Aliana's Scrapbook

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Aliana's Scrapbook

Postby Aliana Hilt Terras on December 18th, 2016, 6:04 pm

☾ Isurian Bladeworks ☽

Isurian Bladeworks is a relatively new business to the city of Riverfall. It is run by a young Isurian woman named Aliana Hilt Terras. Though she will only introduce herself as Aliana Hilt. The young woman is no push over when it comes to her crafting and prices. Her father and mother pushed her to succeed and be tough early on. Taking nothing from nobody became a way of life.
Upon entering the building patrons see a small common area, that they are welcome to to wait in for small fast orders. Several chairs and tables can be found in the room. There are two doors that lead off of the common area. One door leads to the office; the other is a pair of double doors that lead to the forge. These doors are left open so that the young woman can hear anyone that enters the building. Another door inside of the forage area leads to the storage area. Aliana keeps a small collection of weapons that are already crafted. Patrons are encouraged to enter the room and browse while the young woman works. The last door leads to the only bathroom in the building.


Daggers - 2 GM
Lance(light)- 6 GM
Shortsword- 10 GM
Longsword- 15 GM
Broadsword- 35 GM
Scimitar- 15 GM

*Repairs- prices vary on weapon size and damage




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