A New Day (Solo)

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A New Day (Solo)

Postby Ignard on March 20th, 2017, 2:08 am

Ignard sits along the coast, fishing pole in hand. He sits there and waits for the catch of the day, and waits, and waits. With a sigh he stands up and looks at the fish swimming everywhere in the water except his pole. While any ordinary fisherman might change bait or move around a bit for a better spot, Ignard has his own ways.
With a flick of his wrist the water bulges slightly with a wish swimming in place atop. Several more gestures and the bulge slowly becomes a bubble traping the fish and floats over to Ignard. As he grabs a hold of it and the water bubble pops, leaving the fish squirming in his hands. Just a few more...
As the sun begins to set, an exhausted Ignard makes his way home. and preps to eat one of the fish, the rest he will sell at the market tomorrow.
The next morning he wakes up, and eats the last morning's dinner leftovers. He gets ready and leaves for the market. The sounds and smells of this busy place is something else. For a moment he looks down at the dozens of merchants and the busy street. He quickly makes his way to find his usual man to sell these. Around the stand are three pretty burly men, the largest one of them leans against the counter.
"It's just a bit of money, sure you could manage that. Insurance is important."
"No." The merchant shakes his head, "I don't do deals with thugs."
The leaning man stands up and laughs, "Oh nice, I guess we will get to have some fun!" he begins to unshethe his sword.
In an instant the ground beneath his feet shifts out from under him as it becomes soft and muddy.
"What th-" With a grunt the largest one hits the ground.
As the other two look on a bubble of water forms around one's head. He begins to struggle for breath. The one not occupied looks around for who is doing there. About 20 feet away stands a cloaked man with slightly glowing eyes and rapidly gesturing hands. With a roar he takes out his sword and charges. Dropping the concentration on the bubble Ignard takes a stance using his flux to strengthen his arms, giving it a bit too much power. The sword comes flying, Ignard does his best to dodge but is still grassed, leaving a medium sided cut on his shoulder. Ignoring the pain he hits the man in the face breaking his nose and letting him fall unconscious.
The man on the ground manages to get himself back up and steadied on the muddied ground, as the other catches his breath, they both charge. Digging down deep and giving a lot more than what he should, Ignard summons a blast of mud that sends them both flying. The guards finally come in and help keep the men contained.
Looking over to his wide-eyed merchant friend Ignard asks, "Are you alright?" He gives a slight nod as Ignard feels a trickle of blood running out of his nose. The world goes dark.
The next morning he wakes up at his home, and goes to stand up with a groan. Despite every muscle in his body may ache, his head pounding, and just barely able to move... He feels more alive than ever. His whole life he just wanted adventure, stories to tell and the amazing to happen. He just took on three men. Sure the two he blasted away was probably about to stand up and beat the live out of him, and he was lucky that the guards came in when they did, but that was amazing! Just a bit more sleep.

This is my first thread, not sure if I got everything right... No clue xD

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A New Day (Solo)

Postby Karyk on June 6th, 2017, 12:40 am

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I'll also send a PM to Prophet, current ST of the Sylira region to review your CS in accordance with the Grading Guide.

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