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Gomer Caitiff

Postby Gomer Caitiff on January 5th, 2018, 9:08 am


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-one
Birthday: Sixth of Fall, 496 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas
At a Glance:
five feet and nine inches
athletic build
fine, thick hazelnut hair - kept longer on top than on the bottom
blue green eyes
criss crossing scars on the backs and palms of both hands and all his fingers up to roughly the curve of his elbows on both arms

His unkempt, hazelnut locks are kept longer on the top than they are at the bottom and have a tendency to twist and turn every which way at the slightest breeze. With strong, bold eyebrows kept in a perpetual, soft arch, Gomer's natural expression is a gentle one, regardless of the thoughts that might be milling about behind it. His nose is has a wide bridge, making it seem a bit larger than it actually is, with a slight bump in the middle where it healed from a break during his childhood. His mouth is wide and his jaw just slightly forward, giving his grin a wolfish appearance when coupled with his heavy hooded, sea-green eyes.

Little about Gomer suggests he puts much effort into his looks. Born into a family of handsome men and comely women, the effort was never really necessary - and he never took the time for it. His clothes are usually clean, though often wrinkled, unless he is on one of his many capricious expeditions through the streets of his beloved city - then, it is just as likely to find him covered with seemingly sentient mold as it is to find him in nothing but his small clothes and a healthy drenching of mud. He prefers to wear attire in which he can be mobile and active, forgoing anything with too many buttons and rarely ever lacing anything. His preferred colors are beige with splashes of lavenders and lilacs, making him a bit dull in comparison to most Alvads.

Always wrapped neatly around the index finger of his left hand is a small metal band embedded with Ionu's symbol in amethyst. His hands bear a myraid of little scars, similar what one might expect if one were to shove one's hand into a bush of brambles. The old injuries are thin and fine, difficult to notice from afar but very clear in good lighting if examined directly. Typically, he wears a loose fitted shirt with the sleeves rolled up, seemingly unfazed by his jungle of scars, and the drawstring removed, leather breeches, and boots with no strings when the weather is warm. When it is cold, he pulls over a baggy wool sweater and will sometimes tie a string around the top of his boots to keep the tongue from flapping and letting in all matter of chilly or otherwise undesirable weather.

Thanks to most of his time spent running around the varying climates and terrain of Alvadas, his body is toned and well used to the need to jump, roll, climb, and crawl his way around. He keeps his fingernails cut short, having learned the hard way that unexpected falls or walls that need to be climbed make quick work of anything that can be caught and torn. He bathes frequently, usually due more to needing one than reveling in personal hygiene, but he generally smells like a mix of soap, sweat, and whatever he's usually carrying around to be delivered.



Gentle in touch and smooth of voice, Gomer projects a confident but mellow presence. Though he and the far more impressive Godric Craven share the same blood, Gomer has never be able nor desired to command so striking a gaze nor erect so handsome a figure. Instead, he is inquisitive, often to be confused with (and sometimes better attributed to) impishness. Far preferring to hear about the lives (and unlives) of others, Gomer has a habit of answering questions with more questions, either until he moves the conversation away from himself and into a more comfortable area or ends it altogether.

Though quick to laugh and quicker to smile, Gomer often has about him a subtle melancholy. It is noticeable if one looks for it, in the way his eyes never quite light up in the way one might expect or how quickly his grins fade into the natural upward curve of his lips when he believes he no longer has the undivided focus of those to whom he is speaking. To avoid sinking into a fugue, he keeps himself busy, always seeming to restlessly wander from one thing to the next, and spends much of his free time carousing around the city, speaking with his fellow Alvads, and eagerly taking part in the games the city is so fond of playing.

While confident in his own right, Gomer acts differently around the Cravens. He is more subdued , not quite smiling but neither quite upset. It is like placing him under a glass, muffling his voice and his already diluted light. Respectful enough not to draw ire from any of the family but disorganized enough to be talked about with raised brows and shaking of heads on the rare occasion his name is brought up, he doesn't actively avoid the manor or the family that reside within it, however is never eager when it comes to his visits there.

Believing firmly that life is more than just when the flesh is inhabited, Gomer's conflicted relationship with spiritism often extends to those of his extended family as well. His only true friendships within the family are with his immediate - he loves his father and brother dearly, and, if it is within his power, will do what they ask of him as long as it not antithetical to who he is. Unaware of his brother's dark past time, he thinks very highly of Godric, and while he harbors a very faint jealousy towards him, at the forefront of his mind and heart is pride.


