Lilian's Plotnotes

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Lilian's Plotnotes

Postby Lilian on January 20th, 2018, 1:57 am

Winter 517

    ☖ Body Building (14/25)
    ☖ Endurance (0/15)
    ☖ Mathematics (10/25)
    ☖ Meditation (26/40)
    ☖ Organisation (0/15)
    ☖ Unarmed Combat (0/15)
    ☖ Swimming (0/5)
    ☖ Weapon (0/10)

Moving in
    ☖ Get housing sorted
    ☖ Get a job
    ☖ Figure out a better job to aim for
    ☖ Apply for citizenship
    ☖ Meet someone linked to institute of higher learning
    ☖ Make some friends
    ☖ Get a pet?

    ☖ Learn more about Gnora
    ☖ Get a book on Gnora and read it
    ☖ Review journal
    ☖ Continue writing journal
    ☖ Learn about other religions
    ☖ Learn more about Rhysol in particular
    ☖ Focus on balance not order
    ☖ Deal with having the opportunity to have luxuries for the first time
    ☖ Self-punishments - fasting, hurting self, maybe a tattoo?
    ☖ Meet the other Ano Cult person in Ravok (assuming he wants to)

Rumours :
⌬ "My neighbor's a fisherman...he says there's been boats not returning to the shipyard. Sounds weird to me, I mean... it's a lake with no rivers. Where are they going? I'm sure those navy sailors know a thing or two but they don't think much of us ravosalamen so I ain't got no answers."

⌬ "Bloodbanes are steeds from nightmares, sure. I heard a cattail worker telling me he heard some Stryfers talking about one with the fiery eyes and flamin' mane but the rest of it was white as a ghost! Brr-r-r-r-r-r! I get the creepin' willies just thinking about the demon horse."

⌬ "I saw one of those fish people at the slave market the other day" The scruffy man leans closer and lowers his voice. "I hear that ole Tine bought him, harvested his lungs and is selling bits of 'em so folks can breath underwater!" He leans back. "Crazy shyke, if you ask me..."

⌬ "Sad state of life, isn't it?" A pause is given for response. "The water in the lake going so low... I've lived here my whole life and never seen a thing like it. It scares me...heh. Not as bad as a washed up body scared the skins off some lil kids, though." The poler laughs. "Heard some cherries talking about how the low levels are exposing all kinds of bodies that were supposed to have stayed in black depths. Useless and gruesome, some might say, but the Last Row is supposed to be paying good money for the waterlogged devils. Don't ask me to haul any for you, ain't cursin' my boat."

⌬ "I heard the Silver Sliver is serving some new funky fish dish. Couple o' the regulars spoutin' off like that stubborn cuss, Jeb, is willin' to pay for a good haul. I 'unno. I like my fish but I prefer steak...not that raw stuff. Weird bastards."

    ⊷ Take a ravosala ride. (PC)*
    ⊷ Engage in a political argument about the leadership of the city. (PC)
    ⊷ Attack an innocent person for stealing your _____ then find the item you lost later. (PC)***
    ⊷ Investigate a rumor.**
    ⊷ Make a scene in a local establishment.
    ⊷ Make an offering to Rhysol at the Temple. (PC)
    ⊷ Commit a crime in the name of Rhysol. (PC)
    ⊷ Gain 5XP in Swimming.***

    66th - Arrives in Ravok (Misting all day, hot and hazy)
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Lilian's Plotnotes

Postby Lilian on January 22nd, 2018, 3:26 pm

Long Term

Skill Goals
    Auristics - Competent
    Flux - Master
    Shielding - Competent

    Become a resident of Ravok
    Gain a second gnosis from Gnora
    Gain a gnosis from a different god (Leth, maybe Eris)
    Explore Myrian heritage
    Get a humanoid slave (Pycon, Akvatari, or Charoda). Assume 1,500 GM
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Lilian's Plotnotes

Postby Lilian on January 24th, 2018, 2:16 am

Potential new character sheet (obvious wip):

