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Postby Zabres on April 15th, 2017, 1:14 am


Race: Nuit
Gender: Male, regardless the body he is using
Age: 297
Birthday: 21, Spring, 220AV.
Birthplace: Syliras

Appearance: While his physical features vary widely with the form he is taking, the standard Nuit traits - dark eye bags, black tongue, cold skin - are always prevalent. Zabres has little preference in the bodies he uses, only really needing that they be in good shape and have functional hands.

Currently, Zabres is occupying the body of a young human woman with short black hair, dark eyes, and copper skin. It stands at average height, is of average weight, and lacks any distinguishing features - how he likes to look. As it's a fairly new body and one of the nicer ones he's had, he's hoping to keep it for some time now.

Character Concept
To put it in the plainest way possible - which is exactly how Zabres prefers to do all things in life - he is sarcastic, curt, and informal. Sharp in both his wit and words, he’s not always the most courteous, but can still make a firm friend given time.

His more upbeat personality might be unusual for a Nuit, but a passion for life (even in undeath) and his craft has kept him going comfortably for nearly three centuries without loosing touch. As compared to the secluded and reclusive traits usually seen in other Nuit, Zabres enjoys being around others and seeing the intrigue of daily life.

As for aforementioned craft, Zabres’ greatest love is painting. While not a painter in life, he took to the craft around a hundred years ago and never looked back. Tell him back in the day, when he was a living man, that one day he’d make a living on painting and he would’ve laughed at you. But that’s exactly what he’s done (since paint and fresh bodies don’t usually materialize on his doorstep). He takes great joy in painting; be it the canals of Ravok or the faces of people he sees in the market, Zabres just loves to paint.

In the religion-centric canals of Ravok, Zabres perhaps doesn’t see Rhysol as his savior and divine lord but still owes the deity at least a little loyalty. He does keep the bad weather away, after all.

Character History
Years ago, in a life that seems so very far away, Zabres was a simple human farmer named Capard Yews living near Syliras. From what he can remember, it was an incredibly boring and dull existence. In an attempt to bring some adventure into his life, Capard sold everything he owned and decided to travel the world. It would prove to be an awful mistake. (Or perhaps not, considering what it would lead to a couple hundred years later.)

After selling his farm and the majority of his belongings in what was considered an incredibly foolish move by his friends, Capard took his rucksack and horse and departed into the world. The first few days of his travels went smoothly, but one night his trek would come to a premature end. One moment he was happily asleep in his tent, the next he was being dragged out by a group of slavers. All his pleading got him nowhere, and soon Capard was shackled and added to the stock. He tried to escape a couple times, but was always caught and beaten for the attempt.

By the time he was sold, Capard had just about lost all hope of ever being free again. After nearly a year in the slaver’s hands, he was now being traded off to a group of what was best described as would-be cultists looking for “test subjects”. He expected to be killed in some sick experiment, and he almost welcomed the idea. His expectations were half right. His owners were aspiring Animators, and Capard was to be used in an attempt at a Daek-nuit. They were far from trained masters, and the long list of previously failed attempts illustrated that, but the day the performed it on Capard proved to be the day they finally got it right.

The moment he first awoke as a Nuit will always be ingrained in Zabres’ mind. Gasping with lungs that didn't need air, hearing the echoes of a heart that would never beat again, looking across the room at a body that had just been his. Time will never be able to shake it from his mind.

From there, however, his memory gets blurry. There are faint flashes of fleeing his owners, wandering the world and jumping from body to body, horrified with what he’d become and yet unable to shake what instinct told him to do. By the time he made his way back home to Syliras, the man he was had been all but forgotten.

As a result, the city held nothing for him. No fond memories, no close friends. It was just a city. So he left, and from there Capard died. He took a new name, cast aside what little was left of his past life, and decided to not let his nature rule him like it had. Moping from city to city as an outcast was no way to live. While he might have had to hide his identity as a Nuit at times, he wasn’t going to let that drive him away from the world he’d always wanted to see. Eventually, after many, many years of travel and staying here and there, Zabres the painter settled down in Ravok, where he’s lived for a few seasons now.

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: None
Poor Language: None

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Painting 30 SP 30 Competent
Drawing 10 SP 10 Novice
Observation 10 SP 10 Novice
Embalming 10 RB 10 Novice

Lore of Painting Techniques
Lore of Ravok Layout

White linen tunic (x1)
Spare/painting shirt (x1)
Brown canvas pants (x1)
Linen undergarments (x1)
Canvas apron (x1)
Black wool coat (x1)
Tools and Utility
Artist’s toolkit (x1, with assortment of tools within)
Backpack (x1)
Flint and steel (x1 set)
Dagger (x1)
Silver necklace (x1)
Comb (x1)
Brush (x1)
Embalming fluid (x1 bottle)
Soap (x1 bar)
Razor (x1)

Heirloom: A simple silver necklace - the only thing of Capard’s he’s kept. It’s tarnished and worn, hardly worth anything now, but he can’t bring himself to get rid of it.

Location: Ravok
House: An average sized, single room apartment with a bed, table, a couple chairs, wardrobe, and complimentary chamber pot.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Artist’s Toolkit -25 GM 75 GM
Shirt -1 SM 74 GM 9 SM
Apron -3 SM 74 GM 6 SM
Dagger -2 GM 72 GM 6 SM

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