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Ignard thinks about the past events and trains himself a bit.

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The Basics

Postby Ignard on March 25th, 2017, 5:31 am

Ignard's muscles groan as he tries to move. The little number he pulled on the thugs the other day had taken it's toll. Magic comes at the cost of damage to one's self. Typically the kind of magic he dabbles in stops at the body. Silently he remains thankful that it is the easiest to tell when it is fixed. This path of magic would never really be an easy one.
For the most part Ignard only really used his power to catch fish and preform some minor tricks, however that fight had triggered something, a desire to do more. This may be something that he could devote his life to. Who doesn't dream of being a dashing adventurer swooping in to rescue a town? Practical people most likely. Good thing he isn't one.
While some of his tricks he learned at the University, he never really used any of what he could do for any sort of combat or practical purpose other than fishing before. If he wanted to eventually get to that point he would need to learn how to handle the monsters of the world and deal with any people who might do others harm. Which sounds all nice and good but really... how would he do this?
Looking around his small cottage he didn't really find something he could use, until it struck him. Make something to help train himself. He can mold the earth so let's just... With a few gestures the dirt outside his home starts to slowly shift and move, making three vaguely humanoid figures. He takes several minutes to do this as to make sure the Djed he has stored up doesn't get low and he doesn't over give at all. He nods slightly admiring his handy work.
Ignard stands about ten feet back as he takes a stance. While he has access to a variety of magic, Reimancy has always been what he has used the most as the basics of it were taught to him at a very young age. Starting off with that he makes a small ball of water in the palm of his hand.
Two things to consider when trying to magic, the less of something you manipulate the less Djed is used, and the less force does the same. Something he did wrong the other day was forming a large blast of mud rather than something like a spike. Too much created and too much force to send them flying, causing him to overgive Now if he tries to refine the water into a point... The water begins to shift in a not too incredibly sharp spike towards the target on the left, it only digs about a quarter of an inch into the dirt. With another few gestures he causes the spike to form into branches and start digging into the dirt in all directions, not too many as that requires more control than what he has, nor too deep as to conserve Djed. He lets the water fall showing the dozen or so tiny marks on the target. It's not much, nor is it likely to take anyone down. However the pain from it might be enough to cause a distraction.
Water has always been the easiest for him to use. It flows and is easily shape. The dirt on the other hand likes to stay still and keep as it is. Making res solid enough to create dirt is rather difficult. Controlling it through the res can also prove hard. Moving the ground to create a pillar now means that there is a hole just as big as the pillar. Controlling the surface dirt was often easiest though it limits just how much you can do at once.
Taking a strong step forward, Ignard shifts the dirt around the left target to cause a great deal of spikes to enter it from several angles digging no deeper than 2 inches in at each point.
The last thing he could create with his reimancy, mud. Many wizards often go for the flasher combinations of air and fire to make lightning or water and air to make clouds and mist. Mud however acts as a pretty nice weapon and shield, especially if one's Res is manipulated just right for that perfect combination.
Using the water from before and giving in a bit more res from his feet, Ignard creates a line of mud from him to his target. Slowly raising his hand, the mud follows, slowly floating up about his head. This bit of mud is a lot more on the hard side, while there is water throughout it the dirt mostly takes over. Forming it into another rather sharp spike he throws it into the middle target's chest. The spike impales the target going almost 5 inches deep. With another gesture the res reacts and causes the form to take more of a liquid state as it crawls inside the form, slowly digging out tunnels throughout the form. With a sharp jerk half a dozen mud spikes emerge from the form. The res reacts again to Ignard's wishes and begins to go into more of a solid form again, leaving the rigged structure inside the target.
After a moment he allows the form to relax and slowly crawl towards him. It moves up his legs and wraps around his body other than his face causing a mud suit. Most often this was only really useful while swimming to help maintain warm in the depths, however with a bit of effort, parts of it may harden a bit into a makeshift armor.
Forming a fist and allowing his form arm down to harden he uses flux in order to increase his strength. While this magic often hurts and leaves a decent amount of harm wherever it is used, while used in this bit of mud it can be cushioned and reinforced slightly in order to try and reduce that a bit. He shifts the mud a bit into more of a spike instead of a fist and then hardens it again.
Taking a bit of a running start he plows straight into the right target, going through into the other side. He can feel the pain throughout his body from his muscles aching at this magical aid.
With a brief motion the mud flies off of Ignard's body leaving him completely clean. It floats around him for a moment almost as a shield before he moves it into a puddle on the ground.
Looking around it seems to be a small crowd of children have gathered to watch the display, though the training for the day is almost done. Animation is a hard thing to use in combat without preparation, morphing might bring them a slight bit of entertainment, changing one of his legs into that of a rather large rabbit, he kicks into the middle of the target, with a gesture of his hand using reimancy he causes it to topple over almost looking like the force of the kick was enough to do it. After repeating the minute or so long process of changing his leg back, he turns to the kids... Hmm... What else, what else?
This might be a bit complicated, and while mud is typically his style, there has been something else. A rather strange form of magic he hasn't truly found a use for yet. Reimancy is one of the most adaptive magics, it can be modified by many others. Making several strange gestures with his hands, before finishing on a triangle with a strange swirling dark purple liquid res between the fingers.
He moves his mouth somewhat close and blows. A combination of water reimancy and voiding, creating a small dark purple swirling void bubble. He manipulates it to float closer to the target before landing on it. It pops revealing a slight chunk taken out of it. At this point several of the kids have gotten bored and wandered off while waiting for him to do the morphing and creating the bubble. Seeing that the remaining kids are quickly losing interest he cups his hands around his mouth facing towards the targets and blows, manipulating the dirt he causes them to collapse and flatten out, before he returns inside to continue resting.
Hopefully that helped him figure out the basics of using it for combat, though in practice it may be completely different. Who knows? Probably a lot of people.

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The Basics

Postby Karyk on June 7th, 2017, 10:13 pm

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