Sorla's plotnotes

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Sorla's plotnotes

Postby Sorla on April 27th, 2017, 5:06 pm

Possible long term goals (no particular order, not all at the same time)

Go home again
Find out what happened to Torva (probably dead but can decide later)
Learn to forgive herself, possibly by vowing to travel through Mizahar doing good wherever she can - maybe related to Priskil? Forcing herself to live as a roaming hermit when what she wants is a home and family, just to punish herself?
Find a mate and have a family
Become a master tailor
Find out more about her Chaktawe grandfather - a visit to Eyktol? Perhaps meeting Eywaat?

Mid term goals
Improve sewing and cosmetology skills
See how she reacts to being in Alvadas - a straightforward Inarta in the city of illusion - how does her outlook change? How does this tie with her skillset e.g. instead of a normal tailor does she become a master at creating disguises, with face and hair to match?
Possibly set up her own tailoring/body art stall
Learn tattooing?
Eventually start feeling restless and begin the travelling part once skills are more established and have a bit more money
Work out how archery and Rikar are going to fit into overall plan

Short term goals
Make some money - find a job, ideally apprentice tailor
Meet people
Get set up - buy materials for sewing and cosmetology, a bow and arrows
Find a better place to live


Develop back story (can't do currently as Wind Reach is closed)

Spring 517 threads
Job threads: creating a wedding outfit for a young bride who seems reluctant and sad; the bride secretly asks for help creating a disguise so she can elope with the one she really loves
Follow-up: turns out the jilted groom is a Craven who orders his ghost familiar to possess Sorla in revenge
Orphanage: volunteer to make clothes for some of the children at the orphanage, perhaps teach basic sewing to some of the older ones
Random: get a piercing to mark new stage of life; while in piercing shop discover tattooing and learn
Priskil: learn more about and then join the Order of Radiance; reveal back story to friend
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