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Postby Dovey on January 1st, 2017, 5:10 am



Race: Human, Mixed (½ Svefran)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: 23 Winter, 499 AV.
Birthplace: The Suvan Sea
Faceclaim: Zhenya Katava


Dovey's appearance is less than striking. Standing at five foot two, with a sturdy build, very light brown skin and flat, black hair, her only really standout features are her intensely blue eyes. She inherited her hair from her mother, but unlike her mother she keeps it fairly short, its ragged ends brushing just past her shoulders. It becomes oily fast, which is a pity as she doesn't have the time or money to go to a bathhouse particularly often, so much of the time it is shiny and stringy. Still, she doesn't care too much for fashion; she'd rather have convenience, and her short, simple haircut certainly provides that. Her brows are thick, dark, and low on her forehead, which is slightly higher and rounder than average. Her bust is small, though she's not flat-chested, and her dress falls rather shapelessly down her form. Her legs and arms are fairly well-muscled, and she has thick calluses on both her hands and feet – products of a childhood spent doing everything from hauling luggage to baling hay. The brand marking the Freeborn of Kenash is burnt into the back of her left wrist; she keeps it covered by her sleeve most of the time, not wanting to deal with the curiosity of strangers, but sometimes it slips into sight. She was branded while still growing, and the brand is stretched tightly across her skin as a result.

Character Concept

On the whole, Dovey is a lighthearted soul. She seldom shies away from frivolity, whether that means partying, gossiping, kissing men she's just met, or doing a little drinking at the local tavern. She's always up for some friendly competition, and she's quite gregarious, seeking out new friends and acquaintances on a regular basis. But she does her absolute best to ensure that none of this interferes with her work – or more precisely, with her paycheck. She's very conscious of her money supply, and she adores the feel of the day's wages being pressed into her palm. In the interest of earning more faster, she makes it a point to be on time to work and to get her fair share completed by the end of the day. Though she's not above slacking off now and again, or taking a minute to flirt with her coworkers, she stays on task enough that she isn't underperforming – though on most days, she won't be overperforming much either. She's a reliable worker if not an exceptional one.

Upon meeting Dovey, you might come away with two very different impressions, depending on the impression you made on her. To those she likes, or at least is neutral toward, she's warm, smiling candidly and chatting about whatever happens to come to mind. But if her new acquaintance makes a sour impression, she becomes an entirely different girl. In these conversations, she's rigid, closed-off, unable to pretend she's enjoying herself even if she tries. If you provoke her again, biting sarcasm or exaggerated false politeness might come to the fore. It takes her a while to get over a false negative impression of someone, but if you keep trying, she might eventually warm up to you. You probably won't get an apology, though, or you might only get it weeks or months later – a great deal of her attitude is so automatic, she hardly notices she's been rude. Fortunately, most people make overall positive impressions on her, though she does still have a tendency to make snap judgments about people based on aspects of their behavior that might not be significant at all.

Given her gregarious nature, it's a little surprising that Dovey seldom really opens up to people. She'll gossip with you or make small talk for hours, and she makes it a point to be there for her friends when they need her, but she still has great difficulty talking about the more personal facets of her life with even those who are closest to her – especially if the topic in question is emotionally charged. She has a hard time even processing and exploring her own emotions, let alone sharing them with others. Probably related to this is a developing anxiety about romantic commitment, which may or may not grow severe enough to become a problem.

Dovey's upbringing in Kenash is responsible for a great deal of what she enjoys, most notably the rain. Used to the skies opening at least once every few days, she'll get annoyed if she thinks it's been too long since the last storm. “Makutsi, let it rain!” she might groan in exasperation, or “The summers are far too dry around here – by Tavasi, I wish it was spring again.” (She often invokes the names of deities in casual conversation.) Another relic of her childhood is her love of freedom – her father instilled her with a healthy respect for the concept, and the time she spent running around the docks of Kenash, hawking her services to anyone who needed something carried, choosing her own work (and doing her best to influence her own pay) left her with an itchiness in her bones whenever she feels herself overburdened with restrictions. She doesn't mind following the law, or her employer's orders, but when those orders or laws get too specific she starts to feel smothered. She likes structure in her life, but she prefers to make her own.