Race Myrian
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthday Winter 3rd 496AV
Birthplace Ahnatep
Allegiance Ano Cult
Worships Gnora
Gnosis Severing

    Like her Myrian kin, Lilian is fairly tall, easily towering over most women and many men. Her body is sturdy in a way many aren't - her strength fairly obvious at a glance, and her tall stature adding to the effect. It's clear even when her arms are covered that there's muscle under there, and the confidence with which she carries herself dispels any notion that she would be an easy victim. Her hair is black, her head shaven. She has very dark skin, and without any of the customary piercings or tattoos of her people, or, indeed, jewellery of any kind. Her left arm is marked with the Severing Gnosis, her bones twisted into a gnarling pattern underneath her skin, noticeable easily without sleeves or from touch, and both arms and hands are riddled with scars, snaking up to her elbows and tapering off completely before her shoulders.

    Lilian wears simple clothes, more often than not a long neutral-coloured tunic with similar plain leggings, over which a scarf or coat is wrapped, depending on the temperature, and likewise a pair of boots or sandals on her feet depending on where she is going and the likelihood of rain or snow. She carries a small satchel bag with her wherever she goes.

    Having grown up in the Ano Cult, Lilian's beliefs were shaped from an early age by the teachings of Gnora, passed on to her by her mother and the other practitioners. Because of this, she has limited social skills, an unusual understanding of right and wrong, and a very disciplined, very logical mind. Materialism and hedonism are as foreign to her as Taloba, the land of her parents. Logic precedes all for Lilian, and when her mind strays into wanting a few hours of meditation are always enough to set her back on track. She has a quiet manner and generally pragmatic attitude.

    Despite that, Lilian has a soft heart, and a trusting mind. It is logical, after all, to help others, and provided the risks to herself are not too high she would act to intervene in a dangerous situation if one arose. Lilian has a special soft spot for children and animals, and a great deal of respect for her elders, and for scholars. While she also has a respect for the law, it is more to her interpretation of it - if a law is seems unjust or nonsensical she would ignore it, admit to doing so if questioned by a law enforcer, and argue her case with fearless calm, in her mind having done no wrong. Having never left the Ano Cult until now, Lilian has never had the opportunity to learn of attitudes or beliefs outside that which she had grown up with, and has never had cause to question or really think about the teachings of Gnora before.

    Lilian knows very little of her biological family or her homeland, for her mother's story never changed or grew as she did. Her mother had heard of the Ano Cult through a trader shortly before becoming pregnant with Lilian, fallen deeply in love with everything about the cult and left her home before finding out she was pregnant. She arrived in Ahnatep just in time to give birth, and both she and her infant daughter were accepted immediately.

    From there, Lilian grew up within the confines of The Librum of Ahnatep, and accepted her place there as the only place she had ever known. Life was tough sometimes, often painful, but it was the only life she had known, and the only life she could envision. She was initiated as a child and spent her days training there, graduating at nineteen after the Purjin trials. She spent a few years more living there, before venturing out with her mother's and friends' blessings to seek a life for herself, endeavouring to follow the teachings of Gnora wherever she went.


Fluent Common
Basic Arumenic
Poor Myrian
Location Ravok

    Skill EXP Total Proficiency
    Body Building 14SP 14 Novice
    Mathematics 10SP 10 Novice
    Meditation 26SP 26 Competent
    Tracking 10RB 10 Novice

    Lore of Religion: Gnora
    Lore of Ano Cult

Housing Inn

    1 Set of Clothing
    -Simple Shirt (tunic)
    -Simple Pants
    -Simple Undergarments
    -Simple Coat
    -Simple Boots
    1 Waterskin
    1 Backpack which contains:
    -Comb (Wood)
    -Brush (Wood)
    -Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
    -1 eating knife
    -Flint & Steel
    100 Gold Mizas

    Heirloom: Her journal documenting her initiation and time at the Ano Cult. It's about three quarters full and starts with the uneven, wonky script of her early childhood.

    Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 GM 100 GM
    Housing +500 GM 600 GM

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