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Postby Laenariel on January 31st, 2017, 2:46 am

Race Kelvic [Grizzly Bear, ursus arctos]
Gender Male
Age 8
Birthday 19 . Winter . 508 AV
Starting City Endrykas
Birthplace Riverfall


Human Laenariel's a large, broad man at two inches shy of seven feet. His body is crafted of trained, athletic muscle and big bones, leaning more towards bulk and strength than speed and agility. His medium brown skin often shines with vitality, a favourable side-effect of his protein-rich diet. His arms a bit disproportionate to his body, a bit longer than the norm but not all that noticeable. While quite less defined than bodybuilders, he cares less of looks and more about function and usefulness to his power; "real strength", he calls it.

The man's eyes are akin to those of a grizzly bear - his inky black pupils are larger than a regular human's, his iris a bright chocolate bright, bursting with an animalistic intelligence. A dark silver ring circles his iris, separating it from his off-white sclera.

The bear's visage is that of a strong yet brooding fellow. His slightly angled, dark eyebrows are often furrowed over his oddly-colored eyes, which are in the habit of narrowing at a target. His nose is broad and wide, complementing the strong jaw and equally built chin. The man's lips are quite thick and somewhat shapely, firm. While both sets of canines are longer than the norm, the canines on his top jaw are longer still, causing slight depressions on his bottom lip when his mouth is closed.

Grizzly Bear As a bear, Laenariel is a huge beast of sheer power. At nearly eight hundred pounds, his powerfully built muscles are hidden by the thick, dark brown fur that caused children to learn of them as cuddly and soft creatures. When standing on four legs, his shoulder is about five feet tall. On his hind legs, however, he towers at around seven and a half feet total, nearly eight, seeming even larger with his broad frame and coarse fur. The trademark hump on his shoulders is quite prominent, a large muscle that powers his forelimbs.

His eyes are fiercely intelligent, a black ring circling his chocolate brown iris, which in turns surrounds the larger-than-normal pure black pupil. His eyes are somewhat small on his face, so the off-white sclera is rarely seen unless he looks at certain way.

His face is concave or "dish-shaped", not very different from a regular grizzly bear. His nose is large, black, pebbly, and wet, signaling his good health. When closed, his snout seems somewhat cute.... Until he opens it (which he often does) to reveal the gaping maw bears are known for. While the majority of his teeth are relatively small for his size, his canines are absolutely massive and sharp, obviously built for tearing meat from bone with utmost ease.

character concept

Laenariel's main goal currently is to survive. He's a lone Kelvic in a city where you'll die if you can't keep up, so that's his main focus. Learning to live in the wild, take care of his horse, and speak with the Drykas are all his top priorities. (AKA his writer doesn't know what exactly he wants to do with Laenariel.)

character history

Born to the Kelvic Bondmates of a single Drykas Traveler, it was pure luck that his father was a dire chimpanzee; large enough that his son wouldn't overgrow him by a few hundred pounds, and alike enough in diet that he could actually teach his son how to survive on the plains near Riverfall. Of course, there was much he had to learn by himself, and he eventually thanked his family that they encouraged him to keep from bonding until he was mature.

When that time did come, where he was old enough to care of himself to some degree, was also, coincidentally, the same time the entire family was passing through Endrykas on their way to different lands.

His parent's Bondmate (who was quite the nice fellow, you should've met him) was the one to give Laenariel all of his traveling items so he could continue on with the Drykas, the gildling being the off-spring of his own horse. He taught the young Kelvic how to ride as a parting gift before him and Laenariel's parents continued their travels to far-off lands.

[More to Come]


Fluent Language Common
Fluent Language Ursine
Poor Language Pavi


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Driving*Wagon 10 SP 10 Novice
Hunting 10 SP 10 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10 SP 10 Novice
Animal Husbandry 10 SP 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival*Plains 15 RB, 10 SP 25 Novice


  • [Culture] Drykas
  • Religion: Caiyha
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten


- Tattered Shirt
- Ragged Pants
- Undergarments
- Tattered Black Cloak
- Weathered Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
- Comb (Bone)
- Brush (Bone)
- Soap
- Razor
- Food for 1 week
-1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- Travelling Package*1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks, a compass, a riding horse (Gildling), a full set of tack, and a large set of saddlebags.

Heirloom A necklace with his father's tooth (while in bestial form). He got it when he accidentally knocked it out during one of their roughhousing sessions, when he really started to gain strength and weight over his pa.


Transaction Mizas Total
Starting +100 GM 100.00.00
S: Gildling +100 GM 200.00.00
B: Young Ox -35 GM 165.00.00
B: Yoke -5 GM 160.00.00
B: Wagon, Covered -45 GM 115.00.00
S: Yvas +2 GM 117.00.00

Location Endrykas

House Personal 4-person tent

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Postby Pentacle on March 8th, 2017, 3:18 am

µ Hello! Welcome to Mizahar! µ

Hello Laenariel. I love your grizzly. He'll be a beast of a character to play. There are just a couple things to fix before you get too far in your roleplaying:

1. Racial Bonus: As a kelvic, you get 10 exp for your racial bonus. It must be in either Hunting, Foraging, or Unarmed Combat (not Wilderness Survival). Humans are the only race that get 15 RB and it can be in any skill, since they do not have the various ‘specialities’ physically or culturally that other races may have.

2. History – Horseback Riding: It was mentioned that the bondmate of his parents taught him to ‘ride’. However, your skills show that he knows how to drive a wagon. Did you mean to say that the bondmate taught him to drive the wagon using his horse? Alternatively, after seeing your ledger, it might be more appropriate to reference learning how to drive the wagon using an ox.

Once you have made the necessary changes, please PM / Private Message me (using the envelope button) and I'll remove this intervention. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.

µ µ µ
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