[Unverified] Liseth: the Rogue Konti

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Liseth: the Rogue Konti

Postby Liseth on May 16th, 2017, 6:46 pm

Name: Liseth
Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 21
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Mura
Appearance: she wears her long white-silver hair in loose waves down her back, and a silver circlet on her forehead that appears to be made of silver vines. she wears a loose white dress, with a silver sash tied around her waist. she has dark eyes. she also wears a white cloak edged with white fur, which is very heavy. she also wears no shoes, and instead silver ribbons tied from the middle of her feet up to her knees.
Character concept: she is a konti, yes, but she mostly just wanders through the world
Character history: she was taken from her home at a very young age, and fought to get back there. but when she returned, she didn't fit in. so she left. now she wanders the world as a rogue, never staying in one place for too long.
most fluent language: the language of the konti people
basic language: the language of the humans
poor language: none
Skill 1: magic.
Skill 2: healing
Skill 3: hand to hand combat
1 dress
1 cloak
1 sash
2 ribbons
1 circlet
1 satchel which contains:
1 water skin
1 hairbrush
1 mirror
1 week's worth food
1 soap
1 knife
1 flint and steel
100 gold mizas
heirloom: a silver locket around her neck
location: nowhere
house: no house
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Race: Konti

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