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Sevaan Nocts

Postby Sevaan on March 4th, 2018, 6:52 pm

Sevaan Nocts


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: 82nd of Autumn, 490 AV
Birthplace: Zeltiva


Sevaan is of average height and build, but always seems to stand smaller than the people around him. His practice of keeping to side might contribute to this, as it makes him seem generally unremarkable. He keeps his long, dark hair neatly combed but otherwise untouched. He favors darker colored clothing, but will often try to follow fashion trends as he is very conscious of keeping a neat and tidy appearance. Sevan has light grey eyes that are often shadowed by his brow. He exudes an aura of calm even when he is most stressed, making him good with both animals and children.

Character Concept

Sevaan prefers peace and quiet when he can find it. He's generally calm, even in the face of great stress. At first glance, he seems rather stoic, but after getting to know him for a bit, one might be able to catch his occasional soft smiles. He defaults to formality, even towards children, often speaking politely and succinctly where others might choose to baby-talk. His biggest pet peeves are tactlessness and disrespect, but because he is so careful with his words and actions, he may not immediately call someone out on it.

Sevaan cares very deeply for the people for whom he feels responsible. As a natural caretaker, he is very empathetic to his cared for's struggles and will sometimes spend days worrying over their troubles. He cares much less for strangers.

Character History

Image Sevaan grew up in Zeltiva, with his older sister. When he was in his teens, his sister fell ill and was unable to continue working. Sevaan began working with local thief gangs as an informant, letting them know when ships with profitable goods were about to enter the port. One winter, his sister fell extremely ill, and became bedridden. Sevaan took a job on a ship coming in from Lhavit, sneaking on board in the hopes of getting a better cut. He needed to get enough money to buy medicine for his sister. Unfortunately, he was caught and the merchant of the ship was about to report him to the authorities before he told him of his sister. The merchant became compassionate and agreed to help if he promised to quit thieving. When the two reached the home, Sevaan's sister was already dying and they were only able to say their goodbyes before she passed away. The merchant then offered Sevaan a job in Lhavit, instead of the life of crime he would probably have to continue living. In Lhavit, Sevaan took care of the merchant's young daughter, Kaia. Several years later, the merchant and his wife were lost at sea, and Sevaan had to sell their house and possessions to pay off their debts. He and Kaia, who is now nine, live together as he tries to find a new job.

490-510 AV. Sevaan was born in Zeltiva, in the Sylira Region of Mizahar. He never knew his parents. Instead, he was raised by his older sister, who was only thirteen when their parents passed away. His sister was his opposite in every respect. She was loud, sociable, adventurous. They didn't have much, but she would always try to get him to go out into the city to have fun with his friends, giving him a little of the pocket money she'd saved from her job at the port. He rarely accepted.

At the time, Sevaan's goal was to become a scholar at the University. His sister grudgingly approved of his goal, though she preferred he chose a path that lead out of the city. His studies progressed well enough as a child, but all efforts were halted when his sister became ill in the Summer of 504 AV. She'd never showed signs of being ill before then. Or maybe Sevaan wasn't paying close enough attention. But after that summer, the illness persisted, only getting worse in the winter. After a few years, it became clear to them both that she couldn't work anymore, but Sevaan was too young to find a proper job. There were, of course, the improper ones.

Sevaan fell in with a thieving gang that worked around the port, sneaking aboard incoming ships and fencing some of their goods. He picked up Fratava to listen in around the docks, reporting to the gang whenever a good shipment was about to come in. He never told his sister, but she probably had suspected. Sevaan figured, as long as he kept out of the dirty work, he would probably be fine.

The Winter of 510 AV was a particularly bad one, and Sevaan's sister became so ill she couldn't leave her bed. Desperate to find enough money to get her proper medical treatment, Sevaan agreed to be point man on the gang's latest hit. A ship was coming in from Lhavit, and exotic goods always fenced well. As the point man, he'd be entitled to a larger cut of the profits. Inexperienced as he was, Sevaan failed, and ended up getting caught by the crew and taken to the merchant in charge of the goods. The merchant was stern but not cruel, and was ready to throw Sevaan off the boat for the local authorities to deal with, before Sevaan broke down and told the merchant about his sister and his need for money.

The merchant was quick to compassion, which surprised Sevaan. He offered to go to his sister, to confirm his story. If he was telling the truth, the merchant would give him the money he needed on the condition that he quit the gang. Sevaan readily agreed and the two picked their way back through the city to his small home.

Unfortunately, they were too late.

His sister's condition had worsened. They managed to catch her only minutes before she passed, the merchant witness to their final goodbyes.

When all was done, Sevaan apologized to the merchant for taking him so far out of his way for nothing. When the merchant asked what his plan was now, Sevaan shrugged, unable to come up with an answer. The gangs were still here, though they probably wouldn't trust him after his failure that day. In truth, there was no reason for him to stay. The merchant offered him a job, and a chance to come with him to Lhavit. He explained that his wife had just had a child, and the child was getting old enough that she could return to work with him if there was only someone to look after their daughter while they were at sea. Based on what he could see around their home, Sevaan had experience in cooking, cleaning, and even a bit of sewing. All things he learned while caring for his ill sister.

Sevaan accepted, and after taking care of his sister's burial, left the city on the ship from which he had only just tried to steal.

510-517 AV. For several years, Sevaan took care of the merchant's daughter, Kaia. He began to care for her as his own, as it was often just the two of them in the merchant's home while he and his wife were out at sea. He was payed only a little, but he was given lodgings and food and clothes the same as their daughter. On a whole, he enjoyed his life in Lhavit. He felt like a new person. He was happier here.

