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Postby Farren on February 12th, 2017, 7:36 am

Race – Kelvic – Brown Hyena
Birthday – 10th of Summer, 513AV, in Cyphrus
Age – 3 years old
Gender – Male
Orientation - Bisexual
Languages – Fluent in Common, Basic in communicating with Feliforms, Poor in Pavi (knows basic trade words)
Bondmate - None

Physical Information
At first glance one could easily mistake Farren for a standard human. This would, of course, be a mistake. Upon closer inspection a few of his features don’t sit right. His bones seem a little too thick for his body, particularly his heavy set skull. His jaw is strong, broader than a normal human’s, and when he opens his mouth his teeth are large with particularly elongated canines. Though his skin is pale, bordering on being grey, his hair is dark brown. His hair gets longer the further up his skull it comes out, with the longest strands flicking over the right side of his head unevenly. Though his hair looks smooth, it fades down his neck into shaggy back hair that spreads down to his tailbone. Farren’s skin is without freckles bar his forearms and shins, where the dark freckles are arranged into horizontal stripes that mimic those of his beast form.


Farren’s appearance is that of a standard brown hyena. The majority of his body is covered in long, silky brown fur that fades into a shaggier version nearer his tail. His head and legs have short, grey fur, with horizontal brown stripes running on his legs.

Character Concept
Not having grown up in Syliras, Farren is still getting used to the amount of people around him. Therefore he is often quieter than he’d prefer, worried about stepping out of place and being rejected by the people of the city. His nature as a hyena pushed him to leave his home in search of a new group as a young adult, whilst his nature as a Kelvic has always pushed him to find a bondmate. Thus until he bonds with someone he won’t feel complete and will be unable to relax the fear of rejection. His attempts to supress the more animalistic urges from this fear often fail as they are not separate in his own instincts from the human urges.
Those that get close to him will notice him gradually opening up, no longer attempting to hold back his animalistic urges. Once he considers someone a friend he will quickly become affectionate, using tactility over speech to show how much he cares. He will quickly adopt friends into his Clan, a group of people he internally classes as ‘his’, to protect and be around, regardless of their own thoughts. Children will be especially quickly brought into his Clan and he will go the extra distance for them, dropping food outside their house as he patrols at night. Farren is a night-owl, preferring to be active at night. Since moving to Syliras he has become better at being awake during the day, but still finds it less preferable.
Though a generally likeable being, Farren can be quick to snap into a mock aggressive state that many humans interpret as anger. This is particularly likely around those he is familiar with, which is both a blessing and a curse. If one is familiar with Farren they know he is like this and are likely to realise the change isn’t based in anger but rather his animalistic thoughts and so can deal with him, whilst one the other hand if they are unable to recognise the reason for the mood change he can accidentally upset those he cares for. The mock aggression comes from his hyena side, as these creatures are known to maintain stability in their groups through such displays. As part of this he also experiences the urge to develop the behaviour into mock fighting, but has learnt growing up to control that urge as he could end up hurting those he loves.
Food is a very important part of Farren’s life. A scavenger by nature, he finds it difficult to resist any unguarded food. This helps when he is travelling, as he will eat from any meat predators have left, as well as search for food such as rodents, insects, fruit and fungi. With the scavenging ability comes the ability he is most proud of; his superior sense of smell. As a hyena he is able to smell food many miles away. This is retained, to a lesser extent, in his human form. His favourite food is eggs, regardless of how they come, and providing him with them is a guaranteed way to become his friend. As a natural scavenger, he is a poor hunter compared to most predatory Kelvics. However, not limited by his pure animal counterpart, he is working on improving his skills. Farren has retained the animalistic urge to hoard food, and a search of his dwelling will often reveal random staches of food.
Learning holds little interest to Farren. He loves to draw, but hates other subjects. Were he to bond with a scholar he would feel the urge to learn enough to be able to talk with them about what they did, but the interest wouldn’t go beyond being able to connect with his bondmate.