Born the second son of Rune Craven, the esteemed scrivener of the Craven family, to say expectations of him were high would be to make an understatement. It was not the sort of pressure one might have expected: as a father, Rune was already so busy with his scribal duties and, having never been all that skilled at social interactions, usually just talked to Gomer as if he were an adult; as a mother, Estelle was far more invested in Godric, not to any fault of her own, as he was so well behaved and smart in both appearance and ability. It was the rest of the family that, once Gomer was old enough to recognize the pity, concern, and worry in their disapproving frowns, that he realized he was meant to strive for greater things. Naturally curious, unlike his brother Godric, Gomer lacked natural talent. He tried to make up for it with dedication and careful study, but it seemed the harder he applied himself, the farther he fell behind.

It wasn't just that he stumbled so far behind his brother's progress while the other confidently strode into what many believed to be the spot of heir. Gomer didn't like spiritism - not the useful parts of it, anyhow. He loved speaking with benign spirits, listening to their stories, their woes and worries, but when it came to learning the trade, of making soulmist and imbuing weapons and objects, of weaving for his ethereal friends the duplicitous Lie, he struggled. He didn't understand why ghosts needed to move on, nor why the dangerous ones needed to be, gods forbid, dusted at all. To him, they were as much people as anyone else: a thought that had found its way into his head, perhaps in a dream, and set firm and thick roots into the fertile soil of his developing morality.

As he grew older and was initiated into the magic of projection by his family - more so because that had been what Godric had wanted, and he'd merely followed suit - he found the magic far more to his liking. Where spiritism was rife with a constant, aching pain in his chest as he thought about what everything was used for and who might be subjected to what, projection was freeing. Of course, it was far more dangerous a pursuit to practice, but the danger too excited him; where spiritism's risk was in an exertion of will over the unwilling, projection was a manifestation of one's own will. Like with spiritism, he did not show any natural talent for it, but he found himself spending his free time practicing the techniques taught to him, focusing on his astral body and freeing it of its bonds to his flesh and bone.

While he became more adept at projection over time, his studies in spiritism made little progress. Where Godric, the prodigy that he was, easily claimed his title of Craven, Gomer was never even considered. The rejection wounded him more than he thought it might. It did not change his view of what it was the Cravens did, but a part of him felt shame and frustration that his brother, whom he looked up to more than anyone, had so easily done something that he could not help but struggle with. This all before his mother returned, a shell of a person, having left word with her husband that she would return with something to help Gomer find his place among the Craven family.

The loss of who his mother had been further fueled his efforts to become a Craven, but it was more so out of guilt than any of the qualities the sisters held in high esteem. So, each year, he found himself passed over time and time again; it wore at him, his casual, kind humor becoming a diluted echo. Each failure chipping away at what little dedication he had left, until there was nothing left but the guilt and the ghost of who he had once been.

Thanks to his elder brother, who - in a way - forced Gomer out of the manor and to find a place where he could find a self outside of the family, he found a small cottage to call his own. At the time it appeared as a little tower in the middle of lake - ideal for what Gomer believed to be a place where he might focus on himself, on who he was meant to be -, though it seemed to have just been an escaped section of a larger building, as later seasons came to reveal. Much like his actively wandering home, Gomer took to the streets to take in the people and the lives that they lived. Having few tradable skills, he took up a job as a courier, as he found he loved spending his time traversing the city, and navigating the ever changing streets proved to be a far improvement from regurgitating glowing paste.


Still keeping with his present studies of projection, visiting the Craven Manor here and there, while seeking out both interest and reasonable danger, Gomer holds firm to quiet hopes that he might find himself somewhere within Ionu's city. That somewhere, someday, he might find what is it that makes him a Craven and be recognised as such; yet, he now believes that it is something to be discovered in its own time, and while he keeps up his training and always jumps at the opportunity to talk to willing spirits, he has finally found himself, once again, rather relaxed about the situation, finally free from the oppressive atmosphere of his family home and broken shadow of the woman he once called mother.


Skill EXP Total
Acrobatics 26 SP 26
Projection 15 RB, 11 SP 26

Skill EXP Total
Drawing 8 SP 8
Spiritism 5 SP 5

Fluent Language: Common

Lore of the History of the Cravens
Lore of Alvadas Underground

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Fine Wool Sweater (tunic) -15 SM 98 GM 5 SM
Leather Breeches -16 SM 96 GM 9 SM
Leather Boots (High) -10 SM 95 GM 9SM
Linen Shirt (x4) -4 SM 96 GM 5 SM
Linen Trousers (x2) -16 SM 94 GM 9 SM
Linen Undergarments (x6) -6 SM 94 GM 3 SM
Leather Belt -40 SM 90 GM 3 SM
Marzipan Pig -1 SM 90 GM 2 SM
Snow Mask -3 SM 89 GM 9 SM
Mixed Drink x2 -4 SM 89 GM 5 SM
Cow Ride -7 GM 82 GM 5 SM
Bread Bowl and Soup 2 SM 82 GM 3 SM
Snowball (Edible) x2 10 SM 81 GM 3 SM

House Key
Lavender Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt x3
Destroyed Linen Shirt
Linen Trousers x3
Linen Undergarments x7
Green Linen Cloak
Simple Boots
Leather Breeches
Leather Boots (High)
Wool Sweater
Backpack which contains:
Comb (wood)
Brush (wood)
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Heirloom: Simple silver ring with an amethyst cut into an inverted triangle embedded into it

House: Single room cottage of 20x20ft in Alvadas that includes a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and table.

