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Postby Vikktor on June 16th, 2017, 7:00 pm

Vikktor (Waterguide)

Physical Information
Nickname – None currently, but was called Vikki as a child
Race – Svefra
Birthday – 4th of Spring, 496AV, in the Suvan Sea
Age – 21 years old
Gender – Male
Orientation – Romantic or sexually, anything goes
Languages – Vikktor is fluent in Common, having learnt it as a child and now speaking it on a daily basis. He remembers basic Fratava, learning it as a child as his native tongue but having lose some of it due to its complexity and the fact that he hasn’t spoken it for years. He knows a poor amount of Vani, learning it from travellers that would joining the Svefra parties on the shore.
Religion - Vikktor no longer worships Gods. He grew up following Laviku but grew to resent him and the Suvan Sea. He also grew up with a negative view of Rhysol but now no longer sees things that way. Having spent time around people with polar views on Rhysol, he has come to the conclusion that his best choice is to go along with the worshipers of Rhysol. During his time in Ravok he has grown to appreciate Rhysol’s protection and will occasionally leave some form of sacrifice in gratitude for the shelter he receives in the city.
Current City: Ravok
Current Job: Artist
Life goal – None yet
Career goal – None yet

Vikktor’s eyes are the ocean blue of all Svefra. He is 6ft tall and muscular, his larger size characteristic of Svefra due to the availability of food growing up in the Suvan Sea.
He wears layered, brightly coloured clothing as his clothing taste comes from Svefra style. His clothes are all made of course wool. From lowest layer up he wear common undergarments, then light green trousers. He has a plain tunic with a small light blue sash around the waist. Over that he wears a red shirt that buttons up, with dark blue hems down the buttoned centre, and keeps only the centre two buttons done up. Over that he has a light blue jacket, open with no buttons. He also has a thick red scarf.
Vikktor also wears a black hooded cloak which does up around his neck over his clothing, so that he stands out less among the dark clothes Ravok population. When he really wants to blend in he’ll wear his plain shirt and trousers under his cloak only.
He has a Pod tattoo of a dolphin over his shoulders, received when he turned fifteen, that he covers up as much as possible to avoid the prejudice against Svefra that he knows from growing up.
Permanent Injuries
Injuries This Season
None yet

Character Concept
Vikktor is the sort of man who wouldn’t murder someone but would stand chuckling in the background. He has a flare for dramatic irony, which sent him to live in a city his family would have hated and to live on the water despite turning his back from the Suvan Sea. He has attempted to break his connection to his people, but still retains some Svefran mannerisms. He considers wherever he is currently his home, making it easy to settle into a new place. He also sees himself as having more in common with marine animals of the Suvan than other humans, his attempts to change this thwarted by not trusting people enough to connect with them. He still believes that whales and dolphins are just as smart as the sentient species. He has retained his suspicion of outsiders and strangers, despite no longer having a core group that he does trust. The concept of marriage and of not accepting whatever relationship grouping people choose, is very odd to him. Without much to do other than harassing other ships and getting up to onshore mischief as he grew up, he had very little feeling of responsibility. He has maintained this, it increasing more without the need to forage for food or help raise children. He has lost his love of parties and social events, it fading as his resentment to Laviku and the culture he inspired grew, and is too suspicious of the people surrounding him in Ravok to take joy in them. He does love to watch Ravok’s slave fights.

