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Postby Rook on January 14th, 2018, 5:30 am


Vital Stats


Name: Rook
Race: Kelvic ~ Maned Wolf
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Tomasz Pastyrczak
Date of Birth: 15th of Summer, 515
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyecolor: Copper Brown
Haircolor: Ginger fading to black at the back of his head
Skintone: Pale


Profession: Slave
Housing: Lazarin Estate
Languages: Common


Religion: None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: True Neutral
Temperament: Stoic
Mannerism: Guarded
Humor: Dry
Laugh: Quick and yappy


Positive Traits: Protective, logical, discerning, intelligent, perceptive
Negative Traits: Wary, guarded, judgemental, impulsive, arrogant, snappy, anxious




Physical Appearance:

In his human form, Rook is a thin, lanky, and athletic young man appearing no more than twenty years old. As far as height and build he’s fairly average by traditional standards and does not stand out in a crowd. His hair is a rusty auburn red that fades to black towards the tips. He keeps it neck length and ties it back in a simple knot if it happens to get in the way of whatever work he’s doing at the present time. Rook’s longer than average legs give him a faster than usual walking speed, and even people who are taller than him can have trouble keeping up if he’s moving at a hurried clip. He carries about him an easy breeze of confidence.

His face is clean shaved, youthful, and unmarred by scars. Occasionally Rook dabbles in facial hair, but never anything particularly elaborate. His eyes are pools of dark amber. Rook usually goes shirtless except in situations of extreme cold or formal events, and in such situations will usually wear a warm, heavy, and easy to cast off cloak. In his animal form he looks a typical maned wolf; somewhere between a fox and a wolf, a short tail, and long and elegant legs resembling that of a deer.

Character Concept:

Bought by Ruby at the cusp of maturity from the kelvic research institute, the quiet and intense maned wolf kelvic is the guardian, gofer, and handyman of the Spicy Lass. Although he works in a spice shop and has learned some of the trade from his master, he has no real passion for herbalism and finds himself adrift in a search for purpose. His master’s lack of strictness gives him more freedom than he knows what to do with and has instilled a longing for purpose that is comparable to his desire for a bond.

Character History:

Born in the cold and impersonal kelvic research institute, for the first year of his life Rook knew only cold metal bars, unfriendly faces and the mournful cries of his cellmates.When Rook was barely old enough for coherent thought, the scientists began experimenting. Rook was given poison, than observed on how his body reacted to them, then healed with magic before too much damage was done to his body. One of the researchers in particular was fascinated with pain tolerance, and Rook found himself the subject of a constantly increasing pain threshold, usually tested by way of magic. This researcher was particularly interested in the differences between Rook being a maned wolf and other wolves, and tested pain tolerance, poison resistance and behavior between him and typical wolves and noted the differences. Rook reached out towards the researcher instinctively for affection and support, but the man had no interest in him.

Rook retreated into himself. With his time alone in his cell, he made games of hiding himself among the stonework, making himself as invisible as possible. He watched everything and everyone with calm and quiet eyes, and struggled to discern intent from body language. Would this caretaker be taking him to another experiment? Was this one bringing food? Soon, his keepers found him difficult to collect for his experiments, despite no outward signs of intent. Rook’s fantasies at escape were given no opportunity to be enacted, but they helped his vibrant imagination to thrive. In his solitude, imagination plays and mind games were all he had for entertainment. Constantly he puzzled over how to outthink everyone he came across, and a lonely heart was sharpened into a cold one.

The researcher’s work went nowhere, and gradually Rook found himself taken from his cage less and less. Then, one day, he found himself yanked from his cage and onto the streets of Ravok, looking at the sun for the first time in his life. Stunned by the dramatic change in environment, Rook could only stare at the new world around him. His intense expression drew the attention of Ruby, the owner of the Spicy Lass. Out of intrigue, pity, and a shrewd business sense, Ruby bought him at a discounted price. At first, Rook’s intense suspicion led to him being a poor slave, but Ruby was incessantly kind towards him. Rook was given clothing and food and basic necessities to live on his own. Ruby gifted him a short sword emblazoned with a crow to use as protection. Gradually, his heart began to warm.

Rook was given the opportunity to develop into an independent individual, and his master’s kindness gave him a chance to heal from both his physical and mental scars. Forced into the bubbling chaos of the city while still raw, it was either sink or swim and Rook defiantly learned to float. Rook found his mind challenged constantly with new and interesting stimuli. He was taught basic reading, and how to manage and care for the shop. Ruby taught him the basics of herbalism, so he could learn to tells plants apart from one another by sight and smell and knew how to use them in practice. He honed his abilities in his animal form, practiced self-defense, and perfected his intimidating stare. Seized by new experiences, Rook’s personality flourished.

