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Postby Aeod on December 15th, 2016, 11:08 am


Race: Human, Inarta
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: 13, Winter, 492AV
Birthplace: Wind Reach

Appearance: Aeod is on the taller side for an Inarta, standing at 5’8”. He keeps his hair shorter and styled up/back away from his face in a messy, wind-blown kind of way. His left ear is pierced and the lobe has been stretched slightly to fit around a flattened glass bead*. His eyes have a soft golden hue to the iris. His body is well kept, though there are definite scars/burn marks across his hands and upper torso; most of which are from the occasional knife fights in the confined spaces of Wind Reach, or slag from the molten glass he tends to work with. Due to his work with glass, his body is rather toned from constant sweating and the surprising weight of molten glass.

*Note: The flattened bead is his heirloom.

Character Concept

Aeod is an aspiring glassworker with an adventurous soul and an affinity for fire. He enjoys time spent outside of cities, and is open to exploring the wilds of the world. However, he isn’t knowledgeable about much of the world outside of Wind Reach, and isn’t necessarily trained on how to survive outside of the cities either.

Character History

Born in winter of 492AV in Wind Reach, Aeod was just like the other Inarta of his generation; lively, curious, and interested in all manner of things. As the other children began to find themselves a niche, however, Aeod continued to have the wonder lust of a child. He’d often take his bendi assignments and complete them quickly then head to the aeries or the glass furnaces.

At thirteen he was selected to become an apprentice to the Master Glassblower and, up until the Djed storm of 512, he learned as much as he could.

When the storm was just about to hit, the unease that had set over him was justified as he heard the Wind Eagles begin to cry out through the city. He’d been in the furnace and wondered out into the open courtyard like area of Wind Reach. Noticing the Eagles herding the Inartans, and the gate shutting as they stepped out, he ran to his cutaway home in the stone and huddled on his bed. Whatever was coming, was enough to scare the Eagles, and that worried him.

After all was done, Aoed decided it was time to leave; he still wanted to learn more about the world around him and knew that being stuck in the mountain city was no way to do that. Convincing one of the Endal to take him on a trade route to sell his personal glass works, he headed out...


Fluent Language: Nari
Basic Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Intelligence +10SP 10 Novice
Glassworking +5SP +10RB 15 Novice
Falconry +5SP 5 Novice
Hunting +5SP 5 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow +10SP 10 Novice
Weapon: Talonsword +5SP 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival +5SP 5 Novice
Cooking +5SP 5 Novice


Lore of Wind Reach Geography
Lore of Inarta Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Bryda
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Sontav
-Simple Katinu
-Leather Ankle Boots
1 Toolkit, Glassblower
1 Shortbow
1 Quiver
40x Shortbow Arrows
1 Sword, Talon
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Glass)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

458 Kina

Heirloom: The glass earing in his left ear, made by his teacher as a gift for learning the basics of Glassblowing. It is vibrant with many colors like the Inarta tend to do with their glass pieces.


Location: Lhavit

House: Simple Room at the Solar Winds Apartments


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 gm 100 gm
Housing Package +500 gm 600 gm
Toolkit, Glassblower -45 gm 555 gm
Shortbow -30 gm 525 gm
Shortbow Arrows x40 -2 gm 523 gm
Quiver -20 gm 503 gm
Talon Sword 45 gm 458 gm
Conversion -458 gm 0 gm
Conversion +458 ki 458 ki

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