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Postby Penina on August 15th, 2017, 4:01 am




Race: Pycon
Gender: Female
Age: Three
Birthday: 32, Spring, 514.
Birthplace: Zeltiva

Appearance: A foot-long living sculpture of muddy clay shaped to look like an otter. Their features are greatly simplified and amateurish but they take a great amount of pride in how they distribute the different colours of their clay to more closely match the form they emulate. The fine details change day to day as they undergo drying and wetting cycles demanded by their work.

Penina doesn't wear much in the way of clothes except for an apron when she's working.

✨Character Concept✨

Gleeful is how some might describe Penina. If you ask the sailors she tagged along with they're more likely to answer 'haphazard.' Either way she's enthusiastic and difficult to keep in any one place for too long without going stir crazy. This does lead to plenty of situations where she gets in over her head but the natural resilience of her race is a fair credit to her continued survival. In part that stubborn strength of clay and the desire to know its limitations so she can refine her form led her down the path of a ceramist. She managed to apply herself for awhile before the call of adventure carried her to the frontier where she hopes to prove how essential clay products are! Also to find customers that don't mind their goods being just practical.

✨Character History✨

Penina grew up in Zeltiva with parents that inspired adventure. They told her of the distant places they'd both sailed to and as soon as she could writhe and wriggle around she was getting into grand adventures like listening to sailors in bars or looking out over the city from atop the mast of a fishing trawler. Once she even managed to be carried out to sea without anyone noticing the roundish lump of clay. It was at that time she saw otters splashing in kelp beds and banging rocks together and started assuming her first form.

Similarly in her explorations of the city she found herself drawn to the fires of artisans. Not the fires of those with ringing metal and polished steel but of the fires that hardened clay and brought out their hidden hues while serving many purposes. Fancifully she drew many comparisons to herself, of course. It may have been these daydreams that saw her train amongst potters, dodging wandering hands amongst spinning wheels and some less than funny jokes about being fired herself.

But the wandering mind of a Pycon is soon followed by the wandering body. Departing from her parents, friends, mentors, and beloved Zeltiva in the summer of 516 she rode amongst trade ships and worked in ports till she reached the end of the civilized world, in a place not even her well-traveled parents told tales of. Arriving in Syka with nothing she can't carry, she's got big dreams of leaving her mark.


Fluent Language: Common
Poor Language: Fratava


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Pottery # 20 SP # 20 Novice
Sailing # 10 SP # 10 Novice
Stealth # 10 SP # 10 Novice
Sculpting # 5 SP # 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat # 5 SP # 5 Novice
Escape Artist # 10 RB # 10 Novice


Basic Lore of Harameus
How to Throw a Basic Pot


1 Apron
1 Waterskin
1 Tiny Knife
1 Py-Pole (Heirloom)
1 Backpack which contains:
-Clay (1 Week's worth)
-Flint & Steel
-Tiny Potter's Toolkit
1 Tiny One-Person Tent
1 Tiny Hatchet
1 Tiny Shovel
577 Gold Mizas
2 Silver Mizas



Location: The Beach. Frankly she has no idea how she'd ever use something as big as five acres. That's huge! She'd much rather live in someone's closet or a nice chest. Until then, a tent on the beach'll do.

House: A small canvas tent that could easily be mistaken for something that washed up on the shore. Its only saved by the fact its up too high on the beach and marked by the partially-finished projects of its resident.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100.00 GM
Housing +500 GM 600.00 GM
Tiny Potter's Toolkit -18.75 GM 581.25 GM
Tiny Shovel -1.5 GM 579.75 GM
Tiny Hatchet -.45 GM 579.30 GM
Tiny Knife -.5 GM 578.8 GM
Tiny One-Person Tent -1.5 GM 577.30 GM
Bedroll -.1 GM 577.20 GM

✨Thread List✨


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