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Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 76
Birthday: 13th of Winter 450 A.V.
Birthplace: A slaver camp on the mainland, near the Konti Isles

Appearance: Fragmenta possesses all the defining features of her race, her pale skin, platinum blonde tresses and silvery scales revealing her heritage at a glance. Standing at roughly 5' 6" and weighing a slight 104 lbs., she appears delicate and coy by design, her face often done up with a variety of subtle cosmetics that draw onlookers' attention to watchful eyes that shimmer like sunlight on waves and full, slightly parted lips that play host to the faintest hint of a smile, as if she is enjoying a private joke.

Her slender frame is typically wrapped in the silks and laces she fell in love with during the time she spent in Mura after escaping her captors on the mainland, the outfits and finery she wears being as much of a tool used to ground herself and establish an ever-changing identity sparked by her memory loss as it is a means of flaunting her tastes for the finer things in life. Feeling that she has no profound connection to other Konti women because of her lost memories, she is not at all fond of the uniform appearance and mannerisms of her race and strives to make small changes to her appearance on a regular basis that are noticeable to the discerning eye, all in the name of setting herself apart from her sisters. The one constant factor of her appearance is the intricately designed golden ballroom masque that she wears at all times as a form of personal symbolism.

Character Concept

Fragmenta, like all Konti, has a 'gift' that is the result of her people's exposure to the Vision Water of Mura over countless generations. Upon touching another person's skin with her own, she learns one of their insecurities. Because of the fickle nature of the gift, she much prefers to learn what she wants to using traditional methods: watching, listening, and waiting, placing a heavy focus on utilizing these skills to give herself an advantage in social situations.

Character History

Fragmenta's mother was a competent hypnotist and fortuneteller who traveled with a caravan that routinely transported Vision Water from Mura to buyers on the mainland. During one of these journeys, the caravan was attacked by slavers, and most of the Konti women were killed. The handful who were spared were placed in chains and taken to a hidden camp, where their talents were put to use by the slavers, almost always against their wills. While some of the frail women were broken by the tasks demanded of them and the physical hardships they had to endure, Fragmenta's mother endured everything the men did to her, including bearing the child of the slave master, a product of rape.

Her mother hated her at first, the mere sight of her a constant reminder of the life that had been taken from her and the chains that bound her to the men who treated her like magically talented livestock. She did not coddle the girl, but nor was she cruel: to put it simply, she could not bring herself to love a child that forced her to see herself for what she had been reduced to, and as a result acted indifferently towards her, treating her as just another prisoner.

Years passed, and the girl's gift manifested. It was one that caused her both pain and confusion, which sparked some small amount of sympathy from her mother. She began to teach the girl the basics of hypnosis, instructing her in secret after dark, telling her that patience would reward her one day. Eventually, the chance for escape presented itself, and her mother acted on it, killing the man who guarded her each night and taking her daughter by the hand. They ran quickly and quietly, not looking back as the alarm was raised that slaves had escaped.

The sounds of furious cries and the baying of hounds chased them through the forest that hid the slavers' hideout away from the rest of the world, all the way to the edge of a roaring river. Fragmenta's mother knew within seconds that they would not be able to escape together, and in a moment of desperation, grabbed her daughter by the shoulders and begged her to trust her, no matter what happened. Terrified, the girl agreed, and her mother placed her into a hypnotic trance, telling her that she must survive at all costs. In her panicked state, she overgave, harming the girl's mind.

It was then that the men pursuing them burst from the woods, and Fragmenta's mother shoved the hypnotized girl squarely in the chest, sending her backwards into the raging waters. Fragmenta reached out as she fell, grasping at the woman, and her fingers closed around the locket she wore, her mother's prized possession, hidden from the slavers for all those years through hypnosis. It snapped off in her hand a second before she was plunged into the icy waters and carried away beneath the water.

When she awoke, it was in the shallow rapids in a bend of the river, miles downstream. Although battered and bruised, her Konti traits had kept her alive when anyone else would have drowned in minutes. However, her memories were scattered, assaulted by the hypnotic magic she had been exposed to, and she could recall nothing about her mother or her upbringing. Most of the details of her life were lost in an instant, and in many ways, she had died in the river, being reborn and given a second chance.

She followed the river towards the sea until she came to a fishing village inhabited by humans. They recognized her for what she was immediately, one of the gifted women who occasionally passed through their home in travelling caravans, and because of the business the women brought them, offered her passage home as a token of good will to the Konti. Although uncertain, Fragmenta did not object, and she traveled to the isle her people called home.