Dovey isn't much for religion, but she does casually worship Xyna, Makutsi, and Tavasi (the gods of commerce, water, and spring respectively). All three are fixtures of private life in Kenash, but she's carried their worship with her to Syliras for what they mean to her personally. Xyna, of course, looks after the money of the realm, and with Dovey's worries about her own supply of mizas, the goddess was a natural choice. Makutsi is in charge of rain, and though rain isn't a life-or-death issue for Dovey, it represents home for her and can improve her mood without fail. Besides, she likes the stories she's heard about the free-spirited goddess. Tavasi's worship runs a bit deeper. She doesn't worship him so much for the season he oversees as for another of his spheres of influence – new beginnings. She craves new experiences, whether they take the form of recreation in a new part of town, a secret learned that no one else knows, or even adventures of low to moderate peril. Though she's cautious, not one to jump into a situation without having prepared, she's certainly not timid when the time is right for her to get involved. She doesn't want to die having done nothing but survived – she wants to really live, to experience what the world around her has to offer.

Character History

Dovey's mother Ella was born and raised in Syliras; when she was about nineteen, she met a Svefran trader named Reef whose ship was docked for an unusually long time while extensive repairs were made. The two began a whirlwind romance and, some time after Ella's lover left, she started to suspect that she was pregnant. Terrified, she checked the docks for Reef's ship as often as she could, hoping to confront him before her 'condition' became too obvious. Finally, his ship returned to trade. Visibly pregnant now, she explained the situation to him and his pod. Her parents encouraged the couple to marry in the city – “just to avoid scandal,” they assured the Svefran man desperately, “nothing has to change between you two. After all, you're already in love – and that's all it means, it's just a confirmation of your love.” He agreed, and after the ceremony was performed, the lovers as well as Ella's family decided Ella should come aboard her now-husband's ship and live as a part of his family. The Svefran pod agreed reluctantly to this plan, Ella bade a tearful farewell to her household and the ship put out to sea.

It quickly became apparent that Ella was not at all suited to naval life. She never quite got over her seasickness, she couldn't swim, the salt spray was immensely annoying, and to top it all off, she and the pod's Lia didn't get along. She gave birth to Dovey aboard the ship, but soon afterward, when the ship docked in Kenash to trade, she told her husband that she couldn't stand living at sea any longer. She and her daughter were making a new life in Kenash, and of course she wanted Reef to come with them. He was reluctant at first; after all, this would mean leaving not only most of his family but his entire culture behind. But Dovey's mother was insistent. They were married, she said, and that meant they had to stick together. She'd already left her family behind for him, after all – she wasn't asking him to do any more than she had done. Besides, how was she to raise a baby alone and make a living at the same time, especially in this strange new city? He relented. He couldn't abandon his infant daughter and her mother to an uncertain fate. At least Kenash, unlike Syliras, was wet.

Dovey grew up a Freeborn in Kenash. Her family was always short of money, so she took on odd jobs from an early age, running messages along the docks or carrying visitors' belongings to their lodgings for them. Her wages were set anew each time, so she got quite good at haggling them up a copper miza or two. Back then she and her father were quite close; he taught her some Fratava, some Svefran nursery songs, any scraps of his culture he could impart to her in the few hours when neither were working and both were awake.

When Dovey grew old enough to hold a steady job, she began working as a groom at the local stables. She had always had a soft spot for horses, and she enjoyed their smell and their warmth as she mucked out stalls, filled feed buckets, and groomed mud off steaming backs. It wasn't what you would call interesting work, but it was peaceful. Besides, it paid a heck of a lot more than running errands.

Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, she and a visiting Drykas man began a flirtation. He was in town for about a month; during that time, he taught her a smattering of Pavi – mostly phrases like “Kiss me”, “I love you”, and “your boss is coming” (that last in only grassland signs). When he left, she retained her crush on him for quite some time, practicing her Pavi nearly every day as a connection between them. As a result, the little she does know of the language is now firmly cemented into her memory.

By this time Dovey's father had become far more distant from his family. He worked at the docks, and he often stayed there chatting with Svefran traders until after his wife and daughter had gone to bed. He also began to gamble. He seldom bet too much, but nevertheless their supply of money was slowly being drained, and Dovey began to resent her father. It seemed as if all he could do now was waste money and avoid his family. She never quite admitted it to herself, but she missed him. Towards the end of Dovey's sixteenth year of life, she and her mother received the news that her father had been killed in an accident after a fight broke out at the gambling den he frequented.

