pendant Necklace (Bone) -3 Silver Mizas 23 Gold Mizas & 6 Silver Mizas
Fall 516 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Amount 0 23 Gold Mizas & 6 Silver Mizas

"It's all about who you know, keep them safe and they'll keep you together."

ImageName: Eira Skyglow
Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Relationship: Childhood friends
Kesari's mother having been originally from the Snowsong hold her father got to know some of it's residents very well. One woman he got on with very well was Eira's grandmother. Every couple of months Eira and her grandmother would stop by their home, or they'd run into them near the docks. Her father enjoyed talking to the grandmother and so Kesari would bond with Eira whenever they met up. She would tell her tales of her and her father's adventures, and watch the talented child paint. Kesari always thought the girl was beautiful, and would constantly compliment her for her talent and fashion sense. Eira was probably the closest thing to a friend other than her father that Kesari had growing up, and as they reached their teenage years they started to talk about life the best the awkward pair could manage. Kesari always supported Eira in every hard decision she would let her know about, and Eira did the same for Kesari in her own way. Kesari's father left the same year Eira's grandmother passed away and Kesari put all her effort into comforting the girl to help her take her mind off of her father's trip. When her father passed away Kesari practically lived with Eira not wanting to go home. She asked for Eira's help to stand out less and Eira has helped Kesari look much more like an eligible bachelorette than Kesari probably ever intended. Having been through so much hardship together Kesari swears she'd do anything to protect Eira and believes the feeling to be mutual.

ImageName: Keika Whitevine
Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Relationship: Training Partners
Having met him outside of the walls of Aventhal the two initially bonded over a shared interest in joining the Icewatch. Originally Kesari thought that it would be nice having another person to bond with, and with him being an aspiring Icewatch member too she could learn plenty from him and he could probably learn some things from her. Over time though she learned that he had only really put his time into learning close combat skills and hardly knew the first thing of survival but because of how she was raised she continued to try to help him learn. The two have developed a playfully rude friendship mostly built off of insulting one another and saving each other's lives. Because of how often they are seen together a lot of the community assumes that they are going to be wed. However, Kesari doesn't remotely view Keika in that manner and will often retort with how she would never marry someone as useless as him.
Deceased NPCs
ImageName:Areli Coolwater
Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Relationship: Father
Skills :
Sailing (Competent)
Wilderness Survival Hills and Sea (Competent)
Weapon Skills: Short Bow (Competent)
Kesari's father was a force to be reckoned with, he put all of himself into everything he ever did. He loved his community, and only ever put his family above them. All his life was put into giving back and making his home a place worth calling home. He never put a lot of time into himself, even when he was much younger he was known for being overly active. He was well sought after as a bachelor but only ever had eyes for one woman, Coryn. He wasn't much of a romantic but luckily she could see passed all of his rookie mistakes and love the man he was. He was heart broken when she passed but put all of himself into the daughter they had created together.

ImageName: Coryn Coolwater
Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Storytelling (Competent)
Play Musical Instrument (Competent)
Composition (Competent)
While she's never met her Kesari has been told tales of how beautiful and talented her mother was her whole life. According to her father, Coryn could play a lute before she could speak, and she never liked playing other people's songs so much as making her own. She was a soft spoken girl, but still had a vibrant personality. You felt cared for just in her presence and to be truly loved by her was a gift all it's own. She was as genuine a person as people go and her father was the luckiest man alive to have been able to spend just a few short years calling himself her partner.

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