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Postby Syresshvassydir on August 2nd, 2017, 6:38 am

Syresshvassydir (Sydir)


Race: Dhani, reticulated python
Gender: Male.
Age: 103
Birthday: 21, Spring, 414.
Birthplace: Falyndar Constrictor nest

Snake form: Sydir’s snake form is a true behemoth spanning the length of six large human men laid head-to-foot, and weighing nearly as much as three of the same. His serpentine skull is shaped like a blunt arrowhead, equipped with elastic jaws containing a total of three rows of wicked, backward-pointing teeth, each about the length of a human index finger. Set to either side and slightly atop his imposing jaws are his two large, emerald-green eyes, set with black serpentine pupils. His base color is a deep olive green, with an intricate reticulated pattern of golden diamonds running the length of his back, split evenly in two by a black stripe that follows his spine. His belly scales are a rich, creamy yellow. On dry land, Sydir is quite sluggish in this form, except when striking prey. In the water, without having to support his own massive girth, Sydir is able to move with fluidity and grace, if not with great speed.

Dhani form: In Dhani form, Sydir retains his serpentine head and all its attendant features, with a foot of thick but flexible neck before his body widens into powerful shoulders set atop an equally broad chest. Sprouting from his shoulders like low branches of a tree trunk, Sydir’s Dhani arms are roped in thick muscle and end in fists the size of a human child’s skull. Beneath his pectorals, Sydir’s torso gradually narrows in a V-shape over another two feet to merge with the lower two-thirds of his serpent body. While he retains his basic color pattern in this form, Sydir’s shoulders and arms take on his dark, reticulated pattern, while his chest and abdomen retain the creamy yellow of his belly scales. Sydir generally carries himself so that his serpentine lower body remains partially coiled beneath his torso, allowing him to ‘stand’ at approximately seven feet tall, with the remaining thirteen-feet of his lower body arranged however is most convenient for him. In this form, Sydir’s upper body can be surprisingly agile, though actually moving his massive body from one place to another takes considerable time and effort.
Strength ComparisonIn his Dhani form, Sydir is roughly four times as strong as an average adult male human. I choose to gauge this with deadlifts: the average man can deadlift (ground to above the head) approx. 1.25x their bodyweight, making this 5x for Sydir in his Dhani form

Human form: Even when in human form, Sydir cuts an imposing figure. Standing at six-foot-three, his head is crowned with a long, straight mane of pitch-black hair which frames his chiseled, nearly-square jaw and drapes over his shoulders. Though his skin is a deep bronze color, his eyes retain the brilliant green of his other forms, though his pupils are now circular, as any other human’s. His cheek-bones are set low, giving his overall face a rectangular shape. Sydir’s human torso is essentially a scaled-down version of his Dhani form, though now covered in human flesh rather than serpent’s scales. The biggest difference is that his torso no longer narrows, giving his body what would most accurately be described as a barrel-shape. For Sydir, the biggest change here is the addition of legs. While just as strong as his arms, if not more so, in this form, Sydir finds them an ungainly method of travel, though he does begrudgingly admit that walking is much, much faster than moving in either of his other two forms.
Strength ComparisonIn his human form, Sydir is roughly twice as strong as an average adult male human. I choose to gauge this with deadlifts: the average man can deadlift (ground to above the head) approx. 1.25x their bodyweight, making this 2.5x for Sydir in his human form

In the Fall of 517 :
Sydir has a noticeable scar on his left cheek, clearly visible in all forms. He has two long, thing scars along his back and one calf (rear left flank in snake/Dhani). This trio of scars were inflicted on the 2nd of the season.

Character Concept

Despite being raised in the communal environment of the Zinrah nest, Sydir himself has never held much affection for dusty old things like customs or traditions. He has always been brash and impulsive by Dhani standards, though after a century of age, his perception of time gives him the illusion of patience from the human perspective. While he was never particularly religious himself, some of Sydir’s fondest memories are those of “preparing” sacrifices to Siku, the serpent-goddess. The lives of lesser creatures means nothing to him, and he makes little distinction between the various races. The sole exception to this policy is Myrians, whom Sydir hates with a blazing passion. His favorite past-time, especially since his enslavement, consists of envisioning new, creative, and most of all, painful ways to make a Myrian scream for mercy. In addition to good old-fashioned torture, Sydir enjoys exploring his newly-acquired human form, though he mentally chafes at how small it is. Sydir has plenty of the typical Dhani vanity, and while he’s still working out how best to adorn his human form, Sydir loves to spend time admiring the beauty of his scales in either Dhani or serpent form. As a relative newcomer to “civilized” society, Sydir’s manners are virtually non-existent, and prefers to speak direct and to the point. Not one for grandiose statements, his lies and deceptions are usually those of omission.

