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Postby Lhana on February 26th, 2017, 10:44 pm

Name: Lhana
Race: Jamouran
Gender: Female
Age: 185
Birthday: 15th, Winter, 331AV.
Birthplace: The Spires
Appearance: Like most of her kin, Lhana is huge. She towers over the average human at just over 7'3, making her even a little tall for a female Jamouran, and she could - unlikely as it is - keep growing. She is ape shaped, with grey-black fur when not camouflaged, and dark eyes that are friendly enough to take away a lot of the intimidation value of a giant ape.

Character Concept
For all the years she's lived, Lhana is still young. She grew up simultaneously very sheltered and free to roam the Spires, and this has made her naive in the worst possible way - she thinks she knows a lot more than she does, and has far more trust in strangers than she should have. With a good nature and inquisitive mind, she's as likely to get into trouble trying to help someone as she is through simple nosiness.

Lhana is not an adventurer. She is not driven by wanderlust or a need to explore. While she does like the idea of learning about other places and peoples, she would much rather do so from the comfort of her home, from books or travellers that come to her, than actually leave to learn. A peaceful woman, she has a deep sense of honour and integrity, and for all her size and strength she hates violence, and much prefers to settle things peacefully and without anyone - even the instigator or enemy - from being hurt.

Lhana is a very social being, and gets lonely fast. A stranger is not so much a friend she hasn't met yet, but a friend upon meeting, and she is much more likely to be too familiar than too shy or too quiet. She is loud and boisterously cheerful, in a way that is often a little bit intimidating given her size, but generally means well in whatever she does.

Character History
Born in the Spires to a decent sized family group of nine, Lhana was never without someone to talk to. As she grew older, Lhana watched almost all of her siblings, both older and younger, pair off with new mates or find a vocation they loved and were passionate about, and go to focus on that. For her, neither ever happened. She dabbled in different things in an attempt to figure out what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing, but to no avail.

Instead, she devoted her time to learning magic thanks to a traveller who exchanged his knowledge for her mother's, specifically shielding as she found the idea of a craft devoted solely to protection as opposed to violence very appealing, and it served to quell her siblings and parents who tried to persuade her to learn to defend herself properly. Nearing the age of adulthood, Lhana was out travelling the Northern Reaches just beyond the Spires when she found an injured eagle being attacked by wolves. She managed to see the off by shielding herself and the bird until they left, then took the animal back to her camp to tend it, intending to let it recover before setting it free.

She woke up that night with a red-haired woman putting an arrow at her neck, and met cold gold eyes that, for all their size difference, terrified her. If it wasn't for the eagle - clearly fed and safe despite its injuries - she would have likely been killed then and there, too weak from the day before's encounter to shield effectively. Instead the two talked, or tried to given the language differences and difficulties. Ilori, the woman introduced herself as, with her bird's name Tiv. Eventually and with much coaxing and persuasion, Lhana took her to the Spires so Tiv could receive proper help and Ilori could rest safely.

Three weeks went by and the two became swift friends. Ilori was fascinated by Lhana and her people, and Lhana was likewise delighted by the tiny human and (even tinier) bird she had befriended. So it was that when Ilori left to return to where she had come, Lhana offered to walk here there, so as to ensure that she made the trip safely.

So it was that Lhana left her home for the first time, with every intention of making the trip a short, safe one for herself and her friend.

Fluent Language: Common

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wilderness Survival 10 RB, 16 SP 26 Competent
Shielding 15 SP 15 Novice
Meditation 14 SP 14 Novice
Horsemanship 5 SP 5 Novice

Lore of The Spires Layout
Lore of Jamouran Culture


1 Cloak
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack
1 Comb (Wood)
1 Brush (Wood)
1 Soap
1 Razor
1 week's balanced rations
1 eating knife
2 Flint & Steel
1 bedroll
1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
1 fishing tackle & hooks
1 compass
1 full set of tack
1 large set of saddlebags
100 Gold Mizas
Grandfather's journal

Heirloom: A journal from her grandfather - the first and last member of her immediate family to leave the Spires. It's handwritten and a lot of it messy, some of it ineligible. It contains information and advice on the world outside the Spires, as well as suggestions on how to stay alive. The knowledge is basic and based entirely on the experience of one Jamouran, so only acts as a guide in the places he specifically went, and from a very very long time ago, so some of it is no longer accurate.

Location: The Northern Reaches
House: Tent package (horse is a mountain pony named Tashi)

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM


Thread List
Title Date Status
A Chance Meeting 75-6th Winter, 516AV In progress
Not A Last Goodbye 3rd Spring, 517AV Not started


Ilori: A young Inarta woman of nineteen, born a Dek who fled her home nearly a year ago with nothing but her bow and the eagle she had raised in hiding. She travelled with company as much as she could, only losing them in the Spires after getting badly lost. Alone and with nobody to help her, she had the good fortune of stumbling upon Lhana while looking for Tiv. She speaks only a smattering of common, and makes up for her lack of education with a stubborn refusal to give up or back down. Skills: falconry: 10, hunting: 10, weapon skills (longbow): 10

Tiv: Ilori's hunting kestrel, a proud animal and good hunter. His fierce independence is matched only by his vanity - the way a person truly knows he cares for them is when he deigns to allow them to help him groom.

Bahasha - mother
Irath - father
Hida -
Talth - Hida's oldest son (and oldest child)
Yari - Naria's daughter (a little older than Lhana)
Falka - Hida's oldest daughter (pretty much Lhana's age)
Risa - Hida's youngest daughter
Donth - Naria's son (very young)
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