A Tinkerer's Notebook (Walde)

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Feel free to start IC Journaling in this forum. Each character is allowed threads here where they can store notes they learn IC, facts, or even talk about their feelings and inner thoughts. Journals don't need to be in written form, they be anything you as a player thinks suits the personality of the Characte.r

A Tinkerer's Notebook (Walde)

Postby Walde Reiner on November 16th, 2016, 5:22 pm

I suppose I should keep my thoughts together in writing, It would be best for me and my business. Well, to start with I wrote a letter to The Order, I may have gone overboard with the sarcasm, but it's intent was to break my boredom by getting a knight to train me with my rapier. I hope the squire who trains me has a modicum of intelligence.
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