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Postby Kaimana on December 29th, 2017, 11:45 pm

a sixteen-year-old charoda boy from Charbosi, born 60 Spring, 501 A.V.

Kaimana is tiny even by charoda standards, topping off at 4 feet 11 inches. His smooth, rubbery skin is the colour of emeralds, and his “hair” is a single dorsal fin curling upward from the back of his head. It ends in a twirled tip, reminiscent of a ram’s horn. His eyes are normal-sized by charoda standards i.e. uncommonly large, and slightly darker than his skin. He’s thin and scrawny but stronger than he looks, likely due to his underwater upbringing. Above water he moves quickly and quietly, always bubbling over with energy which he channels into constant bouncing, fidgeting, and spinning.

Kaimana is an inquisitive spirit. He nurtures a special kind of awe for the world, breathless and gut-deep. For better or for worse, this means Kaimana never stops asking questions, verbally peppering his peers ‘til they tire of him and sic him onto something else worthy of his attention. The charoda is also extremely tactile and generally does not realize people have boundaries -- physical or social -- until he has breached them. However, Kaimana is not one to become emotionally attached: affection is freely given and acquaintances are freely discarded. He is perfectly content with being nothing more than an amiable breeze to the people he meets, ruffling them fondly with curiosity and cheer before drifting on his way in pursuit of his next adventure.

Talkative and excitable, Kaimana’s energy is apparent in his interactions with people. He flits this way and that, more like a little bird than a creature of the sea. Some find it charming; others, simply annoying. Either way, he is largely unfettered by what people think of him. As well, his youth manifests in extreme naïveté. He is prone to making wildly-based assumptions and missing social nuances which require context of life outside Charbosi that he just doesn’t have. Fortunately, he is perfectly willing to acquire said context, whatever the cost may be.

Kaimana was one of ten charodae to hatch from his parents’ pouch. His was a large, hearty family, and his parents did their best to connect with each and every one of their children. Still, raising ten kids was a daunting task, so they received a lot of help from the surrounding community. While he technically had two parents, he had many more in practical effect and he grew up well-loved.

However, the invisible tether that existed between Kaimana and his family was not strong enough to keep him anchored to them. He stayed for another year after he completed his schooling at fifteen, spending more and more time away from home as his exploratory loops of the sea-deeps surrounding Charbosi grew in size and length. He remained friendly with his peers and his siblings, and he was a good son to his parents, but the relationships he fostered in his youth could not stop him from feeling the slow, inexorable pull toward what lay beyond the confines of the city.

It was no surprise when one day, quietly and unnoticed, Kaimana left.

language: Kaimana speaks fluent Char, basic Common, and poor Fratava.

. skill . total . experience
n. coral manipulation . 15 . 10 rb, 5 sp
n. foraging . 5 . 5 sp
n. stealth . 10 . 10 sp
n. weapon: trident . 5 . 5 sp
n. wilderness survival: sea . 25 . 25 sp

Charbosi culture
basic trident techniques (stick ‘em with the pointy bits)

housing: Kaimana is homeless; he sleeps in kelp forests along the ocean floor.

worn possessions
- a skin-tight pair of shorts, made of velispar leather
- a trident, made of bone; an heirloom
- a backpack, made of velispar leather, containing:
--- a waterskin
--- a shell, sharpened, to scrape skin clean
--- one week’s worth of kelp rations
--- an eating knife, made of bone
--- a watertight pouch, containing:
----- flint and steel
----- 600 gold mizas

+ 100 gm . starting package
+ 500 gm . homeless

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