Character History

Spring 414: Hatched in Zinrah nest to Sevessyrahsyresshva
Summer 440: First shifts into Dhani form, a relatively late bloomer (age 26)
Fall 440 - Winter 464: Youngling stage, spends time learning to hunt solo and accompanied, instructed in basics of Dhani wrestling as an art form
Spring 465: Allowed to join first hunting party, take part in sacrificial rituals (age 51)
Summer 465 - Fall 513: Continues life in Zinrah as normal, though focuses more on wrestling and body maintenance now as a form of combat
Winter 513: First shift into human form, a relatively early bloomer (age 99)
Spring 514 - Fall 516: Spends time becoming acquainted with human form, particularly in regards to wrestling. Begins study of Common during this time as well
Fall 516 (Late): During a hunt, becomes separated from hunting party and is captured by a group of slavers
Winter 516 - Spring 517: Is transported by slavers from Zinrah to Alvadas, then across the Suvan to Syliras, before heading north once more to Ravok;
Summer 517 (Late): Sydir arrives in Ravok as a slave, marked for sale in the fighting markets


Fluent Language: Snake-tongue (Native)
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language:


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wrestling 10 RB, 20 SP 30 Competent
Brawling 15 SP 15 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10 SP 3XP 13 Novice
Intimidation 5 SP 3XP 8 Novice
Acting 2XP 2 Novice
Observation 2XP2Novice


Wrestling: Using the Human Form
Brawling: How to Take a Punch
The Pit: One sided fights are about entertainment, not skill
The powerless feel powerful when adored by crowds
The Pit: Sunberthan Crimjnals are booed
Dhani are called 'half-men' and 'monsters' in Ravok
Keeping an opponent disarmed is usually an advantage


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots

Heirloom: A large, full-sized cape made from the leathered skin of slain Myrians and trimmed with their hair, given to him as a celebration of mastering all three forms.


Location: Ravok

House: To be Determined

Slaves are not allowed ledgers


NPC Owners :
Name: Jati
Race: Human
DoB: Winter 24, 586 AV
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Mercenary
Skills: Longsword 65, Shortsword 58, Dual Wield 49, Tactics 45, Leadership 41, Dancing 34
Gnosis: 1 Mark of Myri
Additional Info: Jati is the first born of the 'Lionesses of Sylira', the fraternal twin sisters that plagued caravans around the region. They were given that title by other slavers that were jealous of their daring and combat abilities. The pair were born in Riverfall, and trained under a close family friend, one of the many Akalak men there.

Jati was shown to be the more natural leader of the two, she quickly realized the two of them could make much more money by going elsewhere. So her and her sister left Cyphrus and began their nomadic journey around the Sylira region. It didn't take long for the cities to learn of them, and to this day Syliras still maintains a rather large bounty on the two, especially after their raiding of a small patrol unit on the edge of the Knights' realm, nabbing several squires and pages into slavery, and leaving a handful of knights dead, stripped of all belongings.

But the two are deciding to settle down into more of a management position, and are looking to employ other slavers. So they moved to Ravok, and have begun setting up their own slave ring. Jati was quick to see the potential when the Northern Outpost began to flourish, and is currently staking her claim there. Whereas her sister prefers to handle slaves, Jati prefers to handle slavers, guards, mercenaries, and merchants.

Name: Kati
Race: Human
DoB: Winter 24, 586 AV
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Mercenary
Skills: Battleaxe 69, Dual Wield 64, Unarmed Combat 58, Wrestling 54, Cooking 48, Flux 42
Gnosis: 1 Mark of Wysar
Additional Info: Kati is the second born sister of the 'Lionesses of Sylira', the fraternal twin sisters that plagued caravans around the region. They were given that title by other slavers that were jealous of their daring and combat abilities. The pair were born in Riverfall, and trained under a close family friend, one of the many Akalak men there.

Kati was never the leader type, for she very rarely ever speaks, she is the brawn to her sister's brains. She trained twice as often as her sister, and when the pair left Riverfall to go into slavery in Sylira, she took to it with a frenzied blood thirst. She gave no quarter to anyone who held a weapon to her, and the only people who lived after being defeated by her were those that her sister deemed worthwhile slaves.

When the sisters came to Ravok to settle down into a more comfortable business prospect, Kati used her funds to buy a share of The Pit. Kati is always present at slave auctions, looking for strong fighting slaves, to be used as guards, combat fodder, and to assist mercenaries that wished to purchase them. She trains the slaves she buys, and her sister manages where they go when ready.

Created by Kayak

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OOC Info
Patterned After: Reticulated python
General Description: The longest snake in the world, and among the top three largest; Rare but instances of human fatality, including ingestion, have been recorded. As large snakes, they can be slow on land, but they are capable swimmers.
Length: 10-20 feet for the average, healthy adult, record length of 33 feet reported
Weight: 250lbs, with the heaviest recorded being 350lbs
Coloring: Olive-green, dark geen, black and gold; characteristic diamond pattern and black stripe along the spine; this pattern resembles netting, giving the reticulated (netlike) python its name
Fangs: None, the reticulated python has rows of sharp, backwards-facing teeth that remain fixed in their position. There are two rows on the upper jaw and one on the lower jaw. Their fangs are primarily designed to grip and hold prey in place while the mandibles and throat muscles do the heavy lifting of ingestion.
Temperament: These snakes are considered highly intelligent, and as such their temperament can vary greatly by individuals. They have a popular reputation as being ill-tempered, but generations of captive breeding have produced more docile animals. In the wild, reticulated pythons are ambush predators, lying in wait patiently for just the right moment to strike.
Diet: Reticulated pythons prey mostly on mammals, though may also dine on birds and other reptiles. As a general rule of thumb, they can prey up to ¼ of their size in length, and up to their own weight.
Defenses: When threatened, reticulated pythons may lash out with a vicious bite, in addition to coiling their bodies around their heads so as to keep them protected. When they intend to kill, reticulated pythons use their massive bodies to squeeze their victim until the heart can no longer pump blood and the creature loses circulation.
Venom: None

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