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Postby Aspen Coolwater on January 7th, 2018, 11:12 pm

Aspen Coolwater

Race: Vantha
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Gender: Male
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 50 Winter, 496
Birthplace: Avanthal
Gnosis: Morwen
Location: Syka


Aspen is a taller than average, standing at 175cm, and has a lean but muscular build. He is clearly athletic and used to being under much stress, but years of eating ‘just enough’ have given him a slightly gaunt look. His skin is a mid olive hue. Aspen’s face is stark and angular, with heavy jaw and cheekbones, and it is clear that there is not any spare fat on him. His hair is a deep black, but tends to appear blue black due to its affinity for reflecting the darker shades of blue. It tends to ruffle itself up, and Aspen usually covers it up with a hood, a habit he picked up living in Avanthal.
Aspen’s eyes are a shade of deep lapiz blue, and have an angular look which makes it look like he's constantly studying whatever he stares at. His lips are rosebud escque, with a dark millenial pink blush. His face is normally set in either a harsh focus on whatever has caught his interest, or in a soft, more curious look, as thinks. He tends to wander between these two extremes with little from either side.
Currently, Aspen is wearing a linen cowl wrapped loosely around his head, hiding all his hair and casting his face into as much shadow as possible. He is wearing loose linen clothes, wearing a black tabard with dark green breeches. His leather boots go about 6 inches above his ankles, and he is carrying a large backpack on his back at all times.

Like all Vantha, Aspen's eyes change colour slightly depending on his mood. A rough colour guide is as follows:

Black: High adreneline situations
Yellow: Scared/defensive
Gold: Enamoured
Silver: Reminscent/Lost in memories
Grey - Pensive/Thoughtful
Purple - Happy/positive emotions
Emerald green: Sad/general negative emotions
Yellow: Scared/defensive
Pale Blue/White - Angry


Aspen is quiet and introspective when you first meet him, and in truth he never loses that. He tends to be cautious and restrained, normally opting for the diplomatic route, and always prefers actions over words. With an intellectual mind, Aspen seeks out others with intelligence or passion, always looking to learn more and further himself. Aspen is a strong traditionalist with a sexist twinge, he is strongly passionate about protecting women, and will put himself in incredible danger to try and assist, even if it is not needed. Aspen has an aura of calm around him, and is very analytical, but has problems talking in crowded situations or tolerating people for a long time.

Character Concept

Aspen is a young man looking to prove himself and achieve success. Having the soul of a wanderer but a strong and dutiful mindset, Aspen is conflicted between what his head and what his hearts want.

Character History

Aspen’s father was a Coolwater, while his mother was a Whitevine, which wasn’t really a problem among the Vantha. Both incredibly passionate about their chosen holds, the couple decided to split their time among both of their holds, until the birth of Aspen made settling down an essential. A tense coin flip later, the couple found themselves living in Coolwater, where Aspen would live up to the age of six. Aspen loved the Coolwater hold, and would hang around the dock for hours at a time, begging to be taken whaling with the others. It was during that time Aspen first noticed the Icewatch, and his childish instinct made him long to be one of the great warriors he saw guarding the city.
A season after Aspen had turned six, his father was savaged by a wild animal, and bled out. Haunted by his death, his mother returned to the Whitevine Hold with Aspen and her one-year-old baby, Eira. His mother tried to train Aspen in the ways of herbalism, allowing the young boy to assist her in treating injuries that came her way, however it was clear that what Aspen was most interested in was the daring stories that her casualties told. Aspen quickly developed a reputation as a hard worker, although the second he finished his duties he would be off exploring his home town, on the docks or watching the Ice Watch train. After six odd years of living in Whitevine, Aspen decided to run away to Coolwater, being taken in by the family of one of his father’s old friends. While his mother was distraught at him leaving, Aspen remained firm, and would spend the next five years training in the Coolwater hold.
It was during this time Aspen began his obsession with Morwen, and becoming her champion. Aspen saw the power Morwen had, and how she could use it to help and protect, and began worshipping the Goddess, dedicated to serving her. The abundance of his gnosis had made it hard to appreciate when Aspen was younger, but now, it led to him feeling chosen, wanted for something greater, and he decided it was his destiny to serve her. Torn between his need to follow his father’s legacy and his devotion to Morwen, Aspen planned on joining the Icewatch when he turned twenty.
When he had turned seventeen however, Aspen decided to head south on adventure, desperate to prove himself and to stand out among the Icewatch. The city was safe, he felt, and the way to prove himself to Morwen was to spread her message and do good in the warm South below. So Aspen took out his savings, found a caravan, and started travelling.
Aspen was twenty years old when Morwen refused to leave Avanthal, and Aspen found himself far away from home, with a warrant on his head. Although his faith in Morwen was shaken, Aspen was convinced that her decision was right, and decided to move further south, in hopes of reaching the isolated city of Syka, which he hoped the news hadn’t yet reached. As the next winter came, Aspen began to feel his doubts in Morwen growing, especially as he saw less and less Vantha in his path. Rumors of what was happening in Avanthal spread south, and Aspen attempted to turn around, to make the long way back North to try and help his kinsfolk. It took all of his skill and luck to make it as far as he did, but after a week of trudging towards the north star, with too many near misses under his belt, Aspen resigned himself to the fact he couldn’t get home. Not in this state. So he wrapped his cowl tighter around his face, lifted the backpack higher on his shoulders, and continued his trudge southwards.


