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Postby Cake on November 23rd, 2016, 8:57 am



Race: Inarta-Human, Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty One
Birthday: Spring 12th, 495 AV.
Birthplace: Lhavit

Appearance: A nondescript sort of fellow of a build that is neither tall nor short but somewhere on the leaner side is Cake. Standing out is, in any case, not something he is overly concerned with and he will wear whatever is easily available and reasonably comfortable at the time. A simple shirt and trousers or a long hooded robe, it makes no difference to the sturdy youth. The only memorable feature to his countenance is his flowing hair the colour of dirt during the day with streaks of fiery auburn running ablaze at night.

Height: 5' 10" ish
Weight: 64 Kgs

Secret :

Character Concept

There is but one thing that the man known as Cake wants and that is the one thing he never talks about. In a way he is aimless, yet to find what loftier minds call purpose. But at a cursory glance he appears surer and clearer of purpose than those around him and has little, if anything, to say about existentialism. He seems to be far more interested in listening than saying anything at all. But in truth it just that he simply does not like being the centre of attention.

Cake is a self-centred sort of guy who doesn't lend himself to things like the greater good or loyalty but acts and decides depending on what piques his interest. If nothing does then he simply acts in accordance with his desire to not attract undue attention to himself. Being at the centre of attention sometimes overwhelms him so he tries to avoid groups, which has earned him a reputation of being a loner.

Owing considerably to his fondness for the written word he possesses a certain keenness of mind and taste for knowledge which finds itself at odds with a proclivity for the thrill that violence brings. As such he is either walking two very disparate paths that rarely if ever intertwine or forging ahead on unknown, untravelled roads.

Character History

Cake is the son of a an Inarta glassworker who settled in Lhavit to study the subject of light as a physicist and an indigenous chef pursuing a nascent form of molecular gastronomy, both artisans turned scientists. His roots were those of a commoner but reasonably affluent nonetheless. As such his was a comfortable adolescence.

The ease of life and a deep seated boredom led him to become something of a vagabond. In accordance with the norms of Lhavitian society he was circulated from task to task. He continued to change professions well into his teenage years at which point he had even worked with both his parents. After a significant disagreement and unpleasant exchanges, both sides decided to mutually disown each other. Cake was on his own.

As such he was a pitiful bookworm who knew a lot and did nothing who found some work with the knowledge he picked up at home. Though he despised public places he decided to go out to a tavern one fine night where he got into a brawl with a burly looking sort of fellow over which is better, chocolate or vanilla. Contrary to what was expected of him he beat the vanilla apologist till he turned the colour of black currant.

On that day Cake discovered two things. There is a calmness in the middle of the fight, an eye in the storm. The other that heated arguments over gastronomy were largely considered a disruption of peace. He was taken into custody by the Shinya as it was his first offence.

Given his lackluster professional life it was decided that social service would be appropriate punishment for him. But trouble followed him from the tavern. Understandably upset friends of the vanilla villain picked fights with him, each of which ended with excessive violence and a bruised and battered Cake.

But before he would make the transition from a rogue youth to a full blown criminal, a senior member of the Shinya took notice of him and decided that if he could learn self-control he would become an asset to the protecters of Lhavit. With immediate effect he had Cake completely cut off from the world outside their headquarters. Since he was already a repeat offender awaiting trial he had little say in the matter and went along.

It was here that he began his training as an Initiate in meditation. As such the meditation showed some little effect. But what he really found a measure of satisfaction in was the physical training he received. In any case his needs were more than adequately taken care of and he had loads of free time.

He was eventually promoted to an Acolyte however in the seven years since he has not made it past that position and earned the monicker of 'Eternal Acolyte'. During his awakening ceremony when he first encountered the the fallen goddess she did not give him a task to carry out. While it is customary for individuals to be demoted to Initiates it was decided that while he had not completely the requirements for passing, he had also not failed.

Perplexed, they decreed that unless Zintila were to offer her verdict it would be inappropriate for them to take action and as such Cake would continue to be an Acolyte in perpetuum till such a time.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Inari
Poor Language: ---


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Brawling 26 sp 26 Competent
Meditation 15 RB 15 Novice
Philtering 5 sp 14 Novice
Cooking 5 sp 5 Novice
Weapon: Throwing Knives 14 sp 14 Novice


Lore Of Medicinal Gastronomy
Lore of Religion: Zintila


-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Kina

Heirloom: None.


Location: Shinayama Pavillion

House: A 20x20 room in the Shinayama Pavillion with a single window, a bookshelf, a working desk, a thick mattress and a chest.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina

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Postby Pentacle on December 8th, 2016, 3:13 am

µ Hello! Welcome to Mizahar! µ

There are a few things to polish up on your CS so it shines like a star. Let’s work out the kinks so you can get back to writing and roleplaying to your heart’s content.

1. Name: How did he get the name Cake? It is a rather unusual sort of name, but maybe it was a nickname. Please elaborate or change your name to something more reasonable.

2. Weight: Could you please include a pound equivalent? Although not strictly necessary, it would aid people who tend to measure people’s weight in lbs rather than kgs.

3. History: Please avoid the use of “molecular” studies since these are beyond the science of Mizahar. The study of light and how it interacts with glass (and other basic properties) is acceptable, but remember that this is a medieval fantasy setting.

4. Acolyte: The minimum skill requirements to start as a Shinya Acolyte are as follows:
Weapon (any): 20
Projection: 10
Unarmed Combat: 20
In addition, both of your two starting lores must be related to the Shinya. These can be related to your weapon or projection, or related to the Shinya/Zintila.

5. Language: The language of the Inarta is Nari. Please edit this under your basic language.

6. Lore: “Medical” gastronomy? Please note that you do not have any skill in medicine. I’d suggest picking a lore that better matches the skills you do have.

7. Possessions: Please choose a Coat OR Cloak.

8. Heirloom: Are you sure you don’t want to start with an heirloom?

Once you have made the necessary changes, please PM / Private Message me (using the envelope button) and I'll remove this intervention. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.

µ µ µ
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