Very soon after the tragedy, Dovey's mother Ella announced that the two of them were moving back to Syliras. She had always suspected, she said, that Kenash was no place for a young girl. This only confirmed it. Besides, there would be more work in Syliras, fairer wages, no competition from slaves – she would have brought the family there years ago, but her husband had always refused. He had said he would never live in such a tomb. Well, it wasn't a tomb, it was her home, and they were going now, and Dovey would enjoy a change of scene. As they prepared for the journey, overland this time (Ella refused to set foot on a ship again) Dovey began to resent her mother as well. It felt as if her father had been nothing but an inconvenience for her mother, and now he was gone, there was nothing to stop her from doing what she wanted. Sure, he'd gotten a bit cold, a bit irrational toward the end, but he was still her father.

Nevertheless, Dovey and her mother set out on their journey, paying for their inclusion within a small convoy of merchants. About a month after they left, Dovey's mother became seriously ill. She continued on as best she could, but her condition deteriorated rapidly. A week after Dovey's seventeenth birthday, and a week before their arrival in Syliras, Dovey's mother was found to have died in the night. Dovey was devastated, but there was nothing to do except push on and make her own way in Syliras. She couldn't pay her way back to Kenash, not without completely depleting her savings – and anyhow, maybe her mother had been right. Maybe things would be better in Syliras. She would just have to find out.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Pavi


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Bodybuilding 1, 2 3 Novice
Brawling 2 2 Novice
Childcare 3, 1 4 Novice
Cleaning 4, 1, 2, 1 8 Novice
Dancing 2 2 Novice
Deduction 1 1 Novice
Endurance 5 SP, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 1 19 Novice
Escape Artist 1 1 Novice
Flirting 5, 2, 2 9 Novice
Horsemanship 20 SP, 4, 5, 1, 3, 1, 1, 2, 4 41 Competent
Intelligence 1 1 Novice
Investigation 2 2 Novice
Leadership 1, 1, 2 4 Novice
Logic 1, 2, 1 4 Novice
Meditation 2 2 Novice
Negotiation 15 RB, 15 SP, 1, 1, 1 33 Competent
Observation 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3 54 Expert
Pastry Decorating 1 1 Novice
Persuasion 1, 3, 1, 1, 1 7 Novice
Philosophy 2, 1, 1 4 Novice
Planning 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1 12 Novice
Running 1, 1 2 Novice
Rhetoric 10 SP, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1 17 Novice
Socialization 5, 5, 2, 5, 4, 1, 1, 1, 2, 5, 2, 4, 5, 3 45 Competent
Stealth 2 2 Novice
Subterfuge 3 3 Novice
Tactics 1 1 Novice
Teaching 1 1 Novice
Unarmed Combat 1 1 Novice
Weightlifting 1 1 Novice


Svefran Nursery Tunes
Common Horse Breeds





Fear and Resolve



Simple linen dress
Simple linen undergarments
Simple boots
Amulet of Desire (won here, acquired here.)

Syliras Apartment Furnishings
1 bed (starting)
1 table (starting)
1 chair (starting)
1 hearth (starting)
1 chest (starting), which contains:
-1 two-quart cooking pot
1 cupboard which contains:
-2 8 oz cups
-2 8" dishes
-2 7" bowls
-1 two-quart jug
1 knife and cutlery box which contains:
-1 bread knife
-2 table forks
-3 soup spoons
1 wash basin
1 chamber pot

Heirloom: Her mother's large, green silk headscarf. It's a little too big for Dovey.


Location: Syliras

House: The standard 20x20 apartment within Stormhold Citadel, containing a bed, a table, a chair, a chest, and a hearth.

