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Postby Kurtsig on February 3rd, 2018, 5:47 am



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday 31 Autumn, 498 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas

Appearance: Kurtsig stands roughly 5'10" and has an average body type, weighing in at roughly 180 lbs. Facial features include brown eyes with short, brown hair that can sometimes appear unkempt due to its curly nature. He keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed and relatively short, despite this. Over his common attire, he dons a violet cloak when he isn't working.

Character Concept

Because of his background, Kurtsig is somewhat reclusive and is initially slow to warm up to people, unless he feels vulnerable in which case he seeks comfort in others. He's a very task-oriented person and likes to finish tasks in the order he receives them (with exceptions to tasks of importance). He has a logical way of thinking which sometimes gets him into trouble with others. Likes include woodworking, developing his archery, and the occasional drink. Dislikes include hot weather, ignorance, and socializing (within reason).

Character History

Kurtsig has an imposing history; most of his life has been spent as (what he consideres to be) a burden to others. Ever since he could remember, he'd been in the care of Mrs. Holt, the caretaker of the Ornery Orphanage; he has no memories of his parents or a life before the orphanage, if he had one. He is still unsure as to what age he was admitted to the Ornery Orphanage and suspects that he may have had amnesia at some point. While mostly reclusive and little for words, he was welcomed regardless by the other orphans and was encouraged to participate in recreational activities. It was during his time at the orphanage that he discovered that he had an innate talent to work with wood, by making simple wooden crafts during these activities. One of his earliest works was a crude, miniature marionette, made for one of the orphans, Kareah, on her 6th birthday.

The squalid life in the orphanage was sometimes daunting, especially when orphans would go missing without warning. Kurtsig never thought much of it, that is, until his tenth birthday was nigh. On the eve of his tenth birthday (30 Autumn, 508 AV) Kareah ran up to Kurtsig during a recess, with tears streaking down her face, urging Kurtsig to leave the Orphanage. She said that children would disappear without warning and she knew that Kurtsig was destined for something much greater than a meager life at the orphanage and thusly devised a plan to allow him to escape. Kurtsig had a sinking feeling in his gut that she knew something he didn't, and that it wasn't pleasant. She embraced him for the final time that day.

That evening, Kareah drew the attention of Mrs. Holt by violating the strict "light's out" rule. A loud wail rang in the sleeping quarters, followed shortly by the thundering of footsteps up the staircase. Kurtsig lay in wait in a nook right next to the top of the staircase, which, thankfully, was ignored by a frantically angry Mrs. Holt. Once Mrs. Holt was out of earshot, Kurtsig made his move and silently slipped down the stairs, making sure to do so quietly. Once down the stairs, he then made his way to the large, and somehow imposing door before him. There would be no way he could open it silently, so he had to act quickly. With all of his strength backed by adrenaline, he pushed the door open quickly, which made a terrifyingly loud squeal that echoed all throughout the Orphanage. Almost immediately, an infuriated Mrs. Holt could be heard yelling obscenities, realizing what was going on. There was no turning back now. Kurtsig ran as fast as his legs could carry him and continued to run until the orphanage was out of sight. The rest of that night, Kurtsig managed to hide in an alleyway on the Alvadian streets, without sleep and wondering if Kareah was alright.

The next morning, Kurtsig wandered about the streets, presenting passersby the pretense that he was on errands, if questioned. After an afternoon of walking around, he happened upon the entrance to the Underground. Unsure of what he was looking for, he was at least sure he could find better shelter here than above ground. After spending some time in the Underground, Kurtsig chanced on Ionu's Stand, a theater that travels the streets and Underground of Alvadas. A show was playing and it entranced him. He was particularly interested in the puppets, which were crafted from wood. After the play, Kurtsig confronted the Stand's owner, Putali Smith, about employment. He explained that he would be perfect for puppet crafting and with what seemed like little consideration, was hastily accepted into the troupe. The feeling was great, initially, however it wasn't long before Kurtsig once again felt like a burden, feeling like he was living off the backs of others' hard work.

Over time, Kurtsig had learned to numb the feeling simply by working. One of his few friends in the theater, he looked to Coltus "Brush" Silverpalm as a mentor. Brush would craft the base shape of the marionette while Kurtsig worked alongside Klaress "Strings" in carving the intricacies of them. The three of them had a bond that could not readily be percieved elsewhere in the troupe that lasted his entire time with the troupe (31 Autumn, 508 AV - 41 Autumn, 516 AV). With these friendships he learned to speak some Isur and a little Vani. Shortly after his eitheenth birthday, Kurtsig left the troupe with no hard feelings towards anybody there, to pursue a career in carpenting. He was given a parting gift of a Woodcarver's Kit from Brush and Strings. He still keeps in contact with them and while he wishes he could have stayed, he could not forsee a life of perpetuated squalor; both the Orphanage and the Gibbets were subpar for living and it was time that Kurtsig made a comfortable life that he could finally call his own. From time to time, he'd think of Kareah, wondering where she was.

A little over a year has passed since then and Kurtsig is currently 19 years old.


Fluent - Common
Basic - Isur
Poor - Vani


Carving30 (15 RB+ 15 SP)Competent
Bowing and Fletching10 (SP)Novice
Carpentry10 (SP)Novice
Weapon: Short Bow15 (SP)Novice


Lore of Alvadas Location Changing
Lore of Alvadas Underground


1 Set of Clothing:
Linen Shirt
Linen Pants
Linen Undergarments
Linen Cloak (violet in color)
Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
Comb (wood)
Brush (wood)
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas
Short Bow
20 Arrows
Bower/Fletcher Toolkit
Knife Purchase
Carving Axe
Splitting Axe
Carpenter's Axe
Carving Mallet
Carpenter's Mallet
1 lb Nails


Woodcarver's Kit


Location: Alvadas
House:20x20 house with hearth, bunk, chest, chair and table. Additionally, Kurtsig has a small, crafted (by him) wooden end table that he uses as a nightstand.


SP+100 GM (Starting)100 GM
Short Bow-30 GM70 GM
20 Arrows-1 GM69 GM
Bower/Fletcher Toolkit-20 GM49 GM
Knife Purchase-7 SM48 GM, 93 SM
Carving Axe-1 GM48 GM, 93 SM
Splitting Axe-1 GM47 GM, 93 SM
Carpenter's Axe-1 GM46 GM, 93 SM
Carving Mallet-3 SM46 GM, 90 SM
Carpenter's Mallet-1 SM46 GM, 89 SM
1 lb Nails-5 SM46 GM, 84 SM
Shot of Degtine (x3)-24 SM46 GM, 60 SM
Mug of Wine-5 SM46 GM, 55 SM

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