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Postby Casio on February 27th, 2017, 7:41 pm

General Info | Well...There isn't much about me, really.

Race: Dhani
Gender: Male
Age: 110 years old
Birthday: 16, Summer, Year 406
Birthplace: In a small nest near Ravok
Sexuality: Homosexual
Belief: No particular god
Parents: No information
Mental Condition: Suffering DID.

Appearance | Wash daily and own a mirror! That would be enough. I think...

As a viper, Casio can’t be proud of a good physical built. He is tiny, just barely 4’11 feet tall with a frail body. It would be also hard to tell his age, as the boy looks much younger for normal measurements. Some would even say there is a certain femininity in him, not talking about the childish timidy and naiveness, which was just obvious in his small, narrow eyes. In human form the boy has weak vision, that requires glasses.

Being very self-aware of his looks, the boy always keeps his hair and clothing in check, because he has a constant feeling of other people staring at him. The Dhani has quite high cheek bones and a sharp jaw line. Even as being someone, that enjoys the sun, his skin is quite pale, but with no visual defects, as he tries to take care of it as much, as it is in his possibilities. Proper baths are a must for Casio.

In the Dhani form, which he hasn’t assumed for years, the little one also stays on the short side, probably being the smallest and most frail from his bloodline, if there would be any way compare. Barely 8 feet tall, his limbs still seem like lacking much muscle, but where he lacks in strength, Casio has speed. The boys scales are in dark grey colour, that in weaker light seems almost black.

When it comes to his snake form it’s around two meters long, his scales having the same, dark grey colour to them. His underbelly is in light, creamy colour. The vipers eyes are almost completely black, having a silver ring inside it. The mouth of the snake form is in the same ink black colour, having a pair of fangs on the lower and upper jaw.

Concept | I'm broken. People are just too scary!

From all things you could call Casio, timid is one of them. The boy is incredibly shy and nervous, never being able to speak with people around him. Probably this characteristic has come from time spending as a slave, where people were the main source of the boys fear. He would never speak up or stand on his own, rather admitting him being wrong, even if it wasn’t the situation.

This had made the young boys social skills almost non-existing. The Dhani doesn’t know how people work or how you should treat them. To the boy they are just scary creatures, who may be nice to him, or, oppositely, harm him. This makes his life in university a lonely one, as there is no one, who he could trust or call a friend.

But despite all this what no one could expect is that the boy is a hopeless romantic. Yes, he understands that being gay means he will never find The One, but it doesn’t stop the boy from dreaming. Dreaming of cuddling, dreaming of having the one who he wouldn’t fear. Till now it hasn’t happened, though.

No matter all this, he isn’t just full of all bad things. One good thing you can say about him, is that Casio is very hard working. When setting a goal the boy has almost a fanatic desire to reach it no matter what. At the moment his priorities are studying and nothing goes above it, next would be the boys job where he tries his best and as the last thing would be hiding the fact of being a Dhani, though with sharing a body with Belardo doesn’t help the slightest.

Moving on, if someone would to describe the shy persona of Casio, it would be his generous heart. Though many would not approach the boy, if anyone came with his/her problems, Casio may even come out of his way to help them. This may be connected with the Dhanies past, where he was thought to please others needs without questions.

And then there is the fact that Casio is made of two sides. Being ill with D.I.D, dissociative identity disorder, there is another persona within the young snake. His name is Belaro and you can say he is the complete opposite of the shy Dhani. You can say he is the part of the reptile, what enjoyed everything Casio went through. This was the way the boy escaped the guilt about it, by creating this other him, who is not ashamed to admit it.

While not possessing extraordinary skills in social communication, Belaro is much more open to other people when it comes to communicating with them. You can say he is the other end of lack of social skills. While Casio can’t talk in general with people, Belaro says everything in his mind, not keeping anything in. Such, he can come out as quite rude and many feel quite uncomfortable being around the male.

The male is a tease and possess quite a playful nature. It has gotten him in many awkward and dangerous situations, which mostly Casio is left to sort out afterwards. It doesn’t help, that additionally Belaro is a big hot head. He doesn’t falter to get into fights, though almost every time it ends him getting beat up blue black. If his body wouldn’t already be scared by the time spend in Ravok, it wouldn’t look much different.

