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Artigan Crowley

Postby Artigan Crowley on April 9th, 2017, 2:05 am

Artigan Crowley


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 83rd of summer, 516 a.v
Birthplace: Ravok

Appearance: Standing at a clean 5’8” in height, Artigan is neither large nor small, thin nor muscled; he’s got enough strength to use in everyday life, but not quite enough to show through clothing. Dark-skinned and strong-featured with brown eyes, he has warm sort of attractiveness about him that lends well to socializing – made even more noticeable when he has the money to indulge in fine clothes and accessories. His hair is long, kept in thin dreadlocks that can be let loose or tied out of the way depending on his needs.

In terms of clothes and outward appearance, Artigan generally has two default states: professional, in which he is groomed, well-dressed and sociable, and working, in which he is a disheveled, roughly-dressed mess as he draws up and assembles the various trinkets demanded by his job.

Character Concept

Creative, passionate and a lover of people – a combination that some might think better suited to a musician or entertainer than a gadgeteer, but one that fits Artigan Crowley well.

Artigan is, at heart, a creature of curiosity. He desires to understand, but more than that, he desires to create; like a painter moving from canvas to canvas, Artigan seeks out potential in the world around him, through inventions, through conversation and through magic. Few things bring him more pride than making something new, especially if other people get to see it too. He is quite social, after all, and praise isn’t lost on him.

To a lesser extent, Artigan’s constant hunt for potential extends to people. He is quick to befriend anyone that can make him laugh, and he likes to help his friends when he can. His job sometimes introduces him to useful faces, and he'll introduce his friends to those faces if he thinks it will help – he likes to see good people move up in the world.

Artigan loves and worships Rhysol, as any good Ravokian does, although he prefers to display that devotion through action rather than prayer. Rhysol is the root and seed of the city and protects them from all harm, and Artigan will do what he can to help things along by reporting crimes, helping his neighbors and volunteering his skills if they are needed. He holds deep respect for members of the Black Sun and Ebonstryfe, and will make a point to thank them for their work if he happens to have a conversation with one.

Character History

Growing up, Artigan’s life had its own unique blessings.

Born as the second child of three to two researchers, Artigan has always had close access to knowledge. His father, Aurellian Crowley, was a scientist at the Kelvic Research Institute, native to Ravok and with no experience or desire for anywhere else. His mother Lune Crowley, though technically a slave, had deep roots in the Institute of Higher Learning where she had spent a large portion of her life as a lab assistant. While their lives were not luxurious, they both had something equally valuable they could pass to their offspring: education.

Each of the three Crowley children respected knowledge in their own way. The eldest brother, quiet and serious, sought to emulate their father in every way and become a scientist at the KRI. The youngest sister found value in numbers, which she mastered and began using to understand business and mercantile. As for Artigan… there was some difficulty deciding.

His habit of daydreaming and idle scribbling made his progress a bit slower, but his mother noticed and rectified quickly. While she didn’t outright outlaw the two things, she did demand that they either leave the teaching area or be used constructively; if necessary, she would sit right next to him and monitor his work to make sure he remained focused. Though it frustrated him, Lune Crowley was not cruel; outside of lessons, when Artigan was allowed to draw and dream to his heart's content, his mother would always take time to praise his pictures and listen to his wandering thoughts.

Though Artigan had many thoughts in his head, a common thread among them was magic – world magic in particular, inspired by stories of his mother’s past work in the Institute of Higher Learning. He was, from an early age, fascinated by the idea of making things of power, and was completely attentive whenever he could wheedle a magic lesson out of his mother. Although happy that her son was taking such a keen interest in magic, Lune's knowledge was basic and could only take him so far; they were not a family of great wealth, and magic was an expensive craft.

By the age of thirteen, Artigan’s mother could no longer satisfy his curiosity. Armed with a keen memory and a willingness to work, he found employment as a scribe at the Owl’s Den. It left him literally surrounded with knowledge that he was not only allowed, but ordered to read and transcribe. The pay was pitiful, which was Artigan’s only obstacle; he loved his work, but he wanted to practice magic and a scribe’s wages were no path to that end.