Mura was an alien place to her, its inhabitants a proud race who had little more than raised eyebrows to offer her. She knew none of their customs or beliefs, and was shunned as a result, just as her own mother had ignored her for the greater part of her childhood. She sold the locket in her possession as a means to provide for herself, but this afforded her only the most rudimentary lifestyle. She would watch her sister Konti out of the corner of her eyes, entirely ignored as they strode past her, beautiful and eerily similar. Despite having all the iconic traits of the race, she was treated as someone who didn't belong, and this thought ate away at her.

And so she decided that she would be the outsider they saw her as. Even if she could remember nothing substantial about herself, the secrets of others were ripe for the picking. What began as idly listening to the gossip of others who did not so much as acknowledge her presence overtime became systematically learning as much as she could about certain individuals, then turning a profit with that information by selling what she had discovered to interested parties. This interest in the details that comprised the lives of others became a passion that bordered on obsession.

But this did nothing to change the fact that she didn't belong. Realizing that this would always be the case, she began to seek a way out. It was by pure chance that she overheard a conversation concerning the city of illusions, Alvadas, which was constantly changing in the blink of an eye and nothing was what it appeared to be. She was intrigued, and figuring that she had no other leads, would set up shop in the faraway city. She wasn't sure what to expect, but was filled with the hope that she might find a place that felt like home.

The last thing she did before leaving Mura was to buy back the golden locket that had miraculously remained in the shop where she had first sold it. It was the only thing that had been hers and hers alone when she had arrived, and she would be taking it with her, believing that the Konti did not deserve to play host to even a lone trinket that she treasured. With the locket in hand, she turned her back on her homeland and her people for what she hoped would be the first and last time, embarking on the long voyage West.


Fragmenta has no name to put to the face she sees every time she looks in a mirror, and so she hides it behind a masque, believing that the world should be unable to recognize her for who she is if she herself cannot. Her moniker reflects her shattered identity and the idea that she is only "the leftover pieces" of a person.

Fragmenta is not unkind, but she is not given to extending genuine kindness at the drop of a hat. Her persona, largely falsified out of necessity due to her memory loss, is one based around dispensing pleasantries and gaining the loyalty of others while never once allowing herself to trust even those that truly wish to help her. The fractured state of her mind has left her bitter and lends to a manipulative nature borne of the need to seek answers to any questions she deems important, often to the point of obsession. She typically bears no ill will towards the people she uses to get what she wants, and in fact tends to form bonds with those she deems worthy of her companionship, but that doesn't prevent these relationships from being toxic to both parties.

Ironically, what she desires above all else is the luxury of trusting others, but as she is unable to trust even herself when it comes to her memories, this is an unlikely outcome. Instead, she parodies trust by providing information and secrets to those she feels some form of attachment to, as long as she doesn't have a reason to keep said information to herself and the information provided will not give the person in question an advantage over her. Unfortunately for those that are close to her, her paranoia eventually leads her to playing mind games with most people using the information she feeds them to create conflict or distrust deflected away from herself and, if she can manage it, towards perceived threats.

Fragmenta is a determined individual who clings to her mission with surprising tenacity, her usual playfulness cast aside when it comes to achieving her long term goals. While she does her best to maintain a coy and clever front to fool others, she is actually a very solemn woman who is constantly teetering on a fine line between self-pity and self-resentment, giving herself very little credit where it is due. As she dislikes confrontation, she very rarely does anything to outright harm anyone, and like many of her kind are sensitive to the feelings of others and their perception of her. If she senses that someone is close to discovering the "real" her, she is quick to cut ties and distance herself in any way that she can.

She doesn't balk in the face of blatant intimidation, but will likely respond to more subtle plays on her own crippling doubts and the underlying confusion she is victim to. The extent of her reactions to such psychological attacks on her person vary, but will usually unnerve her enough to make maintaining her false identity difficult in the face of stress, and she will sometimes feel the need to retreat within herself in order to reaffirm her sense of self.

Specializations and Tactics

She took an interest in intelligence gathering for both personal and financial reasons, believing that her talents would be best suited to the work of a spy. She learned that taking note of one's surroundings and careful preparation for every eventuality is arguably the best way to stay alive, outside of avoiding confrontation in the first place.

Her fascination with poisons was born from an encounter with a merchant caravan during her journey to Alvadas. She was warned of the many dangers the city presented, both seen and unseen, and advised that she learn to defend herself in unexpected ways should the need ever arise. She purchased a bottle filled with Close Call and considered ways to always have it at hand at all times without raising suspicion. Over time, her interest in the many applications of poisons only grew.

