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Postby Elizabet on June 9th, 2017, 1:13 pm


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years
Birthday: Spring, 495 AV
Birthplace: Syliras


Sunburnt nose and lips, fingernails chewed down to the quick, smudges of dirt here and there; Elizabet has never been one to care about looking pretty. Somewhat of a tomboy her entire life, she has always favored the side of practicality. She's never owned a dress, and makeup is alien. Her thick red hair manages to win every morning battle, untamable down to the last strand. Its curls are often braided out of the way or piled on top of her head. She considers her most endearing quality to be her freckles, but hates the stubborn baby fat persisting in her pale cheeks.

Elizabet appears younger than she really is and coupled with her short stature of only 5'2", struggles with her confidence as a woman. The swell of breasts often disappear beneath a loosely fitted shirt, giving her a somewhat androgynous figure at a distance. A slender neck and limbs, and the sway of her walk are some of her only obvious feminine qualities. Large hazel eyes offset her round youthful features with a glint of mischief and wisdom beyond her years, and faint, premature laugh lines at their corners hint at a frequent smile.

Character Concept

A bit of an eclectic or even eccentric person, Elizabet has a restless gypsy soul always seeking inspiration and new experiences. She is hardworking and gentle, but can be hotheaded and feisty when provoked. Her passions run away with her sometimes, though she isn't apologetic for these outbursts. Elizabet isn't the type of person to sell herself short, and she is proud for not letting a lonely childhood get the better of her.

She pours herself into her work with animals, preferring their company above all else. Deeply empathetic and sensitive, she takes solace in their quiet and soothing company. Elizabet has a hard time forming deep relationships with people around her because of her honesty and dislike for tradition or ritual. She wants what she wants, and doesn't like to beat around the bush to get it.

Although she can be a forward young woman, she does have a hard time communicating properly. She can be overwhelmed by her own emotions and the words become tangled on her tongue. This sometimes makes her seem cold and indifferent, or even angry. Having never grown up in an intimate family environment, she often struggles with intimacy as well. She tends to chase prospective partners off with her masculine demeanor and awkward mishandling of physical affection.

Character History

Elizabet grew up a ward of the city of Syliras. Having never met her parents, she claimed no surname and had the opportunity to pursue a lifestyle free from the pressures of expectation or tradition. As a result, she has grown up to be an unconventional young woman with no one to answer to but herself. Elizabet developed an interest in animals at an early age after spending most of her later childhood and adolescent years with a foster family at the Mithryn Outpost.

When she was old enough she moved back to the city to work at the Windmount Stables and began studying alternative therapies on the side. Elizabet had noted the popularity of such things as massage and various potions among the middle class, merchants, and military, but also the distinct lack of such treatments for working or companion animals. She studied equine anatomy and care for two years before branching out into other fields.

The following two years were spent in an apprenticeship at the Soothing Water Bathhouse, where Elizabet trained in massage and the basics of medicine and herbalism. She returned to Windmount Stables for a short period to work with the Tiaden horses but found herself growing more restless by the day. It wasn't long before Eliza was seeking something new, or rather, someplace new. She was tired of living of behind walls every day, ruled by the structure of Syliras.

After a few seasons of planning and pondering she decided to travel west to Endrykas, when they were closest to Sylira during the peak of summer for trade. Experiencing a new culture and working with the grassland horses would be an exciting next step in her life. So she packed her things, sold her home, and purchased a spot in a caravan en route to the tent city.


Skill Total Proficiency Misc.
Massage 15 Novice 15 RB
Weapon: Dagger 10 Novice 10 SP
Animal Husbandry 10 Novice 10 SP
Riding: Horse 10 Novice 10 SP
Medicine 5 Novice 5 SP
Herbalism 5 Novice 5 SP
Horsemanship 5 Novice 5 SP
Wilderness Survival: Plains 5 Novice 5 SP

Fluent Language: Common
Poor Language: Pavi


Lore of Equine Anatomy
Lore of Massage: Relaxation Routine


-Linen Shirt
-Cotton Pants
-Wool Cloak
-Leather Boots
-Leather Belt
Belt Pouch
-Flint & Steel
-100 ft. of Rope
-Wood Comb
-Wood Brush
-Soap Bar
-1 Week of Food
-Fork, Spoon, & Knife
-25 Pieces of Parchment
-1 oz. Vial of Ink
-2 Quills


Eliza rotates setting up camp on the fringes of the Opal, Amethyst, and Emerald Clans respectively. Each movement of the city leads her to find a new spot as she grows accustomed to the regular migration across the plains as well as searches for clients.

Four-person Tent
Large Tarp
Hooded Lantern
2 Torches
2 Winter Blankets
Animal Groomer's Toolkit
Mountain Pony (Heirloom)
-Riding Saddle
-Saddle Pad
-Breast Collar
-Bit & Bridle
-Large Saddlebags


Purchase Cost Total
Rollover # 459.3.94 GM

Pre-Creation :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Funds # 100 GM
Sold House +500 GM 600 GM
Compass -75 GM 525 GM
Four-person Tent -10 GM 515 GM
Large Tarp -5 GM 510 GM
100 ft. Rope -2 GM 508 GM
Hooded Lantern -7 GM 501 GM
1 pt. of Oil -1 SM 500.9 GM
2 Torches -4 CM 499.9.96 GM
Bedroll -1 SM 499.8.96 GM
2 Winter Blankets -1 GM 498.8.96 GM
Riding Saddle -10 GM 488.8.96 GM
Saddle Pad -1 GM 487.8.96 GM
Breast Collar -5 GM 482.8.96 GM
Bit & Bridle -2 GM 480.8.96 GM
Large Saddlebags -8 GM 472.8.96 GM
Halter & Lead -5 SM 472.3.96 GM
Animal Groomer's Toolkit -10 GM 462.3.96 GM
Dagger -2 GM 460.3.96 GM
Scabbard -2 GM 458.3.96 GM
Leather Belt -1 GM 457.3.96 GM
Belt Pouch -1 GM 456.3.96 GM
25 Pieces of Parchment -5 GM 451.3.96 GM
1 oz. Vial of Ink -1 GM 450.3.96 GM
2 Quills -1 GM 449.3.96 GM
Table Spoon -1 CM 449.3.95 GM
Table Fork -1 CM 449.3.94 GM

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Postby Gossamer on June 13th, 2017, 1:26 am

Moderator Intervention

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