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Edsehl Kauthiel

Postby Edsehl Kauthiel on April 22nd, 2017, 2:03 am

Edsehl Kauthiel

Race: Charoda
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 44th, Summer, 492AV.
Birthplace: Charbosi
Home: Zeltiva
Current Location: Zeltiva

Appearance: At one point, Edsehl was imprisoned for destruction of property. Up to today, his skin is not as smooth as most Charoda, as the jailors had no understanding of Charoda biology whatsoever, leading to a near-death incident. For some reason, all records of this incident have been erased. He is rather tall, of rather light build.

Edsehl is unnervingly quick and sudden, having trained himself to operate without the usual water resistance restricting most of his movement. Watching him blur across a room can be scary, and his sensitivity to almost anything can make it seem he is looking at everything at once. He also has trained to resist the temptation to re-enter water, although this can prove lethal if he forgets.

He is constantly tense, and carries himself as if he is ready to do something. This may because he is.

Character Concept: I got interested, thinking that I would use someone who defied usual culture. I don't know if this character succeeded.


Born in Charoda, Edsehl was given the standard Charoda treatment: epics and poems, and became fascinated with leaving Charbosi and going to the surface world. Despite the dangers, as soon as he could swim to the surface, he did so.

Scaling the cliffs was strange and unnatural to him. The air did not press down nearly as much as the ocean did, and it seemed like everything was oversensitive. However, he gradually trained himself, becoming better at walking, climbing, jumping, and gradually becoming more of a surface dweller than a child of the ocean.

He did not know what was waiting for him yet.

The next few years flew by in a blur. To this day, Esdehl still has troubles recollecting what happened, likely due to his mistreatment in prison.

Easily excitable and equally as easily angered, Esdehl hides it behind standard Charoda indifference and pacifism. Normally adventurous, he easily retracts into a mask of ignorance if he gets in trouble or a sticky situation.

He prefers not to speak if he doesn't have to, indicating his non-fluency in Common.

Fluent Language: Char
Basic Language: Common

Lore of Charoda culture
Lore of Religion: Makutsi

Possessions and Items:
x1 Set of Clothing
-Cotton Shirt
-Cotton Pants
-Cotton Undergarments
-Simple Sandals
x1 Large Waterskin
x1 Fabric Knapsack which contains:
-Vegetable rations (3 days worth)
x1 Eating Knife
x1 Flint & Steel

He carries a small token from his parents. It's color is a reminder of the world he used to live in, and it carries a small vial of water for emergencies.

32 Swimming (Competent)
10 Wilderness Survival (Novice)
5 Herbalism (Novice)
5 Cooking (Novice)


Current: Small Cottage next to the docks

Location: Zeltiva

+100 Starting
Success is optional. Death is mandatory.
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