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Postby Morst on September 4th, 2017, 2:43 pm

Storm – Morst
Gender: Male
Race: Akvatari
Eye Color: Misty Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Wing Color: Black
Fin Color: Black
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 165lb
Age: 17
Birthdate: 15 Spring 517 AV
Birthplace: Abura
Residence: Alvadas
The Backstory:
Secret :
Perpetual darkness pursued the night of his birth. The earth wept and the sea boiled from the rain. A chasing hunter thundered after it’s prey. None could escape times march, and so time thrust into the world an Akvatari. Through the grace of birth another cursed existence bound in the veil of darkness of the world was embraced. The world had seen much destruction before his birth, and hugged him deeply, for his wings and tail were that of darkness itself.

A proved existence reflected through the colors chosen for him. Through the valleys and the passages of Abura, all those of similar existence shunned his. For he was alone, his creators but a whisper in the wind, and haunted him through memories. They tore at his mind making him mourn his own existence. For time, itself was the predator. To that time, he cursed at his own vile existence. He wanted no part of it. His only solace was that of the sky, and so he flew into the darkness himself. Engulfed once more by a storm. The earth wept, and he flew atop it. He hovered above the crying sky, and time was eluded.

The storm had ended in a flash of light before his eyes. His heart pounded, his chest expanded and deflated the quickest it ever had. So, he realized that everything had its end, and he was going to fly into his. He denounced his brethren and picked up the things that could tie his memory to the place, and departed. His memory would not haunt his brethren like his memories had haunted him. So he flew, hard earned possessives in hand, as high as his darkened wings could.

In his selfishness, he had forgotten about the one bond he had made while there in Abura. A friend of the sky, and one that would keep his company. A Bubu Blackistoni. He knew little of why the bird had decided to attach itself to him, but the secrets of his birth were that of one the whole universe decided to hide. As this owl was his father’s. Many a night would they hoot their miseries together before feasting, and sharing in their love of fish. With not even a name to his heirloom, the two set out as individuals escaping time where they could.

Extended Backstory:
Secret :
There are many unusual things in this world. The most mysterious is existence itself. For one such born to the world, his existence was the most unusual of all. He was different from those around him. The difference had always followed him, and was born into his family, but his secret was far much more than his mere existence could comprehend.

Born of a place like no other in Mizahar; A fantastic world of many queries in the city of Abura, of a race unparalleled to any other; The Akvatari, humanoid creatures with a lower body of a seal, and wings much like butterflies. Though for Morst, his circumstance was inevitable.

Through his birth a meaningless prophecy, maybe even a fake one, but those willing to believe anything can conjure existence. Through Morst’s existence a darkness of incomparable amount of futures. His father would to believe that it was just birthing complications.
“Dangers of darkness will birth to one as dark as an absent sky. Misfortune and dangers unseen will be of evils within, until evil is to find an existence of its own and dark turns to red.”
The prophecy spoken from an unknown Akvatari, whose history and claim upon the world so too is unknown.

A few moments after his birth, Morst, already took his first life. Never to know remember his first kill.

He wouldn’t remember his second either, as his father was tasked with the fate of ridding him of his gifts. An Akvatari of such proportions of melancholy to also bear witness to bloodlust was doomed to a living without air or water, and so his father was to rid him of his fins and his wings.

Time had festered on his father, and eventually the sadness of losing his life-long partner was too much of a burden.

By then Morst was 8 Arcs in to his depressing life, and despite Lhex throwing his existence into a cruel joke, he had shown no signs of the prophesied bloodlust. The fact that people see only what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear was the problem, for his father had sealed his mind shut a long time ago, upon his wives last dying tears.

Another storm conjured its wake into Abur, and upon that cruel night – his father was reminded of the unpleasant memories, and what was said to him.
“Spirit of sky, of sea – a beast taken form of blood and darkness, and so malevolent forces compel peaceful spirits – through to should spirit be ripped – no harm will fall.”

It was on that once again thunderous night, that his father had taken his son’s prized weapon, a snake spear. A weapon of death and destruction, one that held legend locked in from a sad song, and attempted to thrust it into his son as he stirred from nightmares in his sleep. So to would Lhex smile once again, when spear reached the heavens to ensnare the indulgence of crime – a wave from the storm crashed upon the rocky shores – waking Morst and thwarting his father’s intentions.

The boy did not give it another thought. His crystal blue eyes shined through the darkness and turned the metal against his father. In the struggle the blade crashed downward, cleaving his not-so-beloved family in half. It was inevitable, and once again Lhex smiled at the strange creature, meanwhile Zulrav laughed and cast Morst to Laviku.