Tragedy struck again in the Spring of 517 AV. Sevaan and Kaia received notice from a customer that the ship with his goods had never reached the port. A bad storm had moved over the area in the winter, and many ships came into the port damaged. Some ships never arrived. Kaia's parents were on one such ship.

The deal with the customer had been made far in advance, as Kaia's parents needed to money to acquire the requested goods. Now that the goods were gone, the customer needed to be reimbursed. Sevaan managed to pay him by giving him the family's savings (what wasn't on the boat, in any case), and by selling the house and most of their possessions.

He and Kaia managed to live off of their savings for year, but it's time Sevaan found a new source of income to provide for himself and his nine-year-old adopted daughter.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Proficiency
Childcare 31 Competent
Cooking 11 Novice
Observation 4 Novice
Persuasion 1 Novice
Planning 4 Novice
Sewing 12 Novice
Socialization 4 Novice
Stealth 7 Novice
Storytelling 5 Novice
Subterfuge 7 Novice

Skill Accounting :
Skill EXP
Childcare 15 RB 13 SP 3 XP
Cooking 11 SP
Observation 4 XP
Persuasion 1 XP
Planning 4 XP
Sewing 7 SP 5 XP
Socialization 4 XP
Stealth 7 SP
Storytelling 5 SP
Subterfuge 7 SP


  • 1 Set of Simple Clothing (in Dark Colors)
    • Simple Shirt
    • Simple Pants
    • Simple Undergarments
    • Simple Coat
    • Simple Boots
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Backpack which contains:
    • Comb (Bone)
    • Brush (Bone)
    • Soap
    • Razor
    • Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
    • 1 eating knife
    • Flint & Steel
Heirloom: A metal ring that Sevaan's sister used to keep on a chain. It's loose enough that he can turn it on his finger, but tight enough that it doesn't fall off. There's nothing special about it, but he keeps it polished to preserve its shine.

  • Sewing Kit
  • Kaia's Purple Dress
  • Breezy Shirt
  • Origami Paper (4ct... for now)


Location: Lhavit

House: Sevaan and Kaia share a small cottage in the Okomo Estates on Sharai. The cottage is 20x20 feet, furnished with a bed, desk, chair, chest, hearth, and chamber pot. The cottage features a quaint 12x12 foot garden with a small, 3 foot stone wall and a metal gate.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting + 100 Kina 100 Kina
Sewing Kit - 20 KI 80 KI
Kaia's Purple Dress (Dye, Cotton, Used, Child-sized) - 8 TK, 3 JK 79 KI, 1 TK, 7 JK
Breezy Shirt (Cotton, Used, Large) - 2 TK, 9 JK 78 KI, 8 TK, 8 JK
Origami Paper (4ct) - 6 TK 78 KI, 2 TK, 8 JK

Thread List

Spring 518 AV
Date Title Type Status
7 Tied Together With a Smile Solo Completed
*Awaiting Grading
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Sevaan Nocts

Postby Sevaan on March 5th, 2018, 7:36 am

Sevaan's NPCs

Kaia Chrysanth


Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 9
Birthday: 15th of Winter, 508 AV
Occupation: None
Description: Sevaan's charge. She was the daughter of the merchant family in Lhavit for whom Sevaan worked. He was her primary caretaker for most of her life, while her parents were out at sea. Since her parent's disappearance, she has been living with Sevaan as his adopted daughter. She and Sevaan care deeply for each other and share a strong familial connection. She is sad about her parents' disappearance, but she understood the risks of their job, even at a young age. She is generally quiet, but cheerful, and more intelligent than she seems. Kaia is most difficult when she gets a "reasonable" plan stuck in her head, as she can be a bit stubborn when she thinks she's right.
Calligraphy - 5
Floristry - 5
Gardening - 5
Negotiation - 10
Origami - 10
Persuasion - 10
Teaching - 5

Lhavit NPCs

Disclaimer: These NPCs are still in their approval process.



Gender: Male
Race: Human, possibly mixed
Age: 11
Birthday: 64th of Summer, 506 AV
Occupation: None
Description: Ein's birth was an accident. He doesn't know his father. Currently, he lives with his mother, Aludra, in an elegant apartment. She gives him good food, nice clothes, and any toy he asks for... and yet, something is missing. Because she's always out working, Aludra hires caretakers to look after Ein (when he isn't at school). For some reason, no one stays longer than a few weeks. The truth is, Ein is troublesome. He's spoiled and unpleasant, causing anyone who looks after him to immediately regret their decision. He doesn't have any friends because he tends to push them away. On his own, he'll revert to a quieter nature and will often nap just to pass the time.
Endurance - 5
Escape Artist - 10
Leadership - 5
Logic - 5
Puzzle-solving - 10
Singing - 10
Subterfuge - 5



Gender: Female
Race: Ethaefal (Syna)
Mortal Seeming: Human, possibly mixed
Age: 65
Birthday: 57th of Spring, 452 AV
Occupation: Jewelcrafter/Gemcutter
Description: In her current life, Aludra works as a jewelcrafter. She is very dedicated to her craft and will often spend all day working, even through the rest hours. As such, she is rarely at home (an elegant 2-bedroom apartment at the Solar Wind Apartments). Even at night, she will often take to wandering the streets or meditating at the Temple of the Sun. It's almost as if she's avoiding something...
Cosmetology - 5
History - 5
Jewelcrafing - 55
Meditation - 5
Singing - 5
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