A blacksmith, also a member of the caravan, was skeptical when approached with the idea of having her favorite parasol modified into a weapon. Still, he would have an interesting story to tell when all was said and done, and he wasn't about to turn down the exorbitant offer she made to have it done, and so he agreed. Fragmenta walked away from the transaction with a means of protecting herself that would be, if it was noticed, immediately be disregarded as a means of self defense, the cherry on top being that it pairs nicely with most of the outfits she owns.

Of course, her primary goal is to avoid any situation that could come to blows, much preferring to instead wield her words as weapons, a concept she relishes because of the versatility it affords her. Using rhetoric to persuade listeners that she is no threat to them, subtly working double entendres into conversation to suggest that she might have something of interest to the other party, or speaking over the broad range of ideals presented by various schools of thought and philosophies to dispel the idea that she is nothing more than a well-to-do tart; these are just a few of the ways she enjoys using wordplay to get what she wants without resorting to harming others.

It should be noted that the thought of killing is not a morally repulsive idea to her, but is simply unappealing due to what she considers to be a waste of time, energy and resources, especially when it comes to covering her tracks. Self-defense is one thing, but murder often leaves behind more questions than the answers is provides, questions that she would rather others not ask, and so she will often make efforts to remove threats to her in a non-fatal (and occasionally much more satisfying) manner.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Kontinese


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Fortune Telling 10 RB 10 XP Novice
Hypnotism 10 SP 10 XP Novice
Philosophy 5 SP 5 XP Novice
Rhetoric 10 SP + 2 XP 12 XP Novice
Intelligence 15 SP 15 XP Novice
Seduction 5 SP 5 XP Novice
Poison 5 SP 5 XP Novice (roots, serpente, and vine)
Observation 4 XP 4 XP Novice
Land Navigation 1 XP 1 XP Novice
Socialization 1 XP 1 XP Novice


Alvadas: Location Changing
Close Call Poison: Effects on the Body
Alvadas: A Whirlwind of Trouble
Sarcasm: A Girl's Best Friend
Alexander Faircroft: Ex-Knight and Mercenary
Alexander Faircroft: "Please, Just Alex"
Alvadas: Winter 516 Mizahar Map Illusion


1 Set of Clothing (Very Colorful)
-Linen Shirt
-Linen Pants
-Wool Undergarments
-Linen Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (wood)
-Brush (wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-a burgundy leather corset w/ gold stitched embroidery, clasps and chains
-a maroon silk skirt w/ black silk ribbon brocade
-a pair of black velvet opera gloves w/ lace trim
-a pair of black cotton stockings w/ gold stitched embroidery and lace trim
-a pair of polished black dancing shoes
-a plain white silk dress
-a pair of black leather ankle boots
-a red leather belt with a silver buckle
-a black velvet half-cape lined with fur
-a toilette kit well-stocked with various kinds of makeup, skin care products, applicators and a mirror
-a deck of tarot cards
-an empty golden locket
-a gleaming silver dagger
-a copper-reinforced parasol with a spring loaded tip (used to fire darts)
-4 iron darts
-1 vial of acid
-1 tiny bottle of Close Call poison (4 doses)
-1 very simple key
-Sywart (20 oz.)
- Blue Vision (9 oz.)
-a beautifully crafted silver cigarette holder

49.65 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: An intricately crafted gold filigree ballroom masque reminiscent of a butterfly


Location: Alvadas

House: Currently staying at the Cubacious Inn (Luxury Room)

-double bed
-small steel mirror


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +600 GM 600 GM
Burgundy Corset -36 GM 564 GM
Maroon Skirt -15 GM 549 GM
Black Gloves -25 GM 524 GM
Black Stockings -47 GM 477 GM
Black Dancing Shoes -85 GM 392 GM
White Silk Dress -8 SM 391.2 GM
Black Ankle Boots -1.05 GM 390.15 GM
Red Leather Belt -4 SM 389.75 GM
Black Velvet Half-Cape -23 GM 366.75
Toilette Kit -25 GM 341.75 GM
Deck of Tarot Cards -15 GM 326.75 GM
Golden Locket -25 GM 301.75 GM
Silver Dagger -12 GM 289.75 GM
Weaponized Parasol -104 GM 185.75 GM
Acid Vial -5 GM 180.75 GM
Close Call -75 GM 105.75 GM
Lock (Very Simple) -20 GM 85.75 GM
Key (Very Simple) -4 GM 81.75 GM
20 oz. of Sywart -1 SM 81.65 GM
10 0z. of Blue Vision -2 GM 79.65 GM
Small Steel Mirror -10 GM 69.65 GM
Silver Cigarette Holder -20 GM 49.65 GM

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