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Wurm (WIP)

Postby Wurm on November 30th, 2016, 10:14 am

Name: Wurm
Race: Pycon
Gender: Male
Age: 2 seasons
Birthday: Summer 22, 516

Height / Length / Width: 4in/5in/3in
Weight: 5lbs

Wurm’s form is that of a small toad with changes done to the overall shape. For one Wurm has abandoned the sprawled posture of a toad for a more erect mammalian one. Combined with equally proportionate limbs and small flipper like feet; Wurm might move like a toad but is far more agile.

Appearing like a toad but not looking like one, he cannot be confused for the real deal. From his pupil less eyes to the ridges that run down the centre of his back and the unnatural colour of his gray-red coat to ultimately his oversimplified features. Wurm at best looks like a stone paperweight.

Like all pycons this form is but a temporary one. It is not uncommon for Wurm to still experiment with his body in order to arrive at that elusive final form of his.

A product very much of the times, Wurm is a cold cynical individual. Choosing rather to keep to himself than to confide with the likes of others. Motivated by self-preservation, Wurm would do anything to survive moving only in near guaranteed certainty or taking only calculated risks. No move is ever done without proper care or purpose. A shrewd individual to be sure and perhaps a being of foresight but not prudence; never prudence.

A rather curious individual by nature, there is nothing that riles Wurm up more than the acquisition of new knowledge. The result of a more ignorant past; now it only rules him drives him on a more fundamental level often clashing with his more self-preservative lifestyle. The results of which usually lead to some unfavorable situations.

History (forthcoming)

Escape Artist 10[RB]
Stealth: 10[SP]
Larceny: 10 [SP]
Geology: 15[SP]
Swimming: 5 [SP]
Wilderness Survival: 10[SP]

Clay: found near water sources
Swimming like a frog

Common (Basic)

1 Backpack which contains:
-Clay for a week
-1 Waterskin

100gm (Starting Package)
+500gm (Cash in house)
600gm Total

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