Farren owns a standard 20x20 foot apartment deep within the Stormhold Citadel. The apartment has no windows but has a ventilation shaft for fresh air. The hall outside his apartment is lined with torches which he can use to light his hearth. He has positioned his bed and chest at right angles to each other in the corner that his hearth is in, so that he has a closed off space of floor to curl up on as a hyena, next to the fire. His table and chair for meals pushed nearest to the ventilation shaft so that he could smell the air as he ate.

Pre-creation History
Born deep within Cyphrus into a Pavilion of traders in Endrykas, Farren grew up surrounded by only familiar faces. The Pavilion originated from a few slave girls that escaped and went on to marry Drykas, eventually forming a thriving family. Their supplies came from hunting, fishing, and passing merchants. Education came from only what each other knew, and was enough to get by with their simple lifestyle. As slaves without access to education, their ancestors lost their native tongues, leaving Common as their main language. They learnt Pavi enough to integrate with their new husbands and the wider Endrykas but preferred to use Common with their children. As a predatory Kelvic, Farren was kept on the outskirts so as not to spook the animals of Endrykas. As such he speaks Common but only knows a few basic phrases in Pavi.
As the Pavilion did not know where their slave ancestors came from, many could only guess at their bloodlines. As such, it was a shock to all when a pair from a bloodline of only known humans produced a Kelvic as their fifth child. The trait had obviously skipped many generations, too many to remember, and it was anybody’s guess which parent gave Farren his animal heritage. Though all in the Pavilion knew him as a hyena, it was kept secret from outsiders for fear of attention being drawn to them. It took Farren a while to understand why this was necessary, but became an important skill once he entered Syliras.
Farren’s family knew he wouldn’t be with them for long, so he was often spoiled more than his siblings as a child. At seven months old he looked the same age as his five year old sibling. At this point he was brought artist supplies by his father from a passing merchant and taught to use them. Although his five and eight year old human siblings fussed over the attention Farren received, his teenage siblings realised the shorter lifespan the youngest of the family would have and agreed that savouring each moment he had was important.
As he grew, Farren had many lessons to learn. The first and most important one was of his strength. A brown hyena cub is capable of crushing bone with the strength of its jaw, and not only could he do that but most of the strength was transferred to his human form too. One accident with their second youngest child’s arm in a play fight early on made Farren’s parents realise the potential danger of raising a Kelvic.
True to the Pavilion's predictions, at around two years old Farren had matured and was ready to look for his own path in life. Though he loved his family, the urge to find a new one was strong. Many of the humans could not understand it, thinking that he may not actually care for them, but eventually they were able to realise that it was a difference in instincts, not in emotions. In particular, his parents knew that he would need to bond with another to feel truly whole. They realised that if it hadn’t happened with someone in Endrykas yet, it was unlikely to, and so he parted with them on good terms and with their blessing to find happiness.
Farren’s search took him to the city of Syliras, where he had enough money passed to him from his parents to purchase a small apartment. A new resident and unsure of where to find what he was searching for, Farren’s plan for now was to explore the city to meet new people.

Post-creation History
None yet

None yet

Skill Level Source Ability
Unarmed Combat 12 10 Racial Bonus, 2 Starting Novice
Drawing 10 10 Starting Novice
Wilderness Survival : Grassland 14 14 Starting Novice
Weapon Skills : Heavy Crossbow 12 12 Starting Novice
Scavenge 12 12 Starting Novice

A Kelvic Among Humans
Lore of Syliran Geography

Starter Pack
-1 Set of Clothing – simple shirt, simple pants, simple undergarments, simple cloak, simple boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Food for a week
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Heirloom : Heavy Crossbow
-to purchase before Syliras: (1 detail brush, 1 small brush, 1 medium brush, 1 large brush, 20 sticks of charcoal, black paint, brown paint, white paint, yellow paint, orange paint, red paint, green paint, blue paint, paint binder, wooden pallete, 10 ink sticks, 30 sheets of paper) (crossbow bolts)

-Starting +100gm, total=100gm
-art supplies + crossbow bolts (do maths asap)

Thread List
10th Winter 516 AV - Main Gates, Syliras
65th Winter 516 AV - Not a Laughable Matter, Syliras

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