And then, as if Rhysol had heard his dilemma, Derian Articai walked into the Owl’s den carrying a child’s toy that could move on its own.

Derian Artecai was a gadgeteer, old and childless but still spry and agreeable. He and the young Artigan took a liking to each other immediately. When Derian explained the workings of the little contraption he’d brought, Artigan paid attention and learned. After a few more visits to the Owl’s Den, a few more gadgets and a few more small lessons, Derian took Artigan on as an apprentice.

The following years were idyllic. Artigan had the creative mind mind necessary for a gadgeteer and the patience to back it up, but more than that, he had passion. The world had physical laws that could be used to make machines, almost a magic in its own right, and Artigan thrived.

Three years later, when Artigan was seventeen, his father passed away from sickness. Though the Crowley family was saddened, there was a quiet sort of pride; Aurellian Crowley had lived well, and his contributions to science had been significant. Though they were sad that he was gone, it went without question that he would have been happy with his life.

In the meantime, his will granted his wife her freedom, and his money and estate besides. Lune took it in stride, but decided to turn and leave the house to the oldest of the children, along with half of the inheritance. She wasn’t young anymore, and with her husband gone, all she wanted was to retire comfortably. That was exactly what she did.

Life settled quickly after that. Artigan’s brother was accepted as a researcher at the KRI, while his sister found work with the government where her talent with numbers would be well used. Artigan continued his growth under Derian, watching his mentor age and accepting that it wouldn’t be long before he lost him, too.

It happened two years later, when Artigan was nineteen. Both master and apprentice knew when the coughing came that it would be Derian’s last illness, but despite this, Derian remained stubbornly happy about his lot in life; he had few regrets and preferred Artigan be the same. As a final show of affection, the old gadgeteer finally gave Artigan the knowledge that had been driving the young man mad since the beginning: how to make creations move by themselves. There wasn’t much that could be taught in the short time they had left beyond the basic principles, but Artigan didn’t begrudge his mentor for it. On the final night of Derian’s life, Artigan sat by his bedside and debated hotly that a hole in the wall looked like a naked woman, and not a dancing rabbit as the old gadgeteer claimed. When morning came, Derian was gone with a smile on his face.

Artigan took care of the funeral and saw that the old man’s assets were entrusted to the Black Sun. A few weeks later, he made his mother and brother aware of his plans to move out. His mother offered to help find a suitable home, but Artigan refused; although gadgeteering wasn’t as expensive as magic, it still required too much investment to settle down immediately. Reassuring his remaining family that he would be fine on his own, Artigan gathered up the funds he had saved and left.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Ancient Tongue
Poor Language: None


Starting package: 20 Alchemy, 10 Gadgeteering, 5 Animation, 5 Drawing, 5 Carpentry, 5 Metalsmithing. Racial bonus: 15 Magecraft.
Skill Total RB SP XP Proficiency
Alchemy 20 0 20 0 Novice
Magecraft 15 15 0 0 Novice
Gadgeteering 10 0 10 0 Novice
Animation 5 0 5 0 Novice
Drawing 5 0 5 0 Novice
Carpentry 5 0 5 0 Novice
Metalsmithing 5 0 5 0 Novice


Metalsmithing: how to make bronze
Ravok: City Layout


white cotton shirt
black cotton pants
plain cotton undergarments
black wool coat
leather boots
wooden comb
wooden brush
1lb soap

1 week's rations
eating knife
12oz cup
8" bowl
tea kettle
5lbs tea leaves
1pt honey

flint + steel
gadgeteer's kit
blank book
1oz black ink
10 sticks of charcoal
100 candles
standing candle

