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Postby Miralyn on April 27th, 2017, 7:33 am




Nicknames: Mirror
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: 5th day of Spring 493AV
Race: Konti
Location: Riverfall
Lodging: Private 1 room Cottage
Languages: Kontinese (Fluent) Common (Basic) Fratava (Poor)
Hometown: The Konti Isle

When Miralyn touches a wound or a scar she can briefly glimpse (And feel) what happened to cause it. This will only be brief and will not continue with prolonged contact with the wound or scar.


Miralyn has the appearance of one who has had a harsh life. She isn’t skinny, she is sickly, her eyes always look tired and indeed of the youthful appearance of most young, strong Konti women, Miralyn looks older. Her shoulders are narrow and she has a lithe and boney frame. Protruding from her skinny frame is a round bump that marks her as pregnant. Sometimes if the dress she wears is loose enough she can hide it, but it is becoming more pronounced everyday, and it doesn’t take a fortune teller to figure out she is caring child.

Across her body scales glow perlessent and very light in colour. From far away she seems to be pale white skinned like a china doll but up close you can tell she isn’t human. On her body she carries a set of gills.

Her skin is mostly clear of imperfections however on her left hand there is an ugly scar from an old burn wound. Often it is covered by some sort of glove, even when the weather is hot. She often folds her right hand over it even when the wound is covered by cloth.

Her face is square shaped and her jaw and cheekbones are sharp and strong. Her face is framed by a mess of wispy cobweb-like curls that fall about her face in ever which direction and are to thin to brush properly. Her eyes are a very saturated grey-blue and tend to flick about or glaze over every now and then. She wears a lot of lacy, big and shapeless clothing in dull saturated colours and walks a little hunched and with a slight falter every now and then in her right ankle, sometimes she uses a walking stick, other times, usually when she is feeling good, she doesn’t.


Mirror is quite broken. She acts tough and her way of doing that is to be as cold nd unpleasant to others as she possibly can. She utilises sarcasm and foul words and gets angry very easily. Her time on the sea with the sailors has given everything from her stance to her mannerisms to her words of choice a kind of gruffness, which heavily contrasts with her frail appearance. She talks back, when she shouldn’t, says things out of anger that she doesn’t truly mean quite often, and doesn’t take kindly to unwanted physical contact or flirtation.

She is very hard to get through to and does not appreciate or accept help or pity from others very freely, feeling that since she can no longer heal and help others that they should not heal or help her. She is going a little insane and she can feel her fear and pain eating away at her each day. Plus there is the pressing fear of the birth of her ex-partners daughter looming on her ever closer. In less than a years time she will give birth to a baby girl, and she has a habit of resting her hand on her stomach out of fear. Her only comfort is that her baby will not bear any resemblance to him.

She is in desperate need of a purpose and she is in desperate need of some healing. Miralyn is the kind of person who does not do well whilst listless and lacking aspirations or goals. She needs something, even if it is small, to aspire too. She is extremely organised and likes things to be planned. The only thing that overcomes this meticulousness is her bursts of passion, anger or sadness, as well as any overwhelming feelings of love.

She secretly craves that love she felt at the beginning of her mis-adventure, though she would never let on. She has a feeling this is something maternal, and that she unbeknown to herself, doesn't feel she can do it alone. But Miralyn doesn't want to trust anyone again. She wants to ask her goddess for guidance, she wants to get back her mark, but she feels she needs some way to learn it. Very recently, probably due to the pregnancy, she is obsessing over her own health, both physically and mentally.

Always has Marilyn been kind, giving and religiously inclined. She has also a natural curiosity and a love for learning. She is trying her best to re-awaken her old, kind bubbly self, but most days are bad, and most days she will end up taring someone apart verbally, or sitting alone, or not even getting out of bed on a day off. She has gained a 'stress injury' and has purchased a walking stick as if she had a crippled leg. Often she wishes she had a friend, and on better days she actively seeks company of people. Very rarely will she tell anyone she is pregnant unless she is forced to tell a man who bought her a drink at the bar she is trying to have a meal at, and even then she refuses to go into any sort of detail or even mention it further. It is something she considers very personal, and off bounds to all bar the best of friends.