ImageEstelle Caitiff

Gardening: 30
Singing: 20

Before the incident, Estelle was a powerful, driven woman with a soft spot for the awkward Rune and a shared interest between the two of them: the Cravens and the spirits they dealt with. Strength and wisdom, gentle snow and raging flame, their differences did not bother them and their mutual desire to better the family served as a strong bond. While immensely proud of her son, Godric, Estelle often made passing remarks that she wished she could ignite the same flame for success he seemed to hold in her younger son.Some time after Godric gained his well-earned title for Craven, and a handful of weeks before Gomer was expected to follow suit, Estelle left on what she told Rune was a "personal matter", though she borrowed a particularly potent piece of Paris' work and had Rune mix her up some soulmist beforehand. When she returned, days later, she was much changed. Her words were rambling and soft, eyes cloudy and uncertain. Neither the Cravens nor the healers they brought in were able to fix her broken mind, though they were able to make her more comfortable, allowing her reign over the Manor gardens, where she could chatter aimlessly away to the silent flowers, singing nonsense songs. Now, she is a timid creature, and if found outside of the comfort of her garden, she looks helplessly lost. She does still recognize Rune, but her children are as good as strangers to her.



34 Spring 512 - Meets the porcelain Madeira Craven
5/6 Fall 513 - Estelle returns but his mother does not
6 Fall 514 - After a year of being unable to impress the Cravens, Gomer ends it by falling apart in the gardens as he beings to sink into hopelessness over his mother's condition
Fall 515 - Leaves the Craven Manor
Fall 515/Present - Is much better away from Estelle and the Cravens, still visits but is more of his own person/still recedes back a bit when he's there

42 Spring 506 : Slices of Memory
Finding his younger brother an easy and willing target, Godric teaches Gomer a bloody new technique to help him cut through his mental blocks when it comes to information recall. As a result, his hands, wrists, and upper arms eventually come to be covered in a myriad of fine, silvery scars. While perhaps not the most conventional of means, Godric makes it a clear point that he is there to help; something Gomer is, above all else, thankful for. He agrees to keep their training a secret, glad to have found an ally in his elder brother, whom he has always looked up to.

23 Spring 511 : Passionate Possession

Stuck with Piers, a spirit left to him by his cousin Everard, Gomer's patience is slowly whittled away until he half-begrudingly acquiesces to the ghost's request for possession and subsequent intimate use of his body. Though only perfunctorily searching through Piers' memories, Gomer is surprised by Piers' aggravated response in what he believes to be a breach of his trust. After some discussion, Piers shares with Gomer the nature of his death and the reason he has yet to "pass on". Finding the ghost to be surprisingly human, Gomer reconsiders his personal stance in regard to how spirits should be treated, more inclined to view them as much as people as anyone living. He and Piers part on good terms, and Gomer invites him back to chat at any time, though he does not outright deny the possibility of something more than chats.

34 Spring 512 : Cousin Who Art Thou?

In progress...

6 Fall 514 : Changing Constance

A year after the loss of his mother's mind, Gomer confronts the stranger in the garden. Having spent the last year failing to impress the Craven sisters, he falls into despair over his own guilt. Blaming himself for his mother's condition, he tries to rekindle her memories of him with marzipan candy and a plea to her nostalgia. His efforts, like all the other tasks he's so far undertaken on what he believes to be her half, fall short. Breaking down on a stone bench in the Craven Manor's garden, when he finally leaves the garden, he has a run in with a strangely familiar man who appears to be a servant. After a short discussion, he helps Gomer to his room and offers him a final piece of advice as sleep sets in: "And remember: life goes on."

6 Fall 515 : Break to Mend

Another year, another series of failures. Gomer is called to his brother's room after having been avoiding him for the better part of the past year in the vain hope that the distance might spark within him some dormant competitiveness. No longer allowing Gomer to suffer alone, Godric convinces Gomer that he is there for him, no matter what, and will help him through his grief and guilt. Utilizing a similarly abusive technique, he breaks Gomer's nose but repairs the tentative void between them. At his behest, Gomer agrees to move out of the Manor and meet with Godric on a regular basis for further "conditioning". He believes that Godric is truly there for him, and in spite of the sound thrashing he receives, he finds himself not only in gratitude to Godric but a willing debt as well. Though still struggling with his shortcomings, he finds himself hopeful for the future with Godric's aid.