With despair Laviku did not accept the offering and cast Morst aside. To the deep depths the murderer sank, and is those deep depths he had washed away his memories of the tragedy.

Re-emerging as if spat out by the god of sea, Morst flew off, not remembering that his father had died, but for the years to come he was tormented in his dreams. As if Nysel was tormenting him through his forsaken memories.

It was then he took on sculpting, recreating things that only wicked dreams could conjure into the world. For this he was shunned once again from his kin. From this he was discarded even more due to the mysterious nature of his father’s disappearance. He had always blamed himself, though for a different reason. That his difference from everyone else had driven his father to want to escape his own son’s isolation.

Secret :
The best way to describe Morst is his name. An enigmatic twisted storm with a flurry of emotions. He was rejected by the very society to which his lonesome race belonged to. His mantra generally is to reject that which rejects him, and as such he lived an even lonelier existence than most. He barely spoke to those around him, and when he did it was shockingly crude.

Since he had a plethora of time to himself, he philosophized about everything. Those who met eyes with him knew that he needn’t speak, for most of the time just looking into his eyes was enough to communicate what needed said.

Blackistoni: A defiant bird after the passing of his father. Very noisy and outspoken about everything. Will often annoy Morst in every aspect possible, as he does not yet understand how to properly care for Blackistoni yet. As such the owl takes revenge from his master’s ill care. Occasionally the bird would do something so unpredictable and ridiculous, some would say they saw Morst as if he wanted to smile afterwards.

Secret :
When time would fight with Morst he would find himself overwhelmingly bored. As such he would take clay, sand, soil, and anything that could be formed into something and try to meld it into something. Most of the time this would take the form of the owl that mocked him so many a night, and at other times he would attempt things like a hand, or something of nature nearby. However, he would never keep his sculptors and would return them back from whence they came.

Secret :
Perhaps the only time that Morst feels as if he is accomplishing something. He started the practice from a necessity – and when he heard of the legend of the snake spear, he made sure he got his hands on one. Most of the time he would dive carelessly into the depths of a large body of water, flying violently at it and then would use his fins and wings to propel his spear into a fish and re-emerge.

Most of the time the annoying owl Blackistoni would steal his first catch.

Details from the writer:
Secret :
I originally decided that I would roll for a character and location. As the events of my real life had caused my main characters “Shimoje,” “Alice Draer,” and “Epifanio Snowsong” to fall off the speeding bandwagon. As such I started to research the Akvatari, to which I was surprised that I couldn’t find a lot of lore on them at all. It proved to be a challenge both for character concept and for writing style.

Above all else, I enjoy challenges, and this is one that should prove to be engaging. As the writer of a dark brooding hunk of a sea-wing creature I would love to include some varying writing styles. I plan to include deep first person, deep third person, and omniscient writing styles with him. The three styles I tend to shun away from.

I plan on including at least 10 flashbacks to properly RP his backstory, just because it is such a fun one. This should include the transpiring of his arrival to Alvadas, and what made him choose to stay!


Lore: Weapon – Snake Spear: Legend
Lore: Blackistoni: The large owl that won’t leave me alone

Heirloom: Trained Blackistoni Owl 50gm
Special Gifts:
Flying – able to hover for extended periods, fly with cruising speed of 40mph – or 60mph in bursts
Swimming- agile and fast swimmer, able to be underwater for periods of 6 hours with sustained speed of up to 10-15mph
Fishing: Spear: 10SP - 10
Sculpting: 10RB+20SP- 30
Weapon: Snake Spear: 10SP – 10
Falconry: 5SP -5
Birdkeeping 5SP- 5
Starting funds - 100GM
Carving Axe (1GM) – 99GM
Carpenter’s Axe (1GM) – 98GM
Charcoal 10stick (5CM) – 97 GM 9SM 95CM
Small Brush (1SM) – 97 GM 8 SM 95CM
Large Brush (6CM) – 97 GM 8 SM 89 CM
Tiny Brush (5SM) – 97 GM 3 SM 89 CM
Medium Brush (8CM) – 97 GM 3 SM 81 CM
Paint Pigment black (5SM) – 96 GM 8 SM 81 CM
Snake Spear (20GM) – 76 GM 8 SM 81 CM
Cashed in housing (500GM) - 576 GM 8 SM 81CM
• 1 Set of Clothing
• 1 Waterskin
• 1 Backpack which contains:
o 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
o Food for a week
o 1 eating knife
o Flint & Steel

Current living arrangements in Alvadas: Poor Style, with self-sustainment for being a Akvatar, Homeless – but stays close to the Verylna’s Emerald Pond. This is because it is often quiet and lonesome there. (might rp a home for him later)
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