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Ramona Astori

Postby Ramona Astori on March 3rd, 2017, 3:12 pm

"The head is too wise. The heart is all fire."

Name: Ramona Astori
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Born: Season of Spring 27th / 497 AV
Age: 20

Birthplace: Zeltiva
Location: Zeltiva


If Ramona’s appearance would be an object, it would be a picture frame. It would be made of gold – like her blonde locks – and it would embrace her features with an emphasis. And the frame would be heavy, of course, but never a burden. It’s a frame for her cheekbones, for her eyebrows, darker than her hair, and for her lips which somehow seem to know at least a thousand different manners of smiles. And the picture adorned would be of warmth and a subtle glow, especially in the summers when Ramona gets her tan, and, though rarely, a sunburn.

She takes pride in this picture, her looks. There are a few cosmetics’ products on her nightstand, arranged clearly in a pattern that calms the young woman down, and every nightfall, every morning Ramona takes care of her appearance. She brushes her hair neatly, she cleans her fingernails, she applies or removes her kohl. She looks in a mirror. She is seen in reflections. She smiles.

A frame is not a complete metaphor, however. A frame implies the framed must stay still. But Ramona is always on the move, if not striding somewhere, if not in haste searching for something, and/or pacing, and/or running and/or falling in love with pretty things. She makes gestures, sometimes even more dramatic than necessary, and laughs wildly, and it seems the majority of the blessings life has given her - and the blessings she finds in her life as well - is about the practical world, not as much for theory. It’s almost as if Ramona never got out of the “touch and taste everything”phase children have in their early days.

The picture is of warmth, a subtle glow and many strikes of gold. Her eyes, however, would be incredibly dull if not for the statement her gaze often makes. Gray. The pavement beneath everyone’s feet. The gravel. The puddles of dirty water after a rain has fallen; the ugly tone of the bland skies before. And also, the embodiment of everything that is not a color.

Still, a friend of hers once said that maybe, just maybe, the color of a storm in rising isn’t so bad. Isn’t it? Summer showers, a lightning strike, a thunder, and then the storm clouds make way for the very first strikes of sunlight.


It started like this: a childhood under the Zeltivan sun, a childhood where she would play with neighbor kids, a childhood where she almost drowned because of a dare. A childhood where she picked up a drawing charcoal, smudges all over her grinning face, and never really put it down. Her parents weren’t real, though.

Her mother – the one with the golden hair - had “disappeared”. Her father – the one with the storm gray eyes – was dead. Birds of a feather. Swallowed by the Labyrinth of Time itself.

They weren’t real; Ramona never knew them, and when she tried to remember something – something – her eyes only saw the stories she had heard. From her real parents – “foster parents”, one of them being a sister to Atalante Astori - and the occasional stranger, a family member or a friend of a victim’s when they noticed Ramona’s full name. Her parents: murderers. Her parents: …. Not the parents she would desire. No. Not the parents she would trade Clara or William for. In Zeltiva, the family is what's imporant, and they were her family.

A steady hand, guiding her in adolescence. A gesture, showing her the ways of a normal life. An embrace.

And these ways of hers?
Ramona truly never dropped that charcoal stick. Instead, along the years she picked up dozens of brushes, oil-stained color palettes, and an easel. Her passion? Her talents? The only true good thing in this forsaken world in which she can find herself? Nor her own reflection, nor the little things the blonde takes pride in make her soul blossom like Art. And how it blossoms! She is a devout.

For now she plans to take classes in the College of Applied Arts, and the Zeltivan University won’t be able to escape her grasp. And maybe she won’t wed her arts with a tragic backstory in her dowry, where the pain would help her make the canvas sing with a flick of her wrist, but the determination is strong, the storm is by her side, and she will get what she wants.


She pursues art for the sake of her own character development. She has always liked expressing herself, be it by just the way she talks, she moves and acts, or how the canvas speaks in her stead. And if she can, in time, get paid by just being herself? Just like that?
Yet the young woman had no problems with staying patient when learning the basics of still life. It’s a matter of sorting out her priorities. Ramona is carefree, sure, but not careless. Well, until a point.

Easy-going and headstrong, Ramona is brash enough for her to gladly rush into people, trusting them too much - dangerously hoping for them to trust her as well, - places, lampposts and brick walls, that being, she is often too reckless for her own good, too dramatic, too full of life in the manner she learned from the best: her friends, the bustling city of Zeltiva, her artwork and the expressions it wishes to make, and maybe even the damned seagulls soaring in the sky, they are always so loud and rude!

If Ramona Astori would be a Kelvic, she would be a gull for sure.


Possessions SP
1 Set of Clothing
Simple Shirt
Simple Pants
Simple Undergarments
Simple Cloak
Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Rations for a week (1)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Possesions bought
Cosmetics related:
Cosmetic brush;
Face powder;
Hair brush;

Art related:
Detail brush;
Large brush;
Medium brush;
Charcoal (10 sticks);
Pallete (wooden);
Paint binder;
Paint pigment;
Paper (sheet) x5

A large mirror, currently residing at the wall of Ramona's apartments. It seems that her grandmother was even more vain than the blonde herself.
Est. price; ~10 gp?
Fluent language: Common

Lores and skills
*Art: the Color Theory
* Art: Creating/Mixing water-based solution paint
SKILL XP Total Profiency
Drawing +15(RB) +10 (SP) 25 Competent
Painting +20 (SP) 20 Novice
Socialisation +5 (SP) 5 Novice
Observation +10 (SP 10 Novice
Cosmetology +5 (SP) 5 Novice

[tab=Housing, #a78a7e, #100b0b]Location: Zeltiva[/tab]


Starting +100 gm 100 gm
///// ///// /////
Cosmetic brush - 1 sm 99 gm 9 sm
Kohl - 1sm/oz 99 gm 8 sm
Rouge - 1 sm/oz 99 gm 7 sm
Face powder - 1 sm/oz 99 gm 6 sm
Hair brush - 3 gm 96 gm 6 sm
///// ///// /////
Detail brush - 5 sm 96 gm 1 sm
Large brush - 6 cm 96 gm 4cm
Paint binder - 1 gp 5 sp 94 gm 5 sm 4 cm
Charcoal - 5 sp 94 gm 4 cm
Pallete (wooden) - 2 sp 93 gm 8 sm 4 cm
Medium brush - 8 cp 93 gm 7 sm 6 cm
Paint pigment - 1 gp 5 sp 92 gm 2 sm 6 cm
Paper (sheet) x5 - 20 sp 90 gm 2 sm 6 cm


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The head is too wise; the heart is all fire.
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