Aspen's Gnosis is the North Star
, which was given to him by Morwen on the day of his birth. The marking is in pure white, that never tans, contrasting greatly with his olive skin. The star is placed just under his collarbone on his right hand side, and is about 2 inches long, and an inch wide.
It is usually covered up, previously due to the cold enviroment Aspen lived in, but nowdays in order to hide his true identity.
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Postby Aspen Coolwater on January 8th, 2018, 1:32 am


Fluent Language: Vani
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: N/A


Skill Experience Total
SkillXP T

Skill Experience Total
SkillXP T

Skill Experience Total
SkillXP T

Skill Experience Total
Astronomy5SP 5
Carving 10 RB 10
Disguise 9SP 9
Fletching7SP 7
Fishing10SP 10
Medicine5SP 5
Hunting 8SP 8
Wilderness Survival (Ice/Tundra) 6SP 6



Lore of Morwen's religion
Lore of Vantha Culture
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Postby Aspen Coolwater on January 8th, 2018, 2:24 am


Aspen’s heirloom is a traditional whaling harpoon from his Vantha heritage. It is about twice as long as his arm when fully extended, but normally slides down into a smaller structure about half a metre long. The main body of the harpoon is made out of bone, thought to be that of some ancient whale, while the head of the harpoon is made out of some early age steel. Engraved in the harpoon’s bone body are runes and symbols, all of which seem to be written in some sort of ancient Vani. Few of the symbols are decipherable, but those that are seem are prayers of protection and success for the person who holds it.


- I chose the tent housing package.

Campfire Camping Toolkit
Oil pint x2
Tinder x2
Flint and steel (SP)
Eating knife (SP)
Large 4 person tent (SP)
Large tarp (SP)
Lantern (SP)
Torches x2 (SP)
Bedroll (SP)
Blanket (SP)

Cap (sealskin outer, lined with fur)
Cloak (fur) (SP)
Shirt (wool) (SP)
Breeches (sealskin) (SP)
Undergarments (wool) (SP)
Stockings (wool)
Boots, high (leather) (SP)
Cowl (linen)
Shirt (linen)
Breeches (Linen)
Undergarments (Linen)
Stockings (Linen)
Leather Armor
Archery Glove

Traveller's Stock
Meals worth of rations x21 (SP)

Test item

Myrian Salts
Krolar Poultice x2
Sweetblossom Tincture

Personal Sharpening Stone
Waterskin (SP)
Backpack (SP)
100ft of rope (SP)

Fletchers Toolkit
Sewing kit
Fishing Pole
Preserving kit
Wood carving axe
Game knife
Animal Snare Small
Fishing tackle and hooks (SP)

Toothpowder x2
Bar soap x2
Bone comb (SP)
Bone hairbrush (SP)
Razor (SP)
Soap (SP)

Quiver with 19 arrows
Sword Estoc in scabbard
Finger Blade

Water additive
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Postby Aspen Coolwater on January 9th, 2018, 4:24 pm


House: None currently.

Ledger :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
No horse +250 GM 350 GM
Purchase: Shortbow -30 GM 320 GM
Purchase: Shortbow Arriws -1 GM 319GM
Purchase: Sword Estoc -10GM 309 GM
Purchase: Scabbard -4 GM 305 GM
Purchase: Personal Sharpening Stone -10 GM 295 GM
Purchase: Fletchers Toolkit -20 GM 275 GM
Purchase: Campfire Cooking Toolkit -40GM 235 GM
Purchase: Sewing Kit -18 GM 217 GM
Purchase: Quiver -20 GM 197 GM
Purchase: Watertrap -45 GM 152 GM
Purchase: Fishing Pole -1GM 151 GM
Purchase: Archery Glove -1 GM 150 GM
Purchase: Leather Armor -10 GM 140 GM
Purchase: Preserving Kit -5 GM 135 GM
Purchase: Travellers Stock -3 GM 132 GM
Purchase: Myrian Salts -2 GM 130 GM
Purchase: Krolar Poultice x2 -1GM 129 GM
Purchase: Wood Carving Axe -1 GM 128 GM
Purchase: Water Additive -3 GM 125 GM
Purchase: Toothbrush -3 GM 122 GM
Purchase: Washboard -12 SM 120 GM 8SM
Purchase: Sweetblossom Tincture -3 SM 120 GM 5SM
Purchase: Toothpowder x2 -6 SM 119 GM 9SM
Purchase: Bar Soap x2 -6 SM 119GM 3SM
Purchase: Oil Pint x2 -4 SM 118 GM 9SM
Purchase: Finger Blade -4 SM 118GM 5SM
Purchase: Tinder x3 -3CM 118GM 4SM 97CM
Purchase: Torniquet-2CM 118GM 4SM 96CM
Purchase: Game Knife-3CM 118GM 4SM 93CM
Purchase: Chalk-2CM 118GM 4SM 91CM
Purchase: Animal Snare Small -3 GM 115GM 4SM 91CM
Purchase: Linen Cowl -2 SM 115GM 2SM 91CM
Purchase: Linen Tabard -5 SM 114GM 7SM 91CM
Purchase: Linen Breeches -3 GM 113GM 9SM 91CM
Purchase: Linen Undergarments -1 SM 113GM 8SM 91CM
Purchase: Linen Stockings -4 SM 113GM 4SM 91CM
Purchase: Fur lined sealskin cap -6 SM 112GM 8SM 91CM
Exchange: Linen (tabard for shirt) +4 SM 113GM 2SM 91CM
Purchase: Wool Stockings -6 SM 112 GM 6SM 84CM

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Postby Aspen Coolwater on January 9th, 2018, 4:25 pm

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