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Postby Feja on December 3rd, 2017, 7:38 am


Dra Feja

Name: (Dra) Feja
Age: 20
Birthday: 20th day of Summer 497AV
Race: Half Symestrian Half Human (Inarta)
Gender: Female
Languages: Fluent: Symenos Basic: Common Tongue Poor: Nari

Birthplace: Kallinor
Current location: Alvadas
Accommodation: Apartment in Alvadas



Feja is extreamly tall and skinny. She stands at almost 6' and weighs almost nothing. She has the awkward long arms of the Symenestra as well as the long black nails and ashen skin, however like the Inarta she has fiery red hair that falls like a mane around her face. her skin is smattered with freckles from her head to her toes. Her shoulders are very narrow and you can tell she lacks much fat or muscle. Her bust is very slight and her hips are quite narrow.

Her face is quite expressive. In some lights her face seems to be all sharp angles, but other times one would notice the soft smile and the youthfulness she takes care to hide. Her eyes, usually ringed by kohl, are a burnt ember colour. Usually you could find Feja with some kind of makeup on her face. She loves bright colours and wears them as often as possible. Despite appearing very frail she holds herself with confidence when she moves, never dropping eyecontact or staring at her feet.




Dra-Feja is pleasent, polite and fairly easy to get along with. She is very independent and never asks for help unless she absolutely has to. She is always nice upon meeting someone unless they offen her in which she will usually brush them off and move on with her day. Feja has a calm personality, and doesn't tend to get angry very easily. She has a lot of pacients, and is good at teaching others things because of this. She finds it difficult to speak to people about their personal lives, because opening up to those she is fond of comes with a risk of heartbreak, and she isn't sure she can deal with it again.

Feja hides a lot within her shell. You wouldn't know this about her as she appears as confident as they come to those who don't know her. She is good with her words, she is good at controlling her facial expressions and she is quick with her wit. She rejoices in revelry, and having a laugh with others whom she likes but when things get serious she tends to run away.

She fells lost with no ties to this world. Family, and being family orientated has always been in her blood but any family she had is dead, or unavailable to her, she feels she has no ties anymore. Often lonely, she will find stranger who she thinks are attractive, bed them, and leave them just to feel a sense of closeness to somebody for a moment.

When Feja is angry she is very cold and unforgiving. Her eyes become intense, she barely speaks, and when she does it is in a very low, controlled growl.




Feja was born to a mother who did not want her. Her mother connived Feja with a trader from wind reach who had visited Kalinor due to a long held curiosity about the place. The two of them had shared a drunken night together and things had gone back to Feja's mothers house. Upon finding out that she was pregnant from her mistake, she immediately began throwing around accusations that the traveler had her against her will to protect her honor. Instead of disowning her, her friends pitied her and she didn't lose any face. When Feja was born she was named Dra and her mother was nothing but cold towards her.

The whole of Kalinor seemed to be against her. Growing up was unpleasant and the girl was very lonely. The young Dra tried to make herself useful. She learned how to weave silk because it was her mothers profession in desperate attempt to become closer to her. Feja also loved the beautiful colours and fabrics, the profession felt natural to her. Still, she was treated as an outsider despite this being her home, so upon her 13th birthday she left Kallinor. Her mother, although she acted the way she did, must have held some love for her because she agreed to see the girl safely to windreach. The two of them went on a fairly long, arduas journey together. In her younger years, her mother had been quite adventurous, and had explored the mountains.

Since the two were along away from societal pressure, and since their survival directly rested upon one another, they inevitably bonded. At one point in the trip they were attacked by a mountain lion. Feja's mother was unable to get to her bow in time so the young girl screamed to get it's attention, calling it to attack her instead. The great beast was about to get its jaws around her head when an arrow pierced into it's lungs and it collapsed. That night, mother and daughter finally grew to love one another. feja's mother broke down, apologizing for the way she had treated her daughter all these years, and Feja forgave her.

When the pair finally arrived at windreach, Feja's mother did not venture past the gate. She told Feja her fathers name and said she did not wish to see him, then she returned home. The goodbye wasn't tearful, her mother seemed to be prepairing to grow strong and guarded again for Kallinor. She gave the young girl her hunting knife, told her to be strong, and bid her good luck, then she was gone into the peaks.

Feja expected to live with her father in windreach, but as it turned out he had grown sick and passed away not 1 year before her arrival. Feja did not cry, but she did feel like now there would always be a mystery never solved. And now, unable to go back home, the little girl had to fit in with a new society, one even harsher than her home.

Feja was put in with the other kids, she was given a bryda and Vinati, and put into the system with the other kids. Most of them were not very nice to Feja, but she was used to being different, and she dealt well with it. She did get into a few fights but often she lost because the other kids were stronger and her body had always been naturally very slight, so she had to use her brains to win others over. She became quite charming and well spoken. Mostly using common tongue, and getting to know Nari as best she could. It was a hard language, but it was necessary she become good at it.

