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Patrons and employees get snowed in at the Rear

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Out of the Cold

Postby Ambrosia Alar on February 20th, 2018, 5:16 am

Out of the Cold

1st of Winter, 517 AV

The night was wrapping to a close, and most of the patrons of the Rear had already headed home bells earlier. The last stragglers were mostly regulars, the kind who didn’t mind lingering while Ambrosia began her task of cleaning the tavern, so it would be ready for the next day. Cordon, a regular fixture since long before Ambrosia had begun working there, was there along with Winnie and Paul, a couple who had become two of the Rear’s newest regulars. There were two new patrons, people Ambrosia had never seen before.

One thing was certain. The night had been a crazy one. It felt like half the city had been here to celebrate the changing of the season, though most of them hadn’t managed to make it that late. Most had had too many, too early and had to stumble their way home before they passed out. The Stallion’s Rear hardly ever empty on a regular night had been packed to bursting all night long, but as the snow began to fall, for it began to fall for the first time in two years, people went out, partly to enjoy the long-absent winter and partly so they could get home before the getting got difficult.

The business showed around the tavern though. All around, though Ambrosia had been running and grabbing empty mugs and glasses, there were plenty more about on the tables. Puddles of alcohol littered the floor and tabletops in a drunken revelry of their own. Ambrosia didn’t know where to begin with the mess. She only knew that she had to begin or nothing would get done. So she started collecting more of the cups and mugs, filling her hands until she felt certain she’d drop one or all of them, then took them behind the bar to Cade who transferred them to bins filled with soapy water.

Cade, an alcoholic at heart, wasn’t being productive and didn’t have cleaning in mind. Since Paul was still waiting on Winnie to leave and Winnie was half asleep and not telling him to go, Cade was keeping Paul entertained by pouring him shots and drinking with him. The big bartender did manage to pull the mugs and cups out of her hands and put them in the bins, but he didn’t even try to start cleaning them. Instead, as soon as he was finished, he poured another two shots, giving one to Paul.

Ambrosia reached past Cade and stole his shot and held it up. “To cleaning.”

Tossing it back, she set the shot glass back on the bar top and went back out to fetch more empty and half-empty glasses and mugs.

Behind her, Cade complained none too quietly, intentionally so she could hear. “Well I ought to get back to work. It seems my employee thinks she’s the boss of me.”

Paul knew better than to get into the middle of other people’s arguments. “Winnie and I should probably call it a night anyhow. It’s late, and a bed is calling.”

A gentle nudge woke the half-asleep beauty by his side, and she waved to Ambrosia. “Good night, Ambrosia. It seems like Paul’s wimping out on me. We gotta go.”

Ambrosia beamed a smile back at Winnie, without a doubt one of her favorite people, second only to her sisters and perhaps one or two more. “Good night, love. Make sure he doesn’t sleep too much tonight.”

Winnie laughed and took Paul by the elbow, leading him to the door. As soon as she popped the door free from its latch, a gust of frigid wind flung the door open, bringing with it angry flurries of snow that bit at everyone’s faces. Past the whirling white, Ambrosia could see that snow had drifted across the front of the Rear already thigh high. She ran to Winnie and Paul’s side, pushing against the door and the wind that seemed determined to keep it open. Ambrosia put her full weight behind the door, but that wasn’t enough. When Cade and Paul and Winnie added their combined weight and strength, the door slowly relented to their pressure. When the door clicked shut once more, everyone slumped against the wall.

Winnie shook her head to free the flakes from her hair. “I don’t think we’re going home tonight.”
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