Quest The Darkest Night And Longest Day (Open)

Huge claw marks are discovered in the Akalak City the morning after a huge storm. No one knows what made them or what happened the night before.

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The Darkest Night And Longest Day (Open)

Postby Crescenta on April 10th, 2017, 8:33 am

The woman picked at her scarf slightly anxiously before pulling it closer to her neck, hoping to better cover the scars that she knew were scattered all over her body. Perhaps this was a bad idea, but she had only wanted to help, even if it was the daytime. She hastily put an end to her thinking this was a bad idea, reprimanding herself in her mind.

No. I was given a second chance to redeem myself for what I did in a past life, I will not leave when I can clearly help these people.

Yet despite her thinking this, she still felt paranoid, worried that she'd be rejected by the others in this body, or do something to them. This was an idiotic thought of course, as it was still her despite what her appearance was, but she struggled to prevent the thoughts of it still.

She looked around at the group of volunteers that had gathered, some less volunteered than forced, but they needed all the help they could get. Besides, she was sure that most people also wanted to know what had caused this, as it was effecting them too.

The first volunteer was a man who appeared to be human, and had quickly volunteered himself forward to be the leader. She herself didn't feel comfortable leading, or doing much, in this form, so Crescenta was fine with it.

Though it appeared one of the others, who was more pushed into this than volunteered, was not as happy about the man taking the lead. The way he said 'human' patronisingly irritated the Ethaefal, yet she calmed herself quickly, in an attempt to mask the brief anger that had flashed over her face. Though things like that didn't matter, it was more important that she help to find out what had happened, rather than squabble with a rude Eypharian.

She decided to speak up after he finished his lengthy and argumentative chattering. "I have no issue with following either of you." She spoke calmly and with a gentle smile, the worry from before gone from her voice. "Though I suppose I should introduce myself to you all, my name is Crescenta,-" She sort of regretted choosing that name by now, as it was an odd one, but nevertheless she stuck with it."-I'm an aurist and I work with medicine, so I hope we can find what happened."

The woman looked around herself, before speaking the thoughts and conclusion she had quickly come to. "It does seem like something happened with magic, though I might only be able to gather some basic information about it if I read the auras of what has happened. I think it has to be some kind of magic though, if we don't remember the night before and we somehow all feel terrible as well."

It was the truth at least, they did all feel terrible and she didn't remember what had happened. Memories didn't just dissapear without a reason.
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