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Postby Alil on March 3rd, 2017, 6:16 pm

Hessahalil or just Alil | dhani | male | age - 132 | bothersome since Day 23, Winter, 387AV | from the Western region of Eyktol | now - Zeltiva

Snake - Albino King Cobra
White and light pinkish scales seem rather soft and translucent from a distance but are less so for the touch for they cover hard slim muscles and bones. The body is lean in its width and length and the slit light eyes look upon the world with certain amount of distrust and paranoia. The back of the cobra hood is the only place where there is some colour forming the light-pinkish brown pattern of an eye. The overall look may seem even cute if not for the poisonous fangs and mean demeanour.

Dhani [when i will get 10 posts, i will add an illustration of the dhani form in an ur.l, you will not stop me]
Long-limbed and lean, Hessahalil is not the embodiment of strength or muscles as some of his more distant kin. He moves swift and with grace instead, long tail shifting behind. White-scaled and light eyes out of which the forked tongue is one of the brightest features in colour. This is where the sharp edges of his human-like face starts to emerge even if almost everything about him is beastly.

As it is fairly obvious, he is light everywhere but his personality. Light grey eyes, light hair and skin. A sensitive complexion that burns to easily and then fades again. If he can be called odd then he knows how to make it work for him. Sharp angles and edges of bones and face. A smile that usually doesn't get wider than a smirk can be quickly accompanied by a shift to cold boredom. Hessahalil too rarely feels the need to hide his emotions or affections and the body language follows through. The slender frame hints towards some unhealthy habits but is agile nevertheless with something in his movements still resembling a snake. Pale skin has no marks on it so only the hands show ware and tare – nails often uneven and covered in paint, skin on the fingers more rough and dry from turpentine or other craftsmen materials. Yet he loves his hands the most and everything he can do with them.

Character Concept
It's almost cliché how people say that artists are low life craftsmen that only know how to mix colours and waste their lives in taverns. To his own despair, Alil, is yet another example of this. At the same time while simple joys do take a lot of his time and easy going nature makes him a fine one-night-stand, when it comes to conversations about beauty and art, only then does his eyes truly sparkle. He will talk about the techniques and choices of subjects with great detail and fire. Will wander around the city and point out interesting faces, people and features in the angles of buildings, interesting shades and tones. Through it he wishes to see the world and everything feels only like an extension of this central meaning. If something doesn't catch his eye, he will take no interest in it. Everything is about the passion. Without it there is no point of trying.

As to all dhani, his life starts in a nest with more brothers and sisters and other close relatives out of whom some were quite aggressive therefore standing ones ground was an early necessity. It was contrasted by the great care of the mother and other mothers of their nest on the western coast of Eyktol - a rather sandy and dry region but more pleasing near the waters with a distant view of Falyndar coasts on the other side.
Hessahalil differed from his closest relatives with the condition as an albino – not very complementary for his complexion in such areas with scorching sun. As much as possible he enjoyed sleeping in the shade and observing the nature's simple beauty but as predictable for a matriarchal society – the men were bound to be hunters. Something that Hessahalil was neither good nor bad at. Which is a bad title on its own.
He remembers little from the earliest years of his life. Fights with other younglings was common and Hessahalil participated in it as much as anyone thou gained no joy of it. He felt no need to prove his might for his closest ones for he wanted to if not take them for granted, than expect their unconditional love. As strange and twisted dhani might have it. For him such rough handling seemed more than normal.
Recognition from others he gained with interests in arts, early on wishing to become an artist of his own right. Classical crafts of dhani however did not do. Hessahalil wanted to capture the waves of season cycle not through jewels or fabrics but with paints and graphite lines.
The absence of such tools and opportunities and also a keen desire to see more of the world was an obvious start for travels around the region. He gladly brought his friends along but only few shared the interest besides extended hunting trips. Travelling to more obscure places meant that they could find different kind of pray – not only animals but also some humanoids. As a dhani, if not eat it, then torture it and then eating it, was a great way to pass the time in such far ventures but becoming an enemy of locals meant you can't wander around the vicinity and learn more about versatile landscapes and people who also became a subject of Hessahalils interest to portray on wood planks or any other surface sufficient for such a task. More than often he was ridiculed for his interests but Hessahalil heeded them only to the extent of not being lowered in status or outright thrown out of the nest.
While alone and further away from the nest he could see and learn more about other life styles out of whom a lot seemed incredibly boring. And then there were those who lived life of simple and poisoning joys. Might say – bohemian. It was such pallet of drunk faces and kaleidoscope of pure emotions that drew him ever so closer. It was a different kind of pain. Pain expressed through alcohol, long nights, dances, deep conversations about everything and most often – nothing. But most of all – there he could see the true scope of what art can do.
Ability to walk in a full human skin was something Hessahalil sought to do as long as he felt the new effectuation with the human art. While other of his siblings still enjoyed simple life of hunt or nests rivalries, Hessahalil more and more ventured away to the new life he sought. Only when the human shape was fully mastered, was he truly able to feel this new passion on his own skin and it ruined him fast. So he allowed himself to indulge.
Now a full traveller, moving further to the north, through Eyktol and Cyphrus and with barely any connections to his nest left, Hessahalil rushed to find his place in the art world but there was only limited amount of beauty he could recreate while in a haze. Only after few years in bars and run-down rooms where he already learned what kind of people there is to meet and expect, did he actually finally start to work with his craft. Soon he find out that scenes of boudoirs was not something that sold well. He had to convert to more casual settings. Simple portraits worked as well even if more stiff and dull. Meantime landscapes could stay as wild and mighty as they where, never mind the state of someone’s soberness.
And then Hessahalil came to Zeltiva. While the port was pretty and so where the mighty mountains, and never mind the pre-Valterrian architecture and the overall aura of knowledge and curiosity, the true reason to stay was the fact that he had run out of money. It was never something that Hessahalil had plenty of anyway. At least he could skip buying casual food by still hunting in more remote woods on his own even if he knew that a giant snake in a forest would be a strange view. Also by staying in one place could he actually start making a name for himself as an artist. The fact that he is dhani usually was left out of conversation in fear that it might work against him when settling in. Rather temperate climate was another issue but Hessahalil was sure he won't find another city like this.
Somehow Hessahalil managed to start scrapping money for a small room and then scrapping some more to afford decent brushes, oils and canvas. Then started his miserable workshop and took any offers that he could, conforming to his clients needs and trying not to waste all of income in booze and whores. From that time on there was a rule in place – art first, then wine.
But art is about beauty and still way to easily did he fall in love in his next weeks muses and simple landscapes. The old coping mechanisms were always in place. And thus slowly he understood that besides his craft and cheap flat there is nothing more that he really possesses. Maybe it is all that he really needs.

