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Natalia and Turrin meet on the night of a star party hosted at Leth's Observatory.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Below the Stars (Turrin)

Postby Natalia on March 25th, 2017, 7:46 pm


Date: The 71st Day of Spring, 517 AV
Location: Leth's Observatory

On this dark but beautifully clear night, the stars twinkled brightly like they were performing only and especially for Leth. There were just a few thin, white clouds that decorated the sky in front of the full moon. Below that was a calm blue sea stretched up to the horizon that reflected the light back like a mirror. Soft warm breezes picked up the smell of sea salt drifting through the air, tickling the noses it came across and dancing with Natalia's unruly hair. It was a perfect atmosphere for a relaxing night, or in the Ethaefal's case, an excuse to let loose and appreciate the charm of nature.

Tonight marked the date of a star party at Leth's observatory. There was promise of good food, drink and company, something Natalia couldn't pass up. The more she lived here on this land the more she discovered how much she enjoyed being around people, especially while she was human. She blended in with the rest of the buzzing crowd and wasn't gawked at like a foreign object. She was free to enjoy herself as she may, mostly free of judgement. However, there was nothing better to her than being in her Ethaefal body where she felt closest to her goddess.

Around Natalia's lone walking figure the moonlight shone the path to the Observatory. She could see the faint outlines of a couple others ahead of her likely going to the same destination, but she was otherwise alone on the trail she walked. The trek hadn't been too long as the location was outside of the city, not more than a bell of travel time by foot. Granted, she enjoyed every minute of her stroll as she soaked up the bountiful landscape. Trees and flora were nearing the end of their full bloom and turning into thick and lush foliage. All of the colors of nature seemed to compliment each other as the moon radiated a milky glow atop of them.

As Natalia leisurely wandered to her destination, she found looking at the beauty of Riverfall with all of its intriguing creatures and plants made her feel serene and somehow connected with it all. It calmed her in a way she could not explain and always left her craving for more afterward. She yearned to learn more about her surroundings and what secrets they might hold to feel closer to Syna. Her sense of adventure to try new things was blooming anew with intention to have an open mind, all in order to be ready to learn profound new things her goddess wanted her to know. Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable and often what she was focused on with hopes of guiding her spirit to a higher realm.

Leth seemed to be an extension of her goddess, so in return he was really an extension to Natalia as well. It felt only natural to appreciate the world of the night that her human form dwelled in. If Syna was like her Mother, then Leth was her Father. She believed that he deserved to be treated with respect, even if she did not reign in his domain. He was the one she prayed to at night when all sunlight had diminished, leaving her immortal remnants behind. It would always be a struggle being trapped inside her human form, but she fought every day to find light in the darkness. There was no use to being eternally spiteful and unhappy in this form when truthfully she could remain this way for much longer, something the Eth clearly understood.

Natalia snapped out of her thoughts as she realized she had reached her destination to admire the Observatory and its unique architecture. Wedged against two cliffs, a magnificent rock sat tightly between them, the only visible entrance being a ladder to climb up. The great stone itself was the Observatory, branching with thriving vines and moss. It of course offered an impressive view to the stars and was truly an amazing location that the Eth couldn't wait to discover more about. Hopefully she could find someone to tell her the history of what happened here and how they managed to build this into the stone.

She reached the swaying ladder and took ahold of it with both hands, taking a deep breath before making the first step. She was not fairly dressed for this sort of activity as she donned comfortable sandals with a green, loosely fitted dress and a gold belt at her waist, but she travelled along anyway. Her long, natural brown curls were braided with little pieces of sea glass entwined throughout a single plait. They glistened by the moon if caught by the light in the right way, but her fuzzy hair was not without flaw as it was caught in the breeze more than a few times.

Natalia carefully climbed the rest of the ladder, not daring to look down for too long. She kept her eyes up in front and tried to forget about the fairly long fall below. Once at the top of the ladder, she was greeted by two friendly Akalak men, also what she believed to be worshippers of Leth. Around her she could see others enjoying each other's company, talking, drinking, laughing. Lively music was being played by women with instruments either plucked or blown to release harmonic sounds. She slightly bowed her head to the Akalak in greeting and softly smiled with warmth. "Hello," she spoke. "I've come to celebrate Leth and enjoy the stars."

"You've arrived in the correct place, then." He said with a slight grin. "Feel free to enjoy the food and drink. Please, have a good time, and may Leth bless you."
He ended with a bow to and sent Natalia on her way. She carefully weaved her way through the small crowds in attempt to find some sort of refreshment. She was parched from her travel and drank everything in her waterskin on the way to the festivities. Soon she spotted a table with servings of wine and helped herself to a glass while she watched the people around her. Raising the glass to her lips, she tasted the tart, red liquid. It was more delicious than she expected it to be, but that might have been because she was so thirsty. She remained sipping on her drink while she observed the fun around her, waiting for the affects of the wine to take notice and an opportunity to revel with the rest.

