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Emeror Toad The adventurer

Postby Emeror Toad on July 27th, 2017, 5:32 pm

Appearance: 5' 11", 125 pounds, white skin color, blue eyes, Brown hair.
Race: Human, Svefra
Birthday and age: :486 AV (23 years old)
Gender: Male
Physical description:
Emeror Toad is a scrawny and very pale young man, skinny, and little to no muscle. He has blue eyes and brown, wavy hair. Even though he is a Svefra, he is very weak, due to his poor upbringing.
Personality: Emeror Toad is a very, very extreme coward, willing to escape battles at the first sign of availability. He is willing to fight for money, though. He is very nervous, and due to his cowardice, he isn't very good at small talk.
Ethics: He believes in Svefra ethics.
Language: Fluent: Fratava.
Basic: Common
Skills: Reimancy: 20/100 (Starting package)
Shielding: 20/100 (starting package)
Flux: 10/100 (starting package)
Possessions: Simple pants, simple shirt, simple shoes and a coat.
(Starting package)
Fish carving (Family heirloom)
100 gold mizas (starting coin.)
Housing: 20x20 cottage beside the Suvan Sea.
If i made any mistakes, please let me know.
Emeror Toad
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