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Postby Luck on April 26th, 2017, 4:39 am


L u c k


Nicknames: Lucky, Lu
Sex: Female
Age: 3
Birthday: 5th day of winter 515AV
Race: Pycon
Location: Sylirus
Lodging: The Travellers Row
Languages: Common Tongue (Fluent) Fratava (Basic)
Hometown: Zeltiva


Luck is shaped almost like a rag doll. She has formed herself a figure that is humanoid but not human. She stands about 20 centermeters from the ground and weighs almost nothing. She stands on two legs with club-like feet without much detail, she has two arms to pick things up. She has a slight bust shape and a waist that is smaller than her shoulders and hips in order to portray what the humans around her call a 'feminine' figure. All she knows of her sex being different to another is the fact that she can span a small baby and her male counterpart cannot. The aesthetic is something learned.

Unlike her human acquaintances she doesn't have any features on her face. Its is simply blank. She removed all trace of humanity on the most expressive part of them. She has clay 'hair' on her hair which often changes in length. When she is feeling happy and creative it is usually very detailed, long and has the appearance of being 'flowing' however when she is down it is a short lump or simply not there at all.

Sometimes she takes another form, though this one is rare. She changes her head altogether to turn it into a 'flower'
Secret :
. She loves the shape, the ascetic and what flowers represent and uses this for special occasions or special people.


Luck isn't very outspoken, in fact often she pretends she cannot speak for a good part of her relationship with another unless they really know how to gain her trust. She puts a lot of effort into being slippery and elusive, and doesn't like to be seen too much. She is so young but and she wants to be brave and travel the world and find her true purpose, however the events that started out her shaping process haven't been good. When she was little she was fascinated with gardens and often she would look like a bee, in fact until she made some friends with humans in Sylirus she was never shaped like one.

Eventually she became a 'little girl' figure, usually with a joyful smile. Events have not been so good to her since then, and she has lost the happy grin, the nosey cheeks and lacks any sort of expression whatsoever. She is 'blank' again. Since her live has stabilised in very recent times, she has begun adding that childish and creative 'flair' back into her opinion.

Luck is obsessed with art, and loves everything to do with it. She wants to learn so many things, and she thinks that as she creates beauty, she will become closer to her most beautiful, most true form. She is almost obsessed with that idea.

But she has a hard time interacting with anything that talks back. She likes animals and she likes flowers but people are harder. She keeps her human like form half because it has become her easiest, most natural form, but on the flip side it is also her attempt to attune with the majority of the humanoid races. You will often see her trying to adapt to others as she gets to know to them. She syncs with people. She might make some glasses to match a friends, or style her 'hair' the same as theirs.

Her emotions are limited currently. Her curiosity has not been dimmed by any means, but she lacks the confidence and the boldness that many have about them and can be thought of as too meek and too much of a follower, even though she is forever trying to find out who she is.


Luck hasn't lead a long life so far, but it has been rather an eventful few years...

When she was born, she was born into a fairly happy pycon family that were situated in the city of Zeltivia. They were good parents, both of them with quite a few life experiences to share with her. Every night she would hear a new story or learn a new lesson and she loved it. For a long time she only really interacted with her family, and store people. She tended a little garden for her parents and often looked like insects that she learned helped it grow, like the Bees. The bee was her first natural form

She was such a happy child, and she was forever becoming more curious. She often went out by herself, and one such time, something decidedly unlucky happened to her. She met a metal worker. He was a trader from Zeltivia and he took interest in her. Often she felt like he was 'too' curious, but then he offered to teach her the language of trade and she let go of all bad feelings that she had regarding him because it'd make her father so proud if she could learn a second language. So she met up with him every now and then and learnt some Fratava.

This went on for about a week before she felt as though she could trust him and agreed to come over to his house. She even began working on a humanoid form, with human face, and during that week had perfected it! Inside the small cottage he had prepared a very small metal cage where she was stored and locked up.

Luck was nameless then. For a long time she was known as 'Dolly' as each day she was let out of her cage briefly to 'play' with his rough seven year old son, who liked to rough her up a little and treat her poorly. She attempted escape three seperate times in Zeltiva. The first had her pull down the kid's pants, causing him to trip as she mad a beeline for the window, but it took her too long to climb up the table to get out. The second she tried to jump on the mans shoe as he left for work, but alas his son saw her. The third was when a wave guard knocked on his door and she tried to signal him and call to him but he threw her in the closet where she couldn't be heard.

After about half a year of this, the man and his son left Zeltiva to travel, and finally she was able to escape. They left via horse and it was the boys job to watch her in the saddle. Fearfully she waited, and eventually when the boy grew careless, she jumped from the horse. They didn't notice until they were long gone. But Luck was alone in the wild lands. It would only take one stray animal to collect her and eat her or smooth her underfoot. Even if it didn't she would die due to lack of clay.

It was really a million to one that a caravan full of traders would come by within the bell and stop for the night. Luck, faceless and nameless, could only refer to herself as 'Thing', but the people told her that 'Lucky' would be a better name given her amazing odds stacked against her for hope of a rescue such as this one. It grew ever more unlikely when one of them turned out to be a potter, and, as such, could feed her with his supplies. Luck road with them to wherever they were going, which was sylirus, and sent word to her parents when she got to the new city.

Taking a lot of pity on her the potters gave her lodging with them in their caravan which was set up as a shop each day. She didn't take up much room. She worked for them for a while, painting flowers on their pots, mugs and bowls. When they left again in a year she got herself a room in the travellers row, and figured she'd need another job pretty soon.

Inventory & Ledger


Item | Price | Source

Rations of clay for one week | N/A | Starting Package
Very small (6cm tall) plant pot with the silhouettes of 5 people painted on in | N/A | Heirloom
x1 0.5 Gal of black paint pigment | 5sm | Bought
x1 0.5 gal of white paint pigment | 5sm | bought
Tiny Detail Brush | 5sm | Bought
Dog - Companion(Male, 1yr old, Toy Rat Terrier (Black, white and brown), Named Patch) | 10gm | Bought


Item | Gain/Loss | Total
Starter Money | +100GM | 100GM
Dog, Companion | -10gm | 90GM
Paint Pigments x2 | -1GM | 89GM
Tiny Detail Brush | -5sm | 88GM 5SM


Skills and Lore

Skill List

Skill | Gain | Source | Total

Painting | 10XP | Starter Package | 10XP
Dancing | 5XP | Starter Package | 10XP
Escape Artist | 5XP, 10XP | Starter Package, Racial Bonus | 15XP
Gardening | 10XP | Starter Package | 10XP
Storytelling | 10XP | Starter Package | 10XP
Endurance | 5XP | Starter Package | 5XP
Dog Training| 5XP | Starter Package | 5XP
Lore List

Layout of the city of Sylirus
How to look after a plant: The Basics

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