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Jon Howard Character Sheet

Postby Jon Howard on November 5th, 2017, 3:36 am

Name: Jonathan "the Fox" Howard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21 years old
Birthdate: 62nd of Fall, 496 AV

Physical Appearance
Jon stands as a tall yet slender man, one barely able to wield a sword but tall enough to see over a crowd. His oblong face is topped with unruly and messed blond hair, long enough to reach the nape of his neck. His eyes are a turquoise shade, and his skin so pale he could blend in with snow. The backs of his hands are marked with long scars from the wrists to the area between his middle and ring fingers.

Jon himself is a charming yet cunning individual. Rather than get into a physical confrontation, he'd prefer instead to best his opponents with words than steel. He bows to no lord, nor expects any bows in return. However, his temper is easily raised to harmful and explosive levels should he be provoked without being in a state where he could usually fight such words; thus, one can fan any already-present embers of rage and anger into a firestorm.

Jon was born to unloving parents who pushed him aside, preferring instead to pay attention to his older, more masculine, and stronger brother, Richard. When he first fully noticed, he protested against his parents repeatedly. This went so far as to have Jon wish to prove himself to his parents by fighting Richard. Jon, despite the formal training Richard had, held up fairly well. However, the fight went from a straight fistfight to Richard wielding a dagger and striking Jon with its pommel. Once Jon was on the ground, though not unconscious, Richard gave Jon two cuts on his hand that became the scars Jon now bears.
Seeing his clear defeat, Jon submitted to his role below Richard. This was when, rather than face a field he would never be able to out-compete Richard in, he went into something more subtle: The arts of intrigue, rhetoric, and speech. He read any text he could get his hands on and studied every word. Every trick of subtlety and persuasion of his, he learned from some speech that was said, or from a family friend who understood his plight.
He turned cynical and sarcastic over time, seeking only to gain for himself through means of guile rather than means he saw as barbaric and uncultured, those being of "might makes right" and those of criminal thievery and theft. He eventually earned the nickname "the Fox" for these acts. One of his most impressive achievements (and one he would like to repeat, though knows he couldn't) was his convincing of a local shopkeeper to give him an entire leg of a goat for no cost to him. Later, when the merchant realized his mistake, he ordered a trial of the Fox. Yet, Jon managed to convince the judge of his innocence and even managed to convince him of how the shopkeeper he'd essentially stolen from had even lied and slandered his name. Though, he did also accomplish this through not an inconsiderable amount of bribery, though no one needed to know that except for him and the judge.
However, this village was already now under his thumb, and so now he seeks a higher position.

Character Equipment
-Simple red tunic
-Simple pants
-Dark maroon cloak
-Simple shoes
Full waterskin
-Straight razor, soap
-Loaf of bread
-Eating knife
-Flint & steel
100 gold-rimmed mizas

Family Heirloom
A simple steel buckler (stolen from Richard just before leaving)

Small tent, bedroll & blanket, lantern

Fluent: Common
Basic: Isur
Poor: Kontinese


Intelligence: 10
Rhetoric: 5
Negotiation: 15
Politics: 5
Subterfuge: 15

Lore of the Art of Speech
Lore of Subterfuge

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