Solo Mission: The Smuggler

A job thread in which Vypec and the squad investigate a tip about a smuggler.

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Mission: The Smuggler

Postby Vypec on January 5th, 2017, 9:14 pm

6th of Winter, 516 A.V.
Sunset near the Blue Bull, Riverfall

They were not as cold as they should have been. Vypec, Banador, and Vuhran lay on the dusty rooftop of the Labor Aid building across from the Blue Bull. The three Akalak carefully watched the Inn's comings and going with mild interest. They had been there since early afternoon. The night did not bite as deep as it usually did this time of year. The city was astir with many wild rumors surrounding the lack of a seasonal change. Vypec, for his part, simply listened more intently at the shadows. They carried the most notable news when it came to filtering information through the masses, in his experience.

It did not do to dwell on the movements of gods, for a lowly mortal like he could not change any of that. So he lay on the roof and watched the Blue Bull with his unusually keen eyes. He carried both gladii and his Lakan, but did not wear his armor. They were, as Kazma had assured them, on a clandestine operation with little chance of combat, unless everything went south. Kazma, Mirrix, and Delric were behind the Blue Bull, staking out the Lapis Park.

One of Kazma's sources had said that a smuggler and slaver was coming to town on the next ship from Kenash. So here they were trying to spot this individual. The slaver would be a good catch, but showing themselves just to catch one man would destroy their chance of taking down whatever elements of the smuggler's ring operated out of Riverfall.

"The ship got to port two hours ago, where is this petcher?" Vuhran muttered. He tugged at his shirt as he re-situated himself on the rooftop. There isn't so much as hide nor hair of him all down the north side of the street." His blue head rose up for a moment, checking the truth of his words for what seemed like the millionth time.

Banador sighed and shifted his gaze down the opposite street. He grunted and turned back.

"Nothing?" Vypec asked without taking his eyes off the Blue Bull.


"He's probably making contact with whoever else he trades with." Vypec sighed, his gaze drifting across the street to where the Gideon Arena dwarfed all else around it. In the setting sun the lines of darkness that were the shadows of the arena were almost absolute. Their domain was as dark and the brilliance of the sun's kiss was vibrant, though Vypec could discern it where other's could not. He searched there for anything unusual, but found only shadow and deserted walls. Vypec had a certain reverence for the mystical nature of that place. He had seen wildly skilled combat there, he had seen dangerous magic and mystery which not even he could understand. But right now the arena was as mundane as it could be, standing twice again the height of the next largest structure.

Why not go find him with his contact and catch two at once? Vypal asked, he had been critical of the mission from the beginning. He had doubts about their placement, their choice of focus in the Blue Bull, and their separation from the squad.

We know with relative certainty that he will come here, if we give up this position we may miss him altogether. The chance of catching his accomplice is not good enough to risk losing both. Vypec said as he scanned the small windows of the Blue Bull.

"Here he comes." Banador said in a hushed, tense voice. The 'he' Banador was referring to was a lean figure who looked like he made his way on the edge of civilization. With a wild ponytail and a battered looking cloak he hunched forward. His gait was long and reminiscent of a sailor's legs, Vypec observed. He saw the subtle protrusion that marked where the man's sword was sheathed under his cloak. This was Ghoen, the man they had been searching for. Vypec hissed softly as he watched the man walk.

Vuhran slid further back on the roof and glanced back at the place they had climbed up from. "Alright, I'm off to tell Kazma. You remember the plan right?" He inquired of his brother and Vypec.

"Wait, we've got to make sure he goes in." Banador said, his dark eyes fixed on Ghoen. They all watched silently at Ghoen made his way down the street and past the looming silhouette of the arena. He paused for a moment before entering the Blue Bull. The man inspected his cloak and tightened the folds of it around him before sliding through the door. "Okay, go."

Vuhran was gone in moments. They watched the Inn, and a few seconds later saw Vuhran, now bent and hobbling, moving past it to slip through to the Lapis Park. Vypec glanced at Banador and back down. "You two are as different as any two I can think of."

"He likes his games." Banador said without looking over.

"Yes, and you like your...?" Vypec asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Stimulating social interaction." Banador said in an apathetic voice.

He sure showed you. Vypal said, his amusement thick.

"Right, good to know. I'll have to try to be more social in the future." Vypec said wryly. He watched as Vuhran came back into sight, now swaggering and in another, expensive looking cloak. Vypec was always impressed with Vuhran's ability to shift personas at will. The Akalak seemed to do so for personal enjoyment at least as much as mission necessity. Vypec and Bandor watched in silence as Vuhran, now in a decent disguise, entered the Blue Bull. After a tick Banador pushed himself up to a low crouch and said, "Okay, your turn. I'm moving to the shadows under the arena. You remember the signal if you need me?"

Vypec nodded and said, "I go outside for a piss." Vypec said as he got to his feet too. "What if I just need to pee?"

Banador let out a bark of laughter and made his way back to the low wall which they had climbed up from. Vypec followed closely, both stepping as lightly as they could. Vypec shifted his weight slowly, curling his soft booted soles to the roof of the Labor building so as not to make sound. He knew he needed to be stealthier to work in this squad, so he practiced the simple things a whenever he could. Banador leapt lightly down onto the low wall, then let himself down onto the ground beneath. Vypec followed.
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