Vikktor was named after Avikki birds, following the naming convention of his Pod for first names to be connected to animals. Vikktor travelled the Suvan Sea with his Pod in his youth. Their Lia, the Pod matriarch, was his mother’s mother. His last name comes from hers. He was raised, along with the other children of his Pod, collectively by all the adults.
As a boy he enjoyed the times his Pod would raid trading ships for fun. He also loved to play tricks with the other children during Nal’lyeo occurrences, happy to reconnect with friends and prove how clever his tricks and mischievous plans were compared to the others’.
His family were all marked by Laviku bar him. This meant his pull to the water was not as strong as his family’s. They, like all other Pods, raised and trained Avikki birds to carry messages to other Pods. Throughout his life Vikktor has maintained the belief taught to him as a child that these birds can see all that other Avikki have seen and that that is how they find their way to other Pods. His pod often escorted other hired ships across the Sea, everyone joining for the fun of the trip.
At twelve years old his mother gave birth to a baby with green eyes. Vikktor had been excited to meet his new sibling, to teach them their ways. However, the child’s eyes meant it was cast back into the sea. This was a pivotal moment, where he started to question his culture and the way they followed Laviku. Until then he hadn’t questioned his lifestyle, but this moment of questioning whether it was right to cast out a child to drown just because of its eye colour lead him to question everything else. He grew to hate his own eyes, their blue a reminder that he can never escape his ties to Laviku and the sea. Shortly after this he began the slow turn against Laviku, starting with questioning why they returned the baby to the God, moving to question why he was the sole member of his Pod to not be marked, and finally resenting Laviku for a combination of what the Svefra did in his name and for the fact that he wasn’t marked.
At fifteen years old he got his Pod’s tattoo due to the expected tradition. He didn’t particularly want it but as far as he knew he would be with his Pod for life and so there was no way to reject it.
Shortly after he turned sixteen years old, in 512, the massive djed storm killed off his Pod, finally giving him the reason he needed to leave the Suvan Sea. When he left the Suvan Sea he also stopped introducing himself with his last name, rejecting its nod to Laviku. However, he keeps it out of respect of his Lia, something ingrained in him that he has still not been able to cast away. He did cast aside his ship, previously considered an extension of his soul, as an outward act of rejection of the culture he grew up in and that past part of his life. He has settled on the assumption that his family deserved what they got, unable to stand them by the time they died. He now hates the nickname Vikki for its reminder of who he was.
Vikktor left the Sea for Syliras in Spring 512. He lived there until the start of Winter 512, when he left for Nyka. He lived in Nyka until the start of Summer 513, and then left for Ravok. He has lived in Ravok since Fall 513.
Vikktor had an interesting time adjusting to Ravok, learning many new cultural rules. He learnt the rules quickly and abides by them to have a quiet life. He understands the trade method of bartering skills and items, and doesn’t like the use of mizas that he had to get used to in Ravok.
Fall 513 – The constant small storms and city issues were no concern to Vikktor, who was trying to integrate himself and applying to be a citizen.
Winter 513 – The Rising Dawn execution excited him, making him begin to find interest in the city issues. He liked watching the festivities, but unlike when he was a child, he didn’t participate. He found amusement in the brawl that broke out on the third festivity, but as he was waiting to become an official citizen he made sure to maintain a low profile and not get involved.
Spring 514 – Vikktor believed the giant fish that caused the decreased fishing and odd bird behaviour was due to Laviku. His resentment for the God grew and he had a bad season feeling like he would never escape him. He couldn’t help but feel like he was being punished for leaving the Suvan Sea, so became more suspicious of anything going on around him.
Summer 514 – As an official citizen of Ravok, he didn’t care that the non-citizens were being sacrificed to the monster. In fact, having seen undesirable babies being drowned under Laviku’s name, he hoped the sacrifices would convince Laviku to leave the city alone. He heard the rumours that the shooting star meant Rhysol would help deal with the monster and was curious to see whether that would actually happen.
Fall 514 – He didn’t join the prayers to Rhysol to fight the monster, but continued to believe it was sent by Laviku and so avoided making physical contact with the water as much as possible in his paranoia. The emergence of the Freshwater Ivyess from the Lake made him feel as if Laviku was trying to creep even closer to him, to drag him back to his past. He resented the Ivyess for appearing and felt more unified with the citizens of Ravok in that feeling, despite the resentment coming from a different reason.
Winter 514 – On the 6th a party went to kill the monster and Vikktor hoped they would be successful, believing if the monster was dealt with then Laviku’s grip on him from his past would be weakened.
Spring 515 – Vikktor’s paranoia let up a little with the lack of sightings of the monster. He began to believe that Rhysol’s protection over the city drove both the beast and Laviku away. This was the turning point for him to not only accept, but now appreciate Rhysol’s domain.

Family – As far as he knows all members of his Pod are dead. His mother’s mother was the Lia. His mother had her first child at 16 and her last child at 35.

Skill Level Source Ability
Swimming 10 10 Start Novice
Sailing 10 10 Racial Novice
Painting 10 10 Start Novice
Carpentry 10 5 Start Novice
Fishing 5 5 Start Novice
Fraudulence 5 5 Start Novice
Weapon skills: Cutlass 5 5 Start Novice
Wilderness Survival: Ocean 5 5 Start Novice

City Layout

Growing up in a Svefra Pod

1 common trousers
1 common shirt
1 common undergarments
1 cloak
1 set of boots
Family heirloom – woodcarver’s tookit - This includes a variety of chisels and uniquely shaped blades purposed specifically to carve and shape wood, both hard and soft.
Loaded dice (This pair of six-sided dice are weighted on one side so that they almost always land on six. Crafted from ivory.)

In an NHC unit near the Plaza of Dark Desires. The house contains:
-Average wooden bedframe and a mattress stuffed with shredded cattails
-Average wooden wardrobe
-Small wooden table and two plain wooden chairs
-Small metal brazier for cooking
-2 Average wooden shelf sets
-Average wash basin
-Privy with a plain wooden bench and a chamber pot
Wooden washboard
One person tent
Winter blanket

1 waterskin
1 backpack (1 comb, 1 brush, 1 razor, 1 soap)
Food for a week
Eating knife

1 Season of Art Supplies (2 detailed brushes, 2 small brushes, 2 medium brushes, 2 large brushes, different sized canvases, small bowls, 10 sticks of charcoal, different colour paints, paint binder, wooden pallete, 10 ink sticks – all brushes made from ox hair, paints made from organic pigment extracts, binder made from animal hide and oils)
Flint and Steel
Cutlass sword
Fishing pole
Fishing net 25sqft
Local lumber for carving

Reason Date Transaction Total
Starting N/A +100gm 100gm
Starting Possessions N/A -61gm 2sm 38gm 8sm

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