Miralyn was born to a Konti woman named Lynna and an Akalak father named Anduen. She saw a little of her fathers home Riverfall when growing up but her mother very passionately wanted to give birth and raise her in Mura, so there she was raised. To her delight she was gifted with Rak’keli’s gift of healing from birth. Her mother also was marked, and was one of the main healers on the island, and so she was absolutely overjoyed. Miralyn made it her lives ambition to become a great healer. She spent many of her free afternoons writing poetry for her goddess, praying to her goddess and practising healing the cuts and bruises of the other kids that fell or tripped. She was quite a popular child, and had many friends. She fit in to her homeland perfectly, and she loved every second of her life. Her Konti gift came in handy as, when she touched a wound she could see who or what was responsible.

Now, when she was about ten years of age she started taking a big interest in her fathers domain. She watched the boys training and fighting, she watched the rough and tumble of Riverfal and she spent a lot of time talking about the good and evil, the warriors and their drive as apposed to her own drive and about the past experiences of her father and what he has learned. She loved every second of that too. She began to visit her father much more frequently, opting to go with her mother every time she went. It wasn’t until she was 19 years old that her curiosity had peaked and she had begun to find interest other things. She had a few sexual partners, never a true relationship until she met a human man named Jack Spade a few years later. He was gruff, he had a passion above all for the sea and for his boat, and he captured her attention with his breathtaking good looks. He was older than she, but she felt she was more mature and could handle it.

She was kind to him when he was injured after a storm had rocked his boat and landed him in river fall. He was a sailor and a fisherman and with a small crew he was traveling Mizahar looking for adventure. After knowing him for just over 5 weeks, he was going to leave again. He asked her to travel with them, otherwise he may not see her again. Thinking this man was her one true love, she agreed. She left her family behind. Her father and mother both told her she shouldn’t leave, that it was dangerous that she might not like living at sea for so long, and that this man might be dangerous too. Miralyn left anyway, naively locking herself on to a small wooden vessel with three men she barely knew and one man whom she thought she knew very well as a 23 year old, a teenager in the lifespan of a konti.

The trip started out good, she learnt to fish, she learnt how to cook fish and seafood, she learnt how to sail a boat and she learnt a little about fratava, the language of trade. The men were quite crude, and she was a little uncomfortable around the crew. She didn’t like the things they said about her behind her back. When she told Jack about her discomfort he told her that it was just ‘male banter’ and that ‘she was overreacting’. As the days at sea dragged on she began to argue with Jack because he would just laugh if one of his friends said something crude about her. She confronted him about it and he became irritable. As if he was getting annoyed by her sudden confidence and boldness, when she was usually so polite, well mannered and good-natured. He began to get louder, and eventually things came to a point one night in the cabin when he was drinking and she was upset. He smacked her so hard she fell to the floor, then he grabbed her by the hair and told her that she was to just shut up and do as she was told, for he was doing her a favour by not letting his friends have a go at her even though they would have by now if he was not there.

After that the months at sea left to go grew worse and worse. They treated her as if they had bought her at a low end slave retailer. If she spoke up against one or any of them Jack would grab her by the hair and drag her into his cabin and beat her harshly. He used her body for release most nights as well. She wanted to leave the boat but there wasn’t a moment that someone wasn’t watching her and she was far to scared to try. Plus she was fairly sure that after one or several drunken attacks, she would have gotten pregnant by now and she didn’t want to endanger the baby. When any of them got hurt, she still healed them, though every time she did she felt her own mental well-being slipping away from her to the point where she began resenting her ‘Mark’.

When they were close to the port of Zeltivia she was so mentally sick that she had begun to resent her goddess secretly. She saw those shores and she willingly burned the gnosis mark on her hand with a candle flame so that, in her mind, Rak’keli would not see what she was about to do. She spent an evening sharpening her fathers dull and ornate dagger, and she stabbed the man in his sleep. The panic that followed is hard for her to recall now, but it ended with her plunging into the see and escaping to shore leaving the man to bleed while his friends tried to fix him.

Immediately she found a wave guard and asked for help, she told them these sailors who she’d been travelling with were criminals who had used her body and abused her and that they were probably after her. The guards took pity on her plea and she found herself protected for the first time in many months. She knew her mark had disappeared. Rak’Keli had stolen it away, she felt her disappointment and the Konti wept for days and days, but she did not pray for forgiveness, as she felt she had been weak and didn’t deserve it.