Current Location: Sunberth
House: A small dormitory at the Drunken Fish, shared with other slaves


Winter 516
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
6 candles -6 CM 99 GM 9 SM 4 CM
2 8 oz cups -1 SM 99 GM 8 SM 4 CM
1 2-quart jug -3 SM 99 GM 5 SM 4 CM
2 8" dishes -8 CM 99 GM 4 SM 6 CM
2 7" bowls -6 CM 99 GM 4 SM
1 bread knife -1 CM 99 GM 4 SM 9 CM
2 table forks -2 CM 99 GM 4 SM 7 CM
3 soup spoons -3 CM 99 GM 4 SM 5 CM
1 knife and cutlery box -2 GM 97 GM 4 SM 5 CM
1 chamber pot -2 SM 97 GM 2 SM 5 CM
1 average wash basin -2 GM 95 GM 2 SM 5 CM
1 average cupboard -2 GM 93 GM 2 SM 5 CM
1 2-quart cooking pot -2 SM 93 GM 5 CM
1 dress, medium quality wool -1 GM 2 SM 91 GM 8 SM 5 CM
1 pair linen undergarments -1 SM 91 GM 7 SM 5 CM
Bath and laundry costs -2 SM 3 CM 91 GM 5 SM 2 CM
Living expenses (common) -135 GM -43 GM 4 SM 8 CM
Wages +300 GM 256 GM 5 SM 2 CM

Spring 517
Purchase Cost Total
Living expenses (common) -135 GM 121 GM 5 SM 2 CM

Summer 517
Purchase Cost Total
Living expenses (poor) -45 GM 76 GM 5 SM 2 CM
Simple room at Cubacious Inn -9 GM 1 SM 67 GM 4 SM 2 CM

Autumn 517
Purchase Cost Total
Inactive null null

Winter 517
Purchase Cost Total
Mulled wine -2 SM 67 GM 2 SM 2 CM
Lager x2 -2 SM 67 GM 2 CM
Simple room at Cubacious Inn -9 GM 1 SM 57 GM 9 SM 2 CM
Wages +644 GM 701 GM 9 SM 2 CM
Living expenses (common) -135 GM 566 GM 9 SM 2 CM

Spring 518
Purchase Cost Total
Simple linen tunic -5 SM 566 GM 4 SM 2 CM
Simple linen trousers -8 SM 565 GM 6 SM 2 CM
Steel dagger -2 GM 563 GM 6 SM 2 CM
Dagger scabbard -2 GM 561 GM 6 SM 2 CM
Leather belt -4 SM 561 GM 2 SM 2 CM
Simple room at Cubacious Inn -9 GM 1 SM 552 GM 1 SM 2 CM
Living expenses (common) -135 GM 417 GM 1 SM 2 CM

Summer 518
Purchase Cost Total
Kidnapped, money lost -417 GM 1 SM 2 CM 0 GM
Kynier's bribes +1 GM 1 SM 1 GM 1 SM
Living expenses (common) 0 GM (enslaved) 1 GM 1 SM

Autumn 518
Purchase Cost Total

Thread List

516 Winter :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
31 Dove In The Drink Social Graded
32 Dove in the Daylight Social Graded
32 Dove in the Water Social Graded
33 Learning Cliff Job Graded
36 Market Day Social Abandoned
39 Shock and Awe Social Graded
73 Splish Splash Job Graded

517 Spring :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
15 A Bit of Work Job Graded
19 On the Edge of Rioting Adventure Abandoned
28 Random Encounters Social Abandoned
75 Brown Study Job Graded

517 Summer :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
14 Insolubility Job Graded

517 Winter :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
11 Snow-wreaths Job Graded
28 A Winter's Fair Event Complete, not graded
54 Desserts in Wrong Places Job Graded
? Veil of Oblivion Social Abandoned

518 Spring :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
13 Flesh and Fowl Social Abandoned
19 Can't Swim Social Abandoned
45 Riding Far and Near Job/Plot Graded
51 How to Avoid Being Fish Food Quest Abandoned

518 Summer :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
1 The Wolf in a Sheepwhite Hood Plot Graded
15 Unsavoury Clientele Social Abandoned
22 The sons and daughters of anarchy Social Dovey out of thread
27 I am a disappointed drudge, sir. Plot/Social Graded
38 Ears Open Skill/Lore aq. Graded
48 The Cat-Herd Job Graded
52 Kindness Prize aq. Graded

518 Fall :
Day Thread Link & Title Type Status
30 Bite! Skill Complete, not graded
35 In such a night as this Social Abandoned
47 Fear or Believe Skill Complete, not graded
66 Ale and Ultimatums Job Incomplete
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