But even this part has its good parts, one of them being the stubbornness with which he clings to everything Belaro is interested. Be it a person or activity, the male will fight for it, even if it seems pointless till the end.

History | Between constant black-outs there are things I won't tell you!

There isn’t much Casio remembers about his childhood. The boys nest was destroyed, him being just a small snake, by human mercenary group. His home and whole family was torn apart, him being taken away to Ravok to be sold as a slave.

The years there went in a blink, the Dhani being a precious gem for many slaveholders. He grew larger and let the nature to teach how from one form to shift to another. Like an animal, he was kept in a pen and provided with anything a growing snake like him needed. What scared the boy forever was after learning to shift from dhani to human.

In that time he had already changed master's few times. The last one was just a bit after discovering how to become a young, cheerful human male. He was human and a bit over his 30th year of birth. Like those before, he too took care of the Dhani boy as well, as possible, but something was just different.

First, it was just this weird flame in his eyes, that mimicked one he knew natural predators had. The master liked him to stay for days in human form, handling the boy like no other. Soon he learned that two living beings could become much more intimate with each other.

Of course Casio was scared. And it seemed that the man, who owned him enjoyed it. He played with him, showing a whole new world of pain and, what he never got to accept to himself, pleasure. As it went on, the Dhani was played and toyed, his master releasing all that pent up sexual frustration on the boy. There was nothing he could do, as years in slavery had thought Casio to obey and nothing else.

This ended suddenly in one night, when group of men, later he found out they were the guards of the city, took away his master to place he no longer cared about. The snake used it to his own advantage and slid away from the scene in form of a dark grey serpent.

What happened next could be called only fortune from gods. The Dhani found a small caravan, which was leaving the cursed city. While the caravan weren’t looking, Casio slipped in between the bags and barrels of the carriage. Such, he safely got away from Ravok and met the world outside its walls.

After escaping the slaves fate, the boy found himself with no job or any means to feed or clothe himself. Naked, terribly cold and scared, the boy was stumbled by an old elderly couple. His young, childish and adorable looks saved the boy this time as they took him in without much questioning. After calming down and feeling reassured that these people won’t hurt him, Casio told both he was a slave from Ravok, who managed to escape. He left out parts like being Dhani or what he had to endure while being there.

The couple allowed him to stay as long, as he wanted and he used this time to try gather his thoughts together. Sadly though, there were few things he could not live with. The guilt about the fact, that there was a part that enjoyed all he went trough was too great. Casio didn’t want to feel like that and such, as time passed, his mind broke and Belaro was born.

First blackout happened two weeks after starting to live with the elderly couple. It was sudden and afterwards the boy woke up in his bed with a whole day lost in the dark. From others around he found out he had been acting weird, almost aggressive, talking strange things about the time spent in Ravok. The Dhani managed to convince others it was nothing, promising himself things like that won’t happen again. The second time was even scarier, as after the black out a note was left on his table from him, Belaro. The part, who he so badly tried to deny.

In time Casio managed to come in terms with this other personality of his and even started to grow as a person. The two he lived with had a little business of making medicine, perfumes and stronger drinks. It wasn’t anything much, but enough to sustain them through the seasons. Bit by bit he too took up the skills, learning eagerly what they could teach. Philtering was something he felt himself strong in.

A year passed, his life starting to settle down in a quiet, but nice rut. Day after day he was working, the boys only concern being only Belaros appearances time to time. It all changed one day, when Casio woke up in a caravans carriage, that was travelling to Zeltiva. It had been yet another blackout, longer then usual ones. From the note he was left, Belaro grew bored of the current situation, so the male decided it was time for both to move to the next city. He had gather as much funds, as possible, and joined a travelling party. Sadly for Casio, it was too late to turn back.

So he moved to Zeltiva, the port city. At first the Dhani felt really out of his element. New people, no one he would know, this all again made the male scared and confused. What helped was the fact, that this time he wasn’t without money or any practical skills.

After learning a bit about the city, Casio signed up for the university, as learning was a good way kill time. There he started to live in dorms, in such also covering all the worries of where to stay. As last, there was the concern of finding a job. When dealt with that, there wasn’t much left to do. His life rotated between school and work, Belaro taking a longer nap and not bothering him at all. If ignoring the unpleasant cold, everything was nice. Calm and nice.