6 Fall 515 : When What Was Isn't

An entire year spent under the careful tutelage of his elder brother, the pair return to the Craven Manor to measure how much progress Gomer has made in regard to the woman who was Estelle. Things seem promising at the start, but Gomer quickly buckles when the woman's behaviors appear to be dangerously similar to those of his mother. Rather than being filled with guilt or sadness, he reacts with something akin to rage, and though Godric restrains and calms him, he seems to be pleased. Though frustrated with himself, when Godric suggests they reclaim the birthday tradition of exchanging candy with one another as Gomer used to do with his mother, Godric offers Gomer a little marzipan fox. While Gomer expresses guilt over not having had the foresight to buy a candy creature for his brother, Godric uses it as an opportunity to ask Gomer to promise him his aide no matter the reason when he is called upon. Gomer readily agrees and shortly after learns his elder brother is not nearly as fond of marzipan as he. Though they leave the Manor separately, Gomer still feels as though he has made progress and is further emboldened by his brother's apparent promises that he will continue to work with him and strive, together, to make peace with what happened to their mother.

3 Winter 517 : Through Sleet and Snow

Finding himself trapped by the unexpected snow at the beginning of the season, Gomer passes the time by practicing his projection. After the surprising discovery that he is, in fact, not trapped, he heads to work at the request of a coworker. Receiving a nearly unmarked parcel to deliver, he chases after a purple platypus he spots in a snowy plaza. The creature leads him to none other than the intended recipient: a young woman skilled in camouflage who declares herself "Penelope". While he receives his payment, he is left with far more questions and answers.

40 Winter 517 :Shimmer and Shine

In Progress...

52 Winter 517 : Don't Be Cowed

Finding himself embroiled in a cow race, Gomer uses the tools available to him to eek out a personal win. Though not leaving the track unscathed, he finds himself in high spirits. His curiosity getting the better of him, Gomer wanders down a veritable labyrinth of alleys to find himself in a barren square, confronted by a ghost who demands he call her "Your Lady". Though unable to convince the specter to reveal herself, she does begrudgingly alert him to the fact that there is an unconscious women in the square as well. Leaving with the well dressed, blonde haired woman, Gomer delivers her to Ionu's Mercy, though he does not wait around for her to wake.

54 Winter 517 : Thank You and You

Still nursing a fading headache and poor night's sleep from his bovine escapades, Gomer finds the city's quirky nature especially aggravating. After having a package refused, in spite of the woman being the proper recipient, he is reminded to take comfort in the little things. Enjoying a deceptively sweet bowl of soup, he spends some times eavesdropping on conversations, picking up snippets about someone who saved the Serpent and earned some manner of recompense for the effort. Shortly after, he formally meets Silke Silskind, the woman he saved a few days before. She recounts how she searched for him, and he in turn relays the events of the day when he found her. He agrees to expect her calling upon him sometime in the future before departing. Unbeknownst to Gomer, as he leaves her home, she quietly whispers to herself: "Estelle Caitiff?"

70 Winter 517 : Sing Your Heart Out

In Progress...

71 Winter 517 : Born to Make History...?

In Progress...

85 Winter 517 : Eye Spy

Searching for water in a city filled with unmeltable snow, Gomer enlists the assistance of a Jamouran women, asking her to lower him into a well to see if there is any water at the bottom to be drawn. Unfortunately, the rope suspending him breaks and he plummets into the Underground. Running into a trio of odd but equally dangerous characters, Gomer is able to defend himself, though not without a shallow dagger cut to his left side and a hasty detachment resulting in a pinching pain in the knuckles of his right hand. Though fairly certain both the large man known as "Crusher" and the hissing, robed woman were blinded in his defense, none of them died, as he clearly remembered the more diminutive "Nobones" spluttering on the ground as he retreated deeper into the fiery Underground.

85 Winter 517 : Hot Feet

Fighting against his fatigue and trying not to dwell on the details of his recent scuffle, Gomer searches for a way out of the Underground. Eventually, he comes across a boiling waterfall and, with the aid of his astral feet, fills his waterskin with the much needed liquid. Squeezing through a crack in the wall, he makes his way back the surface, where he is reunited with his worried Jamouran companion and escorted to Ionu's Mercy.

86 Winter 517 : Afterward

Waking up in Ionu's Mercy in the middle of the night, Gomer is relieved to find his wounds tended. Though he struggles with some minor night terrors, he eventually falls back asleep. When next he wakes, he has an odd conversation with a peculiar nurse who sends him off with a bottle of krolar paste and instructions on proper application. Upon reaching his home, Gomer collapses on his bed, too tired to fret over the events of the past two days.
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