Due to stress, she walks with a limp, nursing an injury that doesn’t physically exist. She hunches her back and she has issues with physical contact, and doesn’t like others being too close. She noticed she was pregnant when she began to see her belly grow and dreaded the coming months. She sent letters to her mother and father, but did not tell them exactly what had happened but she did tell them of her pregnancy. She would have too tell of the full ordeal when her mother saw her again. She was afraid that her mother, a devout follower of the goddess she had betrayed, would hear about it anyway.

She had little money, living day to day working as a cook she was able to afford a one bedroom cottage. Each day she knows that her pregnancy will start showing to the point where she can no longer conceal it soon and that she should be preparing to go back to Mura to give birth, but she cannot face it. She doesn't feel strong enough. She isn't sure how long she has been pregnant but she knows there won't be a bump for at least another two or three months.

After she had been in Zeltivia for about 3 months she’d decided she was strong enough to finally apply for the university. She was to become a medical student, and she would find her purpose once again. She just hoped when it came time for her to give birth, she would be strong and healthy again. She spent most of her pregnancy diligently studying, but only two seasons into her course, she was sent a letter from river fall telling her that her mother had grown sick. All the work she’d done, all the people she’d met didn’t matter then. She had to travel home. She ditched university and worked full time as a cook and a fisherman. It was hard, but it got her enough money to travel.

It was a long, long trip to Riverfall, and she was alone and pregnant She figured the only possible way to get to the city would be with other capable fighters and travellers. With her knowledge of Fratava and her desperation to get to Riverfall where her mother and father were, she convinced a Lia of a Pod to take her to Riverfall. Unfortunately the trip was not quick, and they made many fleeting stops, but they were escorting her in return for her help fishing and working on the ship, plus her healing services. That seemed payment enough for the small band of svefra.

It was an entire seasons worth of travel to get to riverfall. She was feeling sick with worry, but her stress limp had all but gone, she had a drive while she was on that boat. When she arrived, her father was there to greet her. He took her to her mother but the woman’s light was fading from her eyes. It was a disease they couldn’t cure and Miralyn couldn’t hope to cure it with her novice level of healing. She had none of Rak’keli’s power. Devastated, the young Konti teenager gained back her stress limp. Once again she was being punished for her betrayal of her goddess. If she had never left, if she had remained loyal, she might have cured her. Rak’keli had taken her mother away from her because of her weakness.

By this time, her baby bump was showing quite a bit more. She decided to get her own place, and her own job so that she could become a resident here. She didn't want to live off her fathers back, he was grieving too. She didn't tell him the worst of her story either, for he was in enough pain already. She easily acquired a job cooking tavern food at the Blue bull, usually hiding out in the kitchen and not getting herself involved in the busy crowds. She'd lost her nerve again to take back her studies of medicine. She's told herself, 'I'll find a mentor and study at the academy' but usually when she gets to the big doors she runs away.

Inventory & Ledger


Item | Price | Source
Food for a week | N/A | Starter
1 cotton white skirt | N/A | Starter
1 beige button up blouse | N/A | Starter
1 pair ankle boots (Light Brown) | N/A | Starter
1 winter cloak (Black)| N/A | Starter
1 backpack | Starter | N/A | Starter
1 set toiletries | | N/A | Starter
1 waterskin | N/A | Starter
1 eating knife | N/A | Starter
flint and steel | N/A | Starter
1 fat Tabby Cat bought on impulse | 2SM | Starter
1 Dress with a lacey trim | 3GM 2SM | Starter
1 Fishing kit | 10GM | Starter
Ornate Handled Dagger (The dagger her father was given as a young child passed on to her) | N/A | Hairloom
1 pair white gloves, cotton | 5SM | Starter


Item | Gain/Loss | Total
Starter Money | +100GM | 100GM
Cat | −2SM | 99GM 8SM
Dress | −3GM, 2SM | 96GM 6SM
Fishing Kit | −10GM | 86GM 6SM
White gloves | -5SM | 86GM 1SM


Skills and Lore

Skill List

Skill | Gain | Source | Total
Cooking | 10XP | Starter | 10XP
Fishing | 10XP | Starter | 10XP
Medicine | 10XP + 5XP | Racial + Starter | 15XP
Sailing | 15XP | Starter | 15XP
Flirting | 5XP | Starter | 5XP

Lore List

Lore of Religion: Rak’keli
Lore of City: Zeltiva

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