Feja was told that she must find a profession or she would become a Dek. The young girl observed the Dek when she was a Yasi, and saw how people treated them. It reminded her a lot of what she went through as a child, but it was worse. Much, much worse. Most of these Drudges were crippled or had some kind of deformity so they could not work. Even commoners like cooks and nursery teachers were somewhat looked down upon. The hierarchy was very apparent. Feja was confident she could easily become an apprentice in this city. She had the advantage that she had prior skill upon coming here. But her best friend Lina was well on her way to becoming a Dek. She was slow, her eyes were bad and she couldn't see things far away very well, and she wasn't particularly good at anything. But god did she try. She tried hunting and very nearly impaled one of her fellow Yasi, safe to say they didn't want her after that, she tried glassblowing and ended up crippling her hand with burns, she even tried looking after the birds but she didn't get on well with them. If there was one thing she was good at it was singing, but she was far to timid to ever sing for anyone but Feja. She was the kindest girl Feja had ever met but she wasn't cut out for this place. So, when they both turned 15, Feja was invited to become a seamstress, and was set to have a decent life, where as Lina was to mop floors and sleep rough.

Feja made the decision to leave the city with her. Once again she was out in the unforgiving, and this time she was the one caring for a girl the equivalent of a small child. Feja got quite irate with the girl at times because she was just so careless. She didn't understand rationing food and ate when she was hungry until Feja yelled at her. She just froze when she was scared and did not move to save herself from the wild beasts, Feja had to do it. it was a wonder the two made it to their target, Alvadas, the city on the crossroads. Perhaps Lina wasn't good at survival or hunting, but she was good company, she was very funny, she lifted the mood and her voice was magic. Feja never romantically involved herself with this girl on the travels, but she had wanted too a few times. Lina was beautiful in her own way. She brought joy to Feja when she was feeling down.

The two of them made it to Alvadas. They stayed in an apartment with one small bed and took turns sleeping on the floor each night because they didn't exactly have the money for a bigger one. It took a long time for Feja to confess her feelings were more than friendship. She knew that Lina would never do it. Feja and Lina finally spent a night on that one bed together, and then, for whatever reason the next day, Lina was gone. She did not come home after she finished busking. Worried sick, Feja searched the city, asked everyone who knew her. No one could tell her where she went, only that she had left the city with a red-headed man.

Ever since, Feja has stayed away from romantic relationships and deep friendships. She had no idea why her love had left with someone else, but she believed she'd been betrayed, after everything she did for the girl. Feja wasn't stupid enough to go looking for her in the unforgiving. She could be anywhere and she didn't know how to track. Feja was forced to let her go, and move on with her life, just as she had let her mother go, and the idea of having a father as well.

Feja has been living a simple life since then, working in Alvadas's best tailor shop The Tattered Thread. She hasn't really ever gotten extreamly attached to anyone since then. She liked her boss for a while but it faded as she pushed it down, she is pleasant to people as a part of necessity, but she feels somewhat empty.



Skills and Lore

Weaving 10 10 0 20XP
Embroidering 5 0 0 5XP
Tailoring 5 0 0 5XP
Wilderness survival: Mountain 10 0 0 10XP
Weapon: Dagger 10 0 0 10XP
Flirting 10 0 0 10XP

Lore Description
Lore of City: Alvadas
Lore of Inarten Culture

Items and Ledger

Category Item Description
Clothing blouse White puffy blouse with a high neck and billowy sleeves (SP)
Clothing Floor length skirt Colorful patterns in the shape of flowers and lines(SP)
Clothing Simple red linen dress Red linen dress (Bought)
Clothing Ankle boots A pair of worn black ankle boots (SP)
Clothing Black Slippers A simple pair of soft soled black slipper shoes (Bought)
Clothing Simple white undergarments Two piece undergarments (SP)
Clothing Black winter cloak Long black cloak with a hood (SP)
Beauty Comb Simple wood comb (SP)
Beauty Brush Simple hairbrush (SP)
Beauty Soap A block of odorless soap (SP)
Beauty kohl 2 sticks of Kohl (Bought)
Beauty Lip Pomade Maroon Lip Pomade (Bought)
Beauty razor For shaving hair (SP)
Beauty Face paste shimmery pink powder for the eyelids (Bought)
Essentials Flint and Steel For starting fires (SP)
Essentials Waterskin Waterskin, well used (SP)
Essentials Eating knife slightly chipped (SP)
Essentials Food for a week Cured meats, fruits and nuts (SP)
Weapons Dagger Has her name carved into the hilt by her mother,(Hairloom)
Weapons Game Knife For skinning animals (Bought)

Clothing ref :

Item Gain/Loss Total
Starting Money +100GM 100GM
Lip Pomade -1SM 99GM 9SM
Kohl -1SM 99GM 8SM
Face Paste -1SM 99GM 7SM
Linen Dress 8SM 98GM 9SM
Slippers 1SM 98GM 8SM
Game knife 3CM 98GM 7SM 97CM

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