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Below the Stars (Turrin)

Postby Turrin on March 26th, 2017, 10:49 pm


Walking up the path to the observatory, Turrin couldn't believe how clear the night sky was tonight. It was early evening, but away from the lights of Riverfall, the stars seemed to glow with a dim brilliance in the early night sky. Luckily Leth was still low on the horizon otherwise his light would drown out the light from the distant stars. The Inarta noticed that he was following a loving couple who was walking arm and arm up the mountain trail. Turrin listened enviously as the akalak and human female talked to each other as he was pointing out constellations out to her. The warrior knew nothing about stars or the significance of constellations in the night sky, so he concentrated on his footing as he walked up the path. It was late spring, so the evening air was quite comfortable and the slight breeze from the ocean seemed to cool his bare skin since the humidity was starting to build in the late spring.

As Turrin walked up the mountain path, the Inarta was feeling self-conscious because he felt under dressed because most of the men seemed to be wearing nice leather clothing that consist of pants and a leather vest or shirts while he just wore his standard Inarta dress his burgundy bryda. Men's fashion in Wind Reach was simple. Most men wore long flowing pants called bryda without a shirt or a vest, so they often went bare chested to everything. Luckily, the life as a warrior kept him physically fit, so he wasn't going to feel self-conscious about his appearance. Since he was a former endal, his bryda was a lot more ornate than a chiet's bryda, so he won't look completely out of place at a fancy party. Regardless of the lack of clothing, Turrin left his long burgundy hair with feather's woven into it loose. He inherited his mother's thick burgundy hair, so he was gladly willing to flaunt it at the party.

Turrin could hear music playing off in the distance, and he could feel his heart start to race with anticipation. He wanted to dance, but he didn't really know how to dance in Riverfall. He figured it was a lot more formal than the dancing in his homeland. In Wind Reach, the dancing at the Inclement Weather was more like grinding up against the other person and letting the music take you places since you were either to drunk or drugged up to care. The culture of Riverfall was so different from Wind Reach, so he must stand out to the residents of the city. They seem more formal than the residents of Wind Reach. At this moment, he started to feel more like a backwater roob than a former member of the noble caste of Wind Reach. As he got closer to his destination, the Inarta wondered if he should head back to the Inn and forget about the party. It might be best. He didn't really belong here. However, a part of him wanted to see the Leth Observatory for himself. He heard stories of it from his mother as a child, so he wanted to experience it for himself. Walking to a rope ladder, Turrin noticed a line starting to grow as a akalak started to help people get on it. He was going to have no problem getting up it, but some of the women in there fancy clothing were having issues climbing it especially in their fancy shoes.

He waited patiently in line until it was his turn to climb the rope ladder. He nodded to the akalak to assure him that he needed no help climbing it. Grabbing hold of the ladder with both hands, he started to climb it. As he started to climb, he noticed that he and the ladder were swaying slightly in the air as the wind started to pick up. Having flew before, he did not panic and kept his eyes on his destination. When he made it to the top, he saw a purple hand reaching down into the hole. He grabbed it, and the akalak assisted him into the observatory with a smile. Turrin straighten out his bryda and said with a smile, “Thank you for the assistance.”

The akalak smiled at him and said with a nod, “I am happy to help, and I hope you enjoy the party. May Leth be with you tonight.”

Turrin nodded to the purple man and said softly, “...and you.”

Walking into the hall, Turrin was immediately greeted by the sound of music. It was a pleasant sound as the a band played a mellow song that seemed to fit the atmosphere perfectly. The room was light by candles of all sizes, so as he walked into the room, it felt like he was surrounded by hundreds of tiny orange stars. Feeling slightly thirsty, Turrin walked to the refreshment table and saw glasses of water along with different shades of wine. He wasn't thirsty for water yet, so he decided to pick up a glass of blush wine. When he brought to his lips and sipped, he could tasted the sweet and tart flavor of it. It was a pleasant taste. The wine wasn't to dry, and it wasn't to sweet. It was perfect for the Inarta hunter.

Walking into the party, Turrin was surrounded by people talking and laughing as the music played around them. Everyone seemed to be having a good time tonight. The former endal wasn't going to be a wall flower tonight, so he walked around and noticed a pretty human woman in a green dress just standing observing the party and sipping her wine. As he walked closer to her , the woman hair seemed to sparkle as the candle light caught the glass woven into her brown hair. Taking another sip of his wine to lift his courage, Turrin smiled at the woman and said in common with a Kalean accent, “It is a perfect night for a party dedicated to Leth. I haven't yet seen a cloud in the sky. My name is Turrin. May I ask you your name?”
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