As Rook became more comfortable in his niche with his master, he found his curiosity of the world around him budding. Soon, during time alone or out during errands, Rook found himself intrigued by people and following them around. After being caught and reprimanded a few times by nervous observers, he began to learn to make himself invisible and blend in among crowds. Rook became fascinated by the movements of people, their careers, their lives. Just with simple observation, he could determine so many interesting things about people. Eventually, Ruby realized what he was doing. Rather than order him to stop, the ever clever Ruby instead asked Rook to make a habit of trailing certain customers. With the knowledge that Rook acquired, Ruby found it easier to adjust her sales strategies to her advantages. After all, if a customer was desperate for a certain spice because her master was entirely out, she’d be more inclined to bargain, wouldn’t she? Ruby was able to take advantage of the situation, and Rook could get out of the shop more, and engage in his curiosity.

Special Attributes:

  • Shapeshifting: Maned Wolf
  • Heightened Senses: Heightened Sense of Smell, Heightened Hearing
  • Kelvic Features: His ginger to black hair marks him as kelvic
  • Animal Speak: Rook can communicate with canines in his maned wolf form with varying degrees of success

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Postby Rook on January 21st, 2018, 4:59 am


Training and Skill Points
Acrobatics: 1/100 (1)
Camouflage: 5/100 (5SP)
Climbing: 1/100 (1)
Deception: 1/100 (1)
Endurance: 1/100 (1)
Foraging: 1/100 (1)
Herbalism: 12/100 (10SP+2)
Hunting: 1/100 (1)
Intelligence: 16/100 (10SP+3+1+1+1)
Interrogation: 1/100 (1)
Intimidation: 22/100 (15SP+1+1+2+1+2)
Investigation: 2/100 (1+1)
Logic: 3/100 (1+2+1)
Medicine: 2/100 (1+1)
Negotiation: 3/100 (3)
Observation: 33/100 (5+2+1+5+5+1+3+3+1+2+4+1)
Persuasion: 12/100 (3+1+3+4+1)
Rhetoric: 3/100 (3)
Socialization: 13/100 (1+5+1+2+2+2+2)
Spelunking: 2/100 (2)
Stealth: 16/100 (10SP+1+2+1+2)
Subterfuge: 6/100 (1+2+1+2)
Swimming: 1/100 (1)
Teaching: 2/100 (1+1)
Tracking: 4/100 (2+1+1)
Unarmed Combat: 13/100 (10RB+1+2)
Weapon Skills (Knife): 3/100 (3)
Wilderness Survival (Forest): 1/100 (1)


Place Lores
- Location of Jessica Lazarin's Private Study
- Location: The Spicy Lass
- Ravok: All Slaves Must Be Documented
- Ravok: The Route to the North Ravok Outpost
- Kelvic Research Institute: The Worst Place
- North Ravok Outpost - Offers Jobs for Compensation

Skill Lores

- Acrobatics: Avoiding Dangerous Poison Clouds
- Deception: Making a Lie not a Lie
- Foraging: Blackberries are Good to Eat
- Herbalism: Scales are required for measuring proper quantities of herbs
- Herbalism: Strange Plantlife That Thrives in the Poison Cloud
- Herbalism: Strange Trees are the Source of the Poisonous Mist
- Hunting: Triangulating the Location of Mice
- Intelligence: Seizing an Opportunity to Gather Intel
- Intelligence: Questioning a Source of Information
- Intimidation: Growling, Snarling, Bristling
- Medicine: Performing Triage
- Medicine: Stirring One from Unconsciousness
- Negotiation: If you help me I'll help you
- Observation: Reading Ill Intent Through Body Language (SP)
- Persuasion: Don’t Let Them Know What You Want Immediately
- Persuasion: No One Wants to Bargain With a Poor Slave
- Persuasion: Offering Talents to Convince of Worth
- Spelunking: Navigating a Cave By Feel and Sound
- Stealth: Feeling Your Way In the Dark
- Stealth: Following Someone Without Being Noticed (SP)
- Stealth: Keeping out of Line of Sight
- Subterfuge: Blocking out the Light
- Subterfuge: Deception By Telling One What They Expect
- Subterfuge: Lending Credibility to a Lie
- Subterfuge: Lying to gain entrance
- Subterfuge: Making Sure Everything Was Where it Was Left
- Subterfuge: Manipulation By Way of Pretending You Don't Want Something
- Tracking: Finding One's Bondmate
- Tracking: Using scent to find someone
- Unarmed Combat: Bite to the Neck

