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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Sakel Event] Ecstasy and Joy (Robinson/Open)

Postby Syllyssandevanna on July 24th, 2017, 1:50 pm

Summer 62, 517

Brown eyes with slitted pupils fell upon each sweating person here in the Zhongjie Warren. It must be terrible to be warm blooded during a heat wave like this one caused by Morwen. Deva, on the other hand, was loving it. Passing through the hot crowds, mentally trying to absorb more of this glorious heat, thanking Syna for her loving, feminine embrace. Black flowing dress swished as she left the Warren, with nothing more than a sack and a basket for today.

Step after sandalled step, she slipped through the thick, humid air as easily as she might glide through the grasses as a snake. Deva had started the day, with every intention of gathering stones from the beach, hence the sack, in order to make more ghost beads. And yet now she found herself aimlessly walking the road on the upper tier, following whichever whim took her over.

Walking past the Cora Apartments, the sounds of children at play filled the air. Normally she'd find herself annoyed by such a racket, but today, that didn't seem to be the case. Maybe she was just in too good of a mood. Stopping, she peered into the court yard of the apartments, her Sakel, the young boy named Robin, standing behind her, unseen to all, including Deva. Watching the children play made her heart flutter, and she laughed, and it didn't seem strange to her. The Sakel reached out, and as Deva continued to laugh, and smile, and just enjoy this moment, the Sakel pulled this emotion from her. Not all of it, just enough that it wouldn't ruin the moment.

As the moment passed, Deva still giddy, moved on. The next structure was a particular favorite of hers. Not for the architecture, but rather what the building contained. The red door to Kyole's Butcher Shop called to her, and she couldn't say no, not today. Robin smiled, knowing he'd gather so much energy today. The wave of herbs and spices washed over Deva, and she nearly melted. How was today so blissful? Not that she was complaining, anything but.

Eyes of chocolate falling on the dark, amethyst man, she smirked, and bit her lip a bit. Kyole was always a pleasure to look upon, but today, he looked even better. Was it that his clothes were covered in blood from his work? Or that he smiled as she entered? Stepping further into the shop, her eyes broke from his, glancing at the goods he sold. Steaks hung from hooks, sausage linked into coiled piles, fish staring out confused. For a carnivore as her, it was almost a buffet, one she might indulge in if she had the coin.

Leaning over the counter, eyelids heavy with desire for this man and his meats, "Good afternoon Kyole. Do you have anything... sssspecial for a sssserpent like me?" Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched his eyes, hoping he'd look down the front of her dress. But the man turned away as he spoke, and she huffed a bit, "Don't I always, Deva?"

He plucked a steak from a hook, and wrapped it up, and grabbed a few links of sausage. Turning back toward the Dhani woman, his eyes fell to the valley between her breasts, and she nearly moaned under his appreciative gaze. Robin took a lot of energy from her on that one, smiling broadly. Resuming his professional manner, his eyes found hers, "Four golds. A nice beef steak and pork sausage for my favorite snake."

He offered his hand to accept the coin, and Deva slipped the golds into it. As she did, she let her hand move further up his muscular forearm, her senses on fire from this cacophany of bliss. "Thank you sssso much Kyole." Taking the wrapped meat, she slipped them into her basket, and left the shop, looking up and down the street, wondering where the wind might take her next. Maybe she could find someone or something interesting to keep this... spark of pleasure burning.
Receipt :
-1 SM, Basket, Medium
-1 SM, Sack, Empty
-3 GM, Beef, Corned, 1lb
-1 GM, Pork, Sausage, 1lb
-4 GM, 2 SM

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[Sakel Event] Ecstasy and Joy (Robinson/Open)

Postby Robinson Gilli on July 26th, 2017, 10:44 am

He had no explanation for this, truly he didn’t. Even as he wandered the roads he just had this inexplicable feeling flowing through him. Truly, he was amused in a way he was never before. He didn’t mind that even though it felt like his jaw could just leap off and hit somebody in the eye. Weherever he looked, he just seemed to be filled with warmth and a wish to… giggle? No that wasn’t quite the word if only for masculine reasons.

No, the better word was to chuckle. Everything seemed to make him laugh and he’d absolutely no explanation for it. It just did. A memory in him sparked reminding him that he woke up normal. He’d gotten clothed, ate his breakfast and went to get his archery training in as usual outside of town. A routine hardly deviated from since his arrival into Riverfall.

But then, he felt a warmth of joy. Elation, positivity, whatever you want to call it possessed him as he entered town. It started a tug of his lips, an expanding of his cheeks. At times it was a chortle or a giggle. And others it was simply a guffaw, breaking into laughing hysterics. Every little thing to set him off but in differing degrees and he honestly felt nothing wrong with that.

Despite all the odd looks, sometimes dirty, he laughed all the same as his boots hit the path beneath him. He kept on moving wondering what else could make him laugh. And many things did it seemed no matter how..

Eventually he needed to stop, to breath. Yet even then he could feel laughter well up inside him. And somewhere in the distance something watched with its own brand of amusement as it fed. The presence malign yet observant as kin spread their own malign actions elsewhere.

Their food toys in a design they know not of.
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