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Anya, the exiled

Postby Anya on May 29th, 2017, 5:42 am




Nicknames: Anya The Exiled
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Birthday: 8th day of Winter 490AV
Race: Myrian
Location: Syka
Lodging: renting at the overwater ranchos
Languages: Myrian, Common Tongue(Fluent) N/A (Basic) Snake-Tongue (Poor)
Hometown: Taloba


Anya has an exotic appearance: Deeply tanned copper skin that is smoother and as free of imperfection as silk, dark eyes that appear black in the darkness and deep chestnut in the sun, a very strong body with toned, rippling muscles featured all over and not a single ounce of fat. Anya looks as though she were built for nothing but war. Her head is shaved currently, and she keeps it that way. She stands at a very tall 5'11", towering above many women.

Anya has a pretty, well structured face with sharp cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Her eyes are very big and are framed by thick black lashes. her lips are full and have an aesthetic shape to them. Her nose is small but wide near the bottom. She has very thin black eyebrows. They eyebrow own the left is split down the middle with a small, faded scar where no hair can grow. It starts just above the brow and ends at the top of her eye.

Often her skin and head is painted in different patterns using paints and dyes. She likes jewellery and especially enjoys long colourful earrings. She finds it hard to find feminine clothing that works on her broad shoulders, however she enjoys long skirts and crop tops that put her abdominal muscles on display.


Anya is just as much of a hothead and a reckless and emotionally driven young woman as she was when she was growing up. The main difference in her attitude is humility, self-control and a hatred for bias against race, sex or anything else. Anya is always angry and often acts violently on impulse, however she now exercises self control and does not act out of pride as much as she did before. She doesn't have as big of a voice as she used to, and listens to the input of others a lot more than she used to. She also tends to go into meeting people of various races with more of an open mind rather than the 'Stab first, ask questions later' approach her people tend to go for.

Anya is trying to find a new purpose. She still prays to Miri, and she still practices in her arts, however she needs something to fill the gap the loss of her people had left in her. She needs something else to protect and fight for. Ska is currently all that she has so she is making an effort to be on good terms with it's people. She believes that she has much to learn about the world and plans to travel it one day, but for now she wishes to stay put.

Anya is certainly brave. She is not afraid of death nor is she afraid of risks. However she doesn't think hard enough about things before doing them and needs to be better at strategy and planning.


Born in Taloba, Anya was named Anya of the sharpened axe. They were a small family, led by her mother Kyaan. Her father didn't live with them as he and Anya's mother had split up before her birth, the two snarled at each other every time they saw one another in the city, so Anya didn't hear much about him and rarely did she get a chance to talk to him. She was a hardworking child, just like all of the other girls. She fought hard, trained all hours of the night and early morning, and spent blood sweat and tears in order to make her mother, her people and her god proud of her. Not-So-Secretly she was her mothers favourite child out of her two other siblings.

Growing up, Anya was a bit of a bully. She was violent, hot-headed, reckless and a huge bully. She claimed since she was 14 that she would never marry and didn't want children, but her mother overlooked that as a 'phase'. She bullied her little brother relentlessly. He wasn't as strong as her, was a little bit of a klutz on his feet, plus he was three years younger and a head shorter than her so why not? The two grew up disliking each other and that dislike carried over into adolescence. Whilst Anya was learning tracking and how to swing an axe, her brother quietly began making works of art, learn how to make clothes and practicing the art of wood carving. The two barely talked and when they did they tended to fight. Anya didn't like her father simply because her mother told her not to like him, yet her younger brother spent a lot of time with him.

When she had just turned 20 she was sent out to track a beast that had destroyed some homes in her hometown. While she was out, she ran into, what she thought at the time was, an injured human female. The woman had been bitten by something very big, and was in danger of dying. Without hesitating Anya made the decision to bring the woman back to their healers and have them fix her. She said her name was Sand, and she didn't seem to be able to speak. She used some kind of hand signs or wrote words on paper.

The lady decided to stay in Taloba for a while. Everyone was always watching her with suspicion, but Anya began to spend a lot of time with her. She even went so far as to skip some training days in order to spend it teaching the newcomer how to hunt or hanging out with her at home.

It wasn't until almost a season had past that Anya admitted to herself she was falling for the girl. The two of them shared their first kiss in private out in the jungle wilds. That was the day the girl admitted her secret. 'I love you, Anya" She said out loud. Her voice sounded like hissing although it was in common tongue. It became clear to Anya that she was actually a Dhani and not a human. Dani were supposed to be killed on sight, but the feelings were there now. Anya would have probably offed her in the beginning but it was hard now. She agreed not to tell anyone and the Dhani showed Anya her various forms.

This continued to go on for a while longer. The Dhani was teaching the Myrian snake-tongue and teaching her about her race, they would often meet privately to continue these lessons. Unfortunately for them they were caught out. Anya's longer brother grew increasingly suspicious and eventually tailed them. When he saw proof of what she was he promptly ran back and brought backup. The Dhani she'd come to love was killed in front of her and Anya was given the rest of the day to leave. Her head was shaved to shame her and all in one day, Anya lost everything and was cast out into the world lost and alone. Everything she'd built up had been lost, and her pride was shattered into a million pieces.

Disgraced, Anya left, and lived in the jungle wilds by herself for about half a season before stumbling across Syka. And here she is now, entering into a new place with nothing. The people of Syka reluctantly let her in, so now she fights for them.

Inventory & Ledger


Item | Price | Source
Food for a week | N/A | Starter
1 cotton red skirt slit at the sides | N/A | Starter
1 white crop top | N/A | Starter
1 pair ankle boots (Light Brown) | N/A | Starter
1 winter cloak (Black)| N/A | Starter
1 backpack | Starter | N/A | Starter
1 set toiletries | | N/A | Starter
1 waterskin | N/A | Starter
1 eating knife | N/A | Starter
flint and steel | N/A | Starter
Battle Axe | N/A | Heirloom
Short Sword | 10GM | Starter
Face Pastes (2oz) | 2SM | Starter


Item | Gain/Loss | Total
Starter Money | +100GM | 100GM
Short Sword | -10GM | 90GM
Face Pastes | -2sm | 89GM 8SM


Skills and Lore

Skill List

Skill | Gain | Source | Total
Weapon: Battle Axe | 10XP | Starter | 10XP
Bodybuilding | 10XP | Starter | 10XP
Cooking | 10XP | Starter | 15XP
Tracking | 10XP, 5XP | Racial Bonus + Starter | 15XP
Wilderness Survival: Jungle| 10XP | Starter | 10XP
Hunting | 10XP | Starter | 10XP

Lore List

Lore of Religion: Myri
Lore of City: Taloba

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