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Aerith Coolwater

Postby Aerith Coolwater on March 23rd, 2017, 9:24 pm

Aerith Coolwater

Race: Human, Vantha
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Birthplace: Zeltiva


Taller than the average human woman she has the fair skin color of some one who does not spend much time out doors. If one could see under her veil they would note that she has dark brown hair with a slight wave to it which reaches to the middle of her back, when worn down which is her preferred way to wear her hair. She has large almond shaped eyes which color shifts as is usual to her race but are a blue grey as a resting neutral color. A high bridged long nose and full lips finish the rest of her face. With features that are pleasant rather than classically beautiful, she could blend into a crowd when she wishes, something she some times uses to her advantage.

Character Concept

Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Does not like conflict and avoids doing things that will generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Private. Timid and prone to discouragement. Socially uncomfortable. Suggestible and not self-confident. Second-guesses self. Lower energy. Fears drawing attention to self. Very well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoys the present moment. Disorganized, easily distracted, prone to discontentment, easily disturbed. Prone to confusion. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Not aggressive. Timid, fearful, anxious, guarded, not confrontational. Longs for a stabilizing relationship. Can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings. Prone to quitting. Fears rejection in relationships, emotionally moody, needy, prone to sadness, dislikes change, indecisive, modest, doubting, prone to laziness.

Character History
Aerith was born Zeltiva, the daughter of a shoemaker. Her family was not the most wealthy, one might call them poor, however they were happy enough and neither Aerith nor her parents went hungry. Her father manged to keep both her and her mother fed and clothed. Her mother being a rather indulgent allowed her to have the run of the house. Figuring the facts of life would come for Aerith sooner rather than later and she might as well enjoy her childhood for as long as she could manage to do so.

Like most of the children her age she spent her days wondering the streets and playing games. While they were not the sort of people whose children spent all day in school they were not so bad off as her or her pack of friends had to spend their days begging. Although every now and then one of them would have goods to sell to more well off passer byes, even this was seen as a game and made into one by the children.

As she got a little older she made herself useful by running errands for her father who used her as a messenger for his work or by small things from the local market when her mother could not do it herself. For the woman would often find odd jobs as well, to bring in a small amount of coin as Aerith got old enough to find for herself for at least part of the day. This was her mothers mistake.
One autumn day when Aerith was eight her mother was returning home from the market. Maybe the sight of a poorer woman carrying packages presented a good target, maybe they sat out to cause trouble. No reason was ever given, but her mother was killed, her body fond later removed of her goods and money. This sent Aerith's father into a depression. He still did his job but even the small amount of money her mother brought in was missed.

A year later at nine she was deemed old enough to help bring in funds. The good thing about the neighborhood she lived in people were willing to hire small children and not question the reasons behind it all that much. In this case the house that hired her was none for producing courtesans rather than common whores. Aerith was far too young for that, but she was used as a servant. Cleaning up, washing clothes, helping in the kitchen and so forth.

She also learned to keep her head down. While the women of the house were kind enough to her, she was still young enough to be viewed as a child, they were less kind to each other and more than once Aerith saw the results of those feuds more than once a career was lost over such a thing.

When she was fourteen she was deemed to be pretty enough to secure herself a place at the house. She began years of training with other girls who had been hand picked by the lady of the house. It was something that took years. There was extensive training on how to carry themselves, how to have conversations, grooming, the art of conversation, music, and art, and reading.

At the age of twenty she was deemed to have passed her education. Taking the title "Twilight Beauty." The thoughts of her home and father were distant now, having not seen him for years nor heard from him. The best thing he had did for her was to leave her at the house were at least she was feed and clothed, better than she ever would have been had she remained with him.

Since she has taken to keeping herself in business as a nod to her name and name she has taken to wearing a veil over her face when in public, most often it is a semi sheer black silk or a dark red one, light enough her features may be made out, but thick enough to keep the speaker from seeing them clearly.


[b]Fluent Language:
Basic Language:
Poor Language: .


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 5 Novice
Cartography 10 Novice
Dance 15 Competent



Heirloom: Her mothers ring





Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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