People Lores

- Belugnir: Ally?! Enemy?!
- Belugnir: Neither Trustworthy Nor Hated
- Belugnir: Not A Man to be Trifled With
- Belugnir: Rugged but Tough
- Belugnir: A Wildcard
- Elias Caldera: Shiress' Would Be Rescuer
- Hollister: Bastard Who Degraded Shiress
- Hwyn: The Strange Slave Boy
- Jessica Lazarin: A Cruel and Cold Woman
- Jessica Lazarin: A Harsh Master
- Kelvics: Rare in Ravok
- Kyler: Fond of Rook
- Lazarins: In Debt?
- Radcliffe Lark: A Dangerous Man
- Radcliffe Lark: Shiress' Slave Master
- Samara: Jessica's superior
- Self: Best Utilized Independently
- Self: Hungry for Secrets
- Self: Intrigued by Belugnir
- Self: Not a fan of the airborne rocks Elias created
- Self: Not Well Liked by Fellow Slaves
- Shiress: Bondmate
- Shiress: The Kind, Strong-Willed Slave
- Shiress: Making Rook More Kind Through Their Bond
- Shiress: A Speck of Light in the Darkness
- Slaves: Survivors
- Tine: A Trader of All Wares and Poor Hygiene
- Rook: A Double Agent
- Rook: The Comfort of Being a Wolf
- Rook: Not Well Liked By Fellow Slaves at the NRO
- Ruby: The Master Who Abandoned Me
- Ruby: She Doesn’t Miss Me

Miscellaneous Lores
- Bonding: A Sense of Wholeness and Pure Joy
- Bondmates Share Pain
- Kelvic Bond: Hard to distinguish between his bondmate's emotions and his own
- Lore of meeting a nonhuman/non-Kelvic for the first time
- Run Your Errands Before Filling Your Belly
- Thieves Must Be Stopped
- That Horrible Powder That Forces Kelvic Transformations
- Nudity is Shameful for Non-Kelvics
- Talking Back to the Guard Comes With Consequences
- Willing to Become Radcliffe Lark's Spy

Special Abilities
- Shift to Maned Wolf Form
- Heightened Sense of Smell
- Heightened Hearing
- Communication with Canines

-Simple Cloth Shirt
-Earth Toned Cloak
-Simple Flax Pants
-Leather Boots
-Water Skin
-Food for a Week
-Eating Knife
-Flint and Steel
-Heirloom: A cold iron knife marked with a crow, after his name

- 0gm Spring 518 Living Expenses Paid by Shiress 1500gm
+ 1500gm Gift from Elias Caldera 1500gm
- 0gm Winter 518 Living Expenses- Paid by Elias Caldera 0gm
- 0gm Fall 518 Living Expenses- Paid By Master 0gm
- 0 gm Summer 518 Living Expenses- Paid By Master 0 gm
- 0 gm Spring 518 Living Expenses- Paid By Master 0 gm
- 0 gm Winter 517 Living Expenses- Paid By Master 0 gm
-100 gm Slavery 0 gm
+100 gm Starting Gold 100 gm

Fluent: Common

Thread List:
Empty! For now...
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Postby Rook on July 20th, 2018, 3:50 am

Thread List


Spring 519
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
10th Spring's Flower No No


Winter 518
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
5th An End to This Charade Yes No
9th With a Little Help From My Friends No No



Fall 518
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
10th A Slave's Ransom Yes Yes
88th There Comes a Reckoning Yes No



Summer 518
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
1st (10th Bell) (Event) The Purge Yes No
1st (Afternoon) Eudaemonics of Ignorance Yes Yes
6th Winds of Change Yes Yes
12th Overturned Secrets Spill Truth Yes No
16th All Washed Up Yes Yes



Spring 518
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
3rd Requiem for Love Lost Yes Yes
5th When Twin Hearts Dream of Freedom Yes Yes
19th (Event)Freeze Frame Yes Yes
45th Outside Yes Yes
51st Call of the Wild No No
63rd (Quest) One Step Away Yes Yes
70th Those Sons O’ Bitches Yes Yes



Winter 517
Date Thread Name Completed? Graded?
45th A Nudge In the Right Direction Yes Yes
46th Restless Winds Yes Yes
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