[Skill] Negotiation

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[Skill] Negotiation

Postby Aenisa on May 18th, 2017, 10:30 pm



Article: Negotiation
Author(s): Aenisa
Other development: None
Additional Info: Stub in the Lore

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Synopsis: Negotiation is used daily in Mizahar, from employee-employer contracts to purchase of goods from markets and down to what goes on within a family. Since negotiation holds such a major part in the daily life of anyone that has spent time in the world, it is important to outline the broad strokes of the skill. Although some may say that the skill itself might be very straight forwards and offers not much insight beyond the word exchange between two people. There are several types of negotiations and outcomes that might be overlooked and that could be incorporated to offer a wider angle of approach to negotiations. Beyond its significance on its own, negotiation also filters into many other skills, such as intimidation, diplomacy and to some extent, law as well.


I. Introduction
II. Types of Negotiations
II.I Competitive Negotiations
II.II Non-competitive Negotiations
II.III Multiple-party negotiations
II.IV False Flag Negotiations
III. Types of Outcome
III.I Win-Win
III.II Win-Lose
III.III Lose-Lose
III.IV Other outcomes
IV. Different Techniques
IV. I Time Pressure
IV.II All or Nothing
IV.III The Red Herring
IV.IV The Mirror
V. Example scenario's
VI. Skill Progression
VI.I Novice (1-25)
VI.II Competent (26-50)
VI.III Expert (51-75)
VI.IV Master (76-100)

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