At first he might seem alluring. Pleasurable and friendly, cocky and sure of himself, easy going. A certain vibe of wildness that artists usually possess. Live fast, die young and all of that stuff. Such charm however is short-lived. He understand that people might lose interest in him and so will he eventually. Only with whom he shares some camaraderie does he converse on casual and daily basis and it often happens in dark lit salons and mouldy flats of fellow artists and poets. Yet he is aware of free space for some solid needs and feeling in life that are certainly missing and most of time neglected. While childhood was filled with the life in the nest, then ever more colourful travels from one place to another, now there is new type of hunger. Art will forever be a part of him but he is afraid to meet his limit too fast. This can't be all that there is. A life can seem too long.

King Cobra
(funnily enough, King Cobra is not an actual cobra)
Ophiophagus hannah | average length 9.8 to 13.1 ft (can even extend to 18.8 ft) | medium weight - 13 lb (can be up to 26 lb) | speed and agility | average lifespan - 20 years |
favorite food - other snakes, lizards, rodents, etc. | slow metabolic rate, after a big meal can go on for several months before needing the next | avoids confrontation if can | if cannot, becomes highly aggressive, reares up 1/3 of the body, lifts up the hood, hisses, and attempts to bite with a jump | the hiss is of much lower pitch, resembling a growl |
poison is haditoxin that affects the central nervous system, resulting in severe pain, blurred vision, vertigo, drowsiness, paralysis, if worse - coma and then possibly death from respiratory failure | can even kill an elephant in a couple of hours | can bite multiple times in a single attack and does that with high doses (up to 7ml)

Fluent Language: Snake-tongue
Basic Language: Common

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Painting +30 SP +30 Competent
Drawing +15 SP +15 Novice
Hunting +5 SP +5 Novice
Poisons +10 RB, SP +10 Novice

Fixing paints - Knowledge of creating oil paints from ready ingredients and using the specific tools for paint fixing
Preparing canvas - Knowledge of making canvas from ready materials and using tools and ingredients needed to prepare canvas for painting

    1 Set of Clothing
    -Flaxen Shirt
    -Flaxen Pants
    -Simple Undergarments
    -Flaxen Cloak or Coat
    -Simple Boots
    1 Waterskin
    1 Backpack which contains:
    -Comb (Wood)
    -Brush (Wood)
    -Food is given out daily
    -1 eating knife
    -Flint & Steel
    Heirloom - a small jar of sand from his home nest
Lives in a small flat in Zeltivas poor living quarters. The 20x20 room has the usual hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table. What he has added in his living space is covering walls with sketches and some unfinished paintings and other artistry stuff that could afford. Doesn’t look great but when clients come he does try to clean the place up.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Toolkit, Artists -25 GM 75 GM
x2 Tiny/Detail Brush - 1 GM 74 GM
x3 Small Brush - 3 SM 73 GM, 7 SM
x4 Medium Brush -32 CM 73 GM, 3 SM, 8 CM
x3 Large Brush - 18 CM 73 GM, 2 SM
x2 Charcoal (10 sticks) - 1 GM 72GM, 2 SM
x2 Pallete (wooden) - 4 SM 71 GM, 8 SM
Nail Hammer - 5 sm 71 GM, 3 SM
Nails (Metal) 5 sm/lb - 5 SM 70 GM, 8 SM
x5 Paint Binder 5 sm - 3 gm / .5 gal -~13 GM 57 GM, 8 SM
x30 Paint Pigment 5 sm - 2 gm / .5 gal -~47 GM 10 GM, 8 GM
Large Chest - 2 GM 8 GM, 8 SM

[p.s. i am confused about the cost of paints, since it shows the highest and lowest price, so i assumed it's better to put somewhat average cost in the end, please do note if thats ok
p.s.s. also i'm bad at math, hope that i counted all the expenses correctly, sorry]

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