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Postby Estraki on April 11th, 2017, 7:49 pm



Estraki's Tiger Form :



Race: Kelvic
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Birthday: 513 av, Winter 14
Birthplace: Nearby Kenash
Human: Estraki, as a human, stands at a measley 5'4, with a weight of 130. She has a lithe, athletic type build. She has dark brown, nearly black hair that cascades to her waist in curls and waves. Though not fair skinned, she is not dark; she has olive skin. Her face is covered in freckles, like the stripes that cover her other form; these decorate her shoulders and fade down her arms. She has long lashes, and bright green eyes. Her details are soft; soft, small shoulders... though not exactly wide, her hips are wider than her shoulders. She has muscular calves and thighs, and toned arms.

It's not something you'd notice at a glance; her teeth and nails. Or, claws.
Estraki has sharp teeth. They're not enough to cause her mouth to sit funny, or change the manner in which she speaks, but they serve her in times of distress; or in times of hunger. Estraki also has claws. They are the same color as the pinky flesh color nails are normally, yet they are long, slightly curved, and sharp.


In her wild form, Estraki is 107 inches tall. Her tail is long, about fourty inches in length.

Her paws are large, though the ends are not wide like that of a male tiger. Her claws are long, fleshy colored and sharp. Estraki is a dark, vivid orange and white tiger, with black stripes decorating her body. The pads on her paws are black, her nose pink, and she has soft, thick fur

Character Concept

confident + opinionated + sneaky + ESTP

    Estora does not mind confrontation. She is very straightforward, unless she has good reason not to be. She doesn't seem to have a filter.
    She enjoys a good jest for a friendly banter.
    The tiger kelvic is willing to learn, but not if it takes much effort.
    She does not fully understand political correctness.
    She is loyal, stubborn, hard headed, and acts independent yet craves a companion/bond.
    She is territorial, possessive, and not difficult to anger. If she deems it necessary, she will become hostile.

    Estora is always searching for a companion, even if it is not on the forefront of her mind. Because of this, she is always acutely observing, and judging everyone she meets. Not in a mean way, but in a hopeful way. She acts as if she knows what she's looking for, but in reality, she has no idea.

    When first meeting someone, she tends to be respectful (at least, she thinks so), but you must earn true respect from her. She is drawn to strong(emotionally or physically), friendly indivuduals with good humor, though she herself has a sharp tongue and doesn't always now when to let down her defenses. She cannot stand liars or manipulators; she views them as snakes, or rats.

    Estora does not serve or worship any gods/goddesses. In fact, it's unlikely she would even know any of their names offhand. She's not exactly booksmart. That being said, she has street smarts- or rather, instincts. She can determine the 'safety' of something (not that much intimidates her, having the large predatory mindset she has), and can deduct whether or not something is a good idea. Sometimes this can translate over into dialogue, or communication.

Character History

Estraki was born near Kenash, to a jaguar kelvic. Kenash was not someplace either her or her mother wished to stay. At about three and a half years old, Estraki's mother traveled with her to Riverfall. It took them about 50 days; her mother had gone soft on her; they didn't travel much per day. Since kelvics age so fast, Estraki didn't form the type of bond that, say, a human would form with their mother. She loved her hair, fur, her scent, her voice, her touch. But like any tiger, she had to break away and beging living on her own.


Hunting 10 RB 16 SP 0 XP 26 Total
W Survival 0 RB 10 SP 0 XP 10 Total
Animal Husbandry 0 RB 5 SP 0 XP 5 Total
Unarmed Combat 0 RB 19 SP 0 XP 19 Total


Lore | Managing Temper
Lore | Can't eat this horse?

Estraki's mother gave her an animal groomer toolkit before leaving Estraki in Riverfall.
Her mother, though having been a jaguar kelvic, acted like a domesticated pet cat; she enjoyed being groomed, and pampered, and being taken care of by her bondmate. She was to return to their nook near Kenash after taking Estraki to Riverfall. Though she does not share her mothers fondness off.. being pampered, she still carries the toolkit in her backpack wherever she goes.

    black cotton shirt
    khaki cotton pants
    black cotton undergarments
    black cloak
    wooden brush
    wooden comb
    eating knife
    flint & steel
    leather closed toe flats

    large tarp
    100 ft of rope
    flint & steel
    torches x2
    fishing tackle and hooks
    a compass
    full set of tack
    large set of saddlebags
    Animal groomer Toolkit

Item Transaction Remainder
Starting Package +100gm 100gm
Sell ox + wagon +200gm 300gm

Location: Riverfall , not permanent

Tent Package
1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks, a compass, ox and wagon, a full set of tack, and a large set of saddlebags.

Thread List

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