And, of course, as all good things, this too had to end at some point. Another black out, a long one, and the next thing the young Dhani realizes, he again is in a caravan. Only this time the ride is even more unpleasant. Not only yet again the boy has to start everything over. No, Belaro has decided to torture his other side. Casio is heading for Ravok.

Snake | And there was a mold. And it had a form.

Black Mamba:

General Description: Considered a dangerous and highly venomous snake
Length: Mature specimens generally exceed 2 meters (6.6 ft) and commonly attain 3 meters (9.8 ft). Specimens of 4.3 to 4.5 meters (14.1 to 14.8 ft) have been reported.
Weight: Black mambas weigh about 1.6 kilograms (3.5 lb) on average.
Coloring: Specimens vary in color from grey to dark brown, but not black. The belly is pale yellow or cream with smooth scales.
Fangs: Fangs up to 6.5 millimeters (0.26 in) in length located at the front of the upper jaw.
Disposition: It has an aggressive reputation. Though unprovoked attacks on humans have not been proved, the snake will defend itself if threatened or molested
Diet: Small mammals and birds.
Defenses: Tt may rear up and threaten with an open mouth and slightly expanded or flattened neck (or hood) before striking.
Venom: The venom of the black mamba is extremely toxic, commonly causing collapse in humans within 45 minutes or less from a single bite. Without effective antivenom therapy, death typically occurs in 7–15 hours. The venom is chiefly composed of neurotoxins, specifically dendrotoxin. The black mamba is capable of striking at considerable range and occasionally may deliver a series of bites in rapid succession.

Language, Skills and Lore | Don't kill time. Spend it!


Language Level
Common Fluent

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Art and Craft
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Medicine +10 SP 10 Novice
Brewing +10 SP 10 Novice
Poison +10 RB 10 Novice
Philtering +30 SP 30 Competent
Skill EXP Total Proficiency


Lore Information held
Philtering Basics: Alcohol How to give alcohol multiple layers of taste and smell
Philtering: Soup, balms, tinctures and tonics Knowledge of making items mentioned in the name

Possessions and Transactions | It gathers in time. Then you lose it. And then you realise what really stays with you!

Item How Acquired Price
1 Set of Clothing-Simple Shirt -Simple Pants -Simple Undergarments -Simple Cloak or Coat -Simple Boots SP //-//
1 Waterskin SP //-//
1 Backpack which contains-Comb (Wood) -Brush (Wood) -Soap -Razor -Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth) -1 eating knife -Flint & Steel SP //-//
Kit, SoupmakingThis kit includes all the basic supplies needed to make soap. It includes the scales for weighing ingredients, the pure lye and oil as well. Various standard molds are included as well as a few more decorative ones. This kit is rather large and takes up the space of a small crate. Heirloom from the elderly couple 50 GM
Spectacles Bought after leaving Ravok 50 GM
Toolkit, GroomingThis small kit contains items such as a small set of shears, combs, brushes, files as well as small amounts of oils, soaps and ointments used in the care of hair, skin and nails. Also included are several applications of basic make-up. Bought after coming to Zeltiva 30 GM
Magical Origamy AnimalA small origami animal (player's choice). This creature is alive, and will act just as the animal it resembles might. It does not make noise, does not need feed nor make waste. However, it will eat paper that is left out, but doesn't need to do so. Acquired in Ravok //-//


Purchase Cost Total
Staring +100 GM 100 GM
Housing +500 GM 600 GM
Spectacles -50 GM 550 GM
Toolkit, Grooming -30 GM 520 GM

Housing | Each of us need a place to curl up and get lost.

Staying at Tarsin's Boarding House.

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Postby Gossamer on November 6th, 2017, 3:36 am

Firstly.. I won't approve DID characters that are not Akalak. We have a race just for this. Playing this as a mental disorder is a hugely overused troupe and we highly frown on it.

Secondly... pick two singular lore. Your second lore is way too much. "Philtering: Soup, balms, tinctures and tonics" That could encompass hundreds of recipes.

Thirdly.... You cannot have a magical item to start out with. IT's way too expensive for you to afford and you haven't even noted it on your ledger properly.

Pick an heirloom.

Fourth... at 110 years old... dhani live to be 300 plus years. Your PC is fast approaching middle age and cannot be considered 'a kid' or 'a boy'. So please either adjust his age or his avatar and the way you refer to him in his history etc.

Make these changes and I'll remove the red X.

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