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Postby Zukai on January 5th, 2018, 10:32 pm


Name: Zukai of the Broken Spear Clan
Age: 15 years (Summer 30, 502)
Race: Myrian
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Taloba, Falynder
Occupation: Dragoon of the Sun's Birth
Gnosis: Prowess (level 1)
Languages: Myrian, Fluent; Common, Basic

Personality: Zukai is a typical Myrian teen. She is normally very calm and tries to keep her "viscous" nature in check within the city. The girl is determined and ready to work no matter who is in her way.

Skill Experience Total
Cleaning +1 1
Endurance +1 1
Intelligence 5 SP 5
Interrogation +2 +1 3
Intimidation +1 +1 2
Larceny 5 SP 5
Leadership 5 SP 5
Morningstar 10 SP 10
Observation +4 +4 8
Planning +1 1
Running +1 1
Socialization +1 +1 2
Stealth 5 SP +1 +1 7
Tracking 10 RB 10
Unarmed Combat 10 SP 10
Weapon- Longbow +1 1
Weapon- Kopis 10 SP 10

History: Zukai was born in Taloba to her mother Gira of the Broken Spear clan. The girl was trained from a young age to work hard like all her other clansmen. Soon it was time for her coming of age ritual. The girl was proud to stand before her people to complete her trial. Once Myri was satisfied with her ability, the girl was allowed to do the blooding ritual. Shortly after the young Myrian was gifted with her goddess' mark. Since she was still young and could not join the army, Gira took her daughter from Taloba. The mother wanted her abilities to grow away from their home then return come her sixteenth birthday. After several seasons they arrived in Sunberth. The child joined in the Sun's Birth early on after arriving within the city.


Location: Silvertongue's Silver Tongue
Longsword: Using back muscles for the longsword
Longsword: Can get stuck in the opponent
Myrian Culture
The Sun's Birth
Observation: Easier to watch people from an upstairs window
Stealth: Listening through a door
Stealth: Quieter without boots
Endurance: Keep moving or muscles could seize up
Corine: Not short with her
Corine: Is acting suspicious
Cosette: Accepts unorthodox methods if it keeps her shop safe

Housing: Barracks of the Sun's Birth

Heirloom: her father's Kopis

Winter 517
Item Credit/Debt Total
Staring Package 100 GM 100 GM
Wages Winter 517 +276 GM 376 GM
Winter 517 Ex. -145 GM 231 GM
Spring 517 Ex. -145 GM 86 GM

- 1 set of clothes (shirt, pants, boots, cloak)
- 1 Kopis
- 1 Morningstar
- 1 waterskin
- 1 backpack
- 1 set of toiletries (brush, comb, razor, soap)
- 1 week of food
- 1 eating knife
- Flint and Knife
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