[Work in progress] Enakil Stonebinder - WIP

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Enakil Stonebinder - WIP

Postby Enakil on March 3rd, 2018, 9:14 am

Enakil Stonebinder


Race: Human, Drykas
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 17th, Spring, 499 AV
Birthplace: The Sea of Grass

Appearance: Enakil is a tall statuesqu brunette with a distinctive Windmark over her left eye and continuing down both sides f her body. She tends toward colorful clothing. She is physically fit but not overly muscular.

Character Concept

a Young Webwalker of the Stonebinder Pavilion of the Sapphire Clan.

Character History

[bold]Early Life[/b]
The grass was sowing it's new green shoots as the Stonebinder pavillion halted at midday on the swvwnteenth of Spring in 499. The younger wife of the Ankal had entered labor. Camp was quickly pitched and she was made comfortable as possible. By about the third bell she had delivered a daughter. Almost immediately even before the child had been named, her father, an expert Webber named Torel had linked the squalling baby tothe Wed, linking her and her soul into the never ending cycle of the Drykas.

Eventually the name Ferelas was given to the child and she began to live amongt the Stonebinder family. She was of course not truly Drykas yet, no Strider had accepted her. It became clear though that she was a precocious child as at three years of age she was told by Kela, her mother, about the story of the first Webbers and the magic they wove and from then on Ferelas would play at being a Webber and would draw weaves in the dirt which she would later try to turn into knot work. Torel soon began to teach her about the Webs. This did not mean that he taught her as yet to manipulate or read them, simply about their existence and the history and what linked them to the Drykas and the Drykas tothem. This theory was allowable as she was a child of the Drykas but the ability to use and change the Webs was withheld. He was also careful to not work with them within sight of the little girl as the fear exis
ted that she might pick up the knowledge and ability.

This state of keep away existed for seven years, until one night, at twilight an old mare of the striders gave birth to a pure black foal. Ferelas was present helping the grooms and was surprised when the mare almost before the foal could walk brought her to Ferelas. As Ferelas gazed at the stumbling little filly she couldn't help but smile. She could see the ribbon of web that rose to the Ancient Web from the foal. As she watched the ribbon of web entwined with her own, linking to it at several points. Ferlas turned her gaze to the older mare who fixed her with a single large dark eye and nodded. The mare, Enakil had never bonded, but she seemed to be blessing the bond of Ferelasand the foal. Ferelas named the filly that night, calling her Nightfall. For herself the ten year old took the name of the giver of the gift of Nightfall, Enakil.

Within a few days Enakil recieved her Winfmarks, once it was confirmed that the bonding was real. Sadly within a few months the original Enakil had passed. The young Drykas, Enakil was left to raise the young Nightfall herself under the guidance of the older members of the Pavilion. At the same time Torel began her training to read and manipulate the Web.


Fluent Language: Pavi
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Tukant


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Riding 10 RB 10 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 5 SP 5 Novice
Weapon: Shortspear 10 SP 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Plains 5 SP 5 Novice
Webbing 30 SP 30 Competent


Helpful Lores:
Lore of Drykas Culture
Lore of Webbing


1 Set of Clothing (Colorful)
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Headgear, Turban (Fine Wool - Sky Blue)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
Pouch, Belt
Arrows, Flight (20)
73 Gold Mizas
4 Silver Mizas

Heirloom: Her great Aunt's Shortbow.


Location: Riverfall

House: 1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
1 set of fishing tackle & hooks
1 bonded Strider (Nightfall)
1 Yvas
1 large set of Yvas bags

Note on Yvas:
The Drykas use what is called a Yvas on their horses rather than bridles and saddles. A yvas is what equates to a girth with an attached breast collar combination hung with hooks and topped with a small flat hand grip that lays along a horse's shoulders. The Yvas is often placed over a colorful pad that acts to protect the horse from the rider. The grip fits over a strider's withers which holds the yvas in place. It almost looks like the type of thing vaulters used on their draft horses, though it is more functional than a vaulter's pad. The horses can free themselves from them if they got separated from their riders, and do not have tack to entrap or tangle them when they are running loose. The yvas has ring tethers on it for handling a set of wither bags and a waterskin, and is often decorated in knot-work beading that identified the horse and rider as part of a specific pavilion.

Drykas ride without any headgear or bridles on their horses at all. They do not use any halters either.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Headwear, Turban (Fine wool) -6sm 99 GM 4 SM
Quiver -20 GM 79 GM 4 SM
Pouch, Belt -1 GM 78 GM 4 SM
Shortspear -2 GM 76 GM 4 SM
Arrows, Flight (20) -3 GM 73 GM 4 SM

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