199 gild mizas, 8 silver mizas, 2 copper mizas
starting package+100gm100gm
housing cash in+500gm600gm
NHC apartment w/ balcony-240gm360gm
gadgeteer's kit-150gm210gm
1oz black ink-1gm204.9.5gm
charcoal, 10 sticks-5cm204.9gm
candles, 100-1gm203.9gm
candle, standing-2gm201.9gm
12oz cup-7cm201.8.3gm
8" bowl-4cm201.7.9gm
tea kettle-8sm200.9.2gm
5lbs tea leaves-1gm199.9.2gm
1pt honey-1sm199.8.2gm
3lbs salt-4.8sm199.3.4gm
1lb dried apples-1gm198.3.4gm
bread loaf-2cm198.3.2gm
cheese hunk-1sm198.2.2gm
spring wages+728gm926.2.2
spring expenses-135gm691.2.2
PC slave-450gm141.2.2
linen shirt x2-4sm140.8.2
linen pants-8sm140.0.2
linen undergarments x2-2gm138.0.2
wool jacket-6sm137.4.2
wool scarf(fine wool)-3sm137.1.2


"Druva," female mixed breed dog – Imperial Watcher x Bozderon Shadow Dog (value: 45gm)

Artigan came across this dog on the streets of Ravok, born to a female shadow dog that had bred with one of the local guard hounds. Enamored with the strong, sleek look of the offspring, Artigan took one of the pups for himself before the rest were removed from the streets. Courtesy of those willing to train in exchange for coin, Druva is very well-behaved and responds well to basic commands. Although she doesn't know much beyond "sit," "stay" and "come here," Artigan loves her dearly and is quite proud of her.


Location: Ravok

House: NHC Balcony Apartment. "They are uniform in size and contain the basic furnishings such as a bed, table, a couple of chairs, a small wardrobe, some shelves, a wash basin and a small iron brazier as well as a complimentary chamber pot. Lucky individuals or those who pay a little more, can attain a cubicle facing a canal which makes disposing of chamber pot waste easier and grants a person a small two-man balcony overlooking the canal."

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Artigan Crowley

Postby Artigan Crowley on May 31st, 2017, 9:29 pm


Mother :
HD approval

Name: Lune Crowley
Race: Human
Age: 45
Skills: 15 Teaching, 10 Mathematics, 10 Musical Instrument: Piano, 5 Alchemy, 5 Glyphing, 5 Shielding
Details: Originally brought into Ravok as a slave at the age of ten, Lune's skill with numbers landed her a place with the Nitrozians as a record keeper. Her keen mind eventually attracted the attention of a visiting instructor at the Institute of Higher Learning, where she was soon transferred as part of an unknown deal involving a magical item. There, she began as a filer and secretary for the alchemist who had bought her, but as his various apprentices proved unsuitable for his needs, Lune was called on to fill in the gaps. Though alchemy itself was considered too high a magic for a slave, her strong work ethic and ability to learn eventually made her responsible for the more mundane tasks around her master's lab – maintaining shields, rewriting protective glyphs, and if her master happened to be in between apprenticeships, lending a hand in controlling the more basic alchemical transformations.

Unfortunately, her career did not last forever. Although she was well treated and quite proud of her place in the world, at the age of 18 an alchemical accident stripped her right hand – her dominant hand – of all use. Unable to cleanly maintain records and glyphs, she could no longer continue work as a full assistant and was removed from her position. Her master, sad to see her go and proud of what she had become, made sure to entrust her back to the Nitrozians where her mathematical mind would still be valuable.

Though she remained clever as she had ever been, being forced to use her off hand made her work slow. She wasn't mistreated, but it made the Nitrozians more willing to sell her when a young KRI researcher by the name of Aurellian Crowley developed a deep fondness for the young woman. She moved in with Aurellian Crowley at 19 and became Lune Crowley within the year. At 21 she bore her first son, then another son five years later, followed in another year by a daughter.

Lune's husband recently passed away of sickness, and in his will gave her freedom, citizenship and ownership of their house. Deciding she'd like to retire, Lune Crowley gave property ownership to her oldest son and cheerfully began relying on her children to support her – Artigan Crowley included. She now enjoys a life of relative leisure, tended to by her personal slave and happily nagging her three children to give her some grandchildren at their earliest convenience. Though she mostly keeps to herself, she's prone to unannounced visits and will sometimes demand that they all get together for a family dinner